The Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding // Cassidy + Noah


We will share with you Cassidy and Noah’s The Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding. Atop lush hills, The Golf Club at Newcastle offered a stunning backdrop. Sweeping views of the Cascade Range and Seattle skyline enhanced their celebration. The venue‘s elegant ballroom exuded sophistication, offering an enchanting ambiance for the couple’s special day.

Stephanie Nutter, the brilliant mind behind the seamless execution, orchestrated every detail flawlessly. The catering, a culinary delight by The Golf Club at Newcastle, delighted the guests’ palates. The stunning floral arrangements by Mercer Island Florist, a a local, brick and mortar store on Mercer Island, WA that specializes in weddings and events, added a touch of nature’s beauty to the occasion. Zazzle’s invitations defined the event’s ambiance. The bride’s gown from a&be bridal shop in Seattle embodied timeless elegance.

Sugar N Flakes Bakery crafted a delectable dessert that not only satisfied sweet cravings but also served as a stunning centerpiece. Bring on the Night Entertainment, led by David Baker, kept the dance floor alive, making the celebration truly unforgettable. Holly Tipp, both the hairstylist and makeup artist, ensured the bride radiated beauty throughout the day. Sound Originals photographers captured every moment with precision and artistry, preserving memories to last a lifetime. Explore our site for Washington weddings, engagements, and romantic getaways. Let Cassidy and Noah’s tale inspire your own journey into happily ever after.

The Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding Photos

Newcastle Golf Club Pro Shop

Explore the hidden gem that is the Newcastle Golf Club Pro Shop, nestled amid the vibrant greens of the golf sanctuary. Operating daily from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, this exclusive retreat within the clubhouse caters to the diverse needs of golf enthusiasts. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, the Pro Shop guarantees a personalized shopping experience, guiding customers through premium brands like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Adams, and FootJoy. Dive into an extensive collection of bags, balls, clubs, and clothing. Beyond shopping, the Pro Shop offers additional services, including club fitting and repair, grip replacement, bespoke orders, and even professional gift wrapping.

Newcastle Golf Club Restaurant

Nestled within the verdant fairways of Newcastle Golf Club, the restaurant extends a warm invitation to both golf enthusiasts and diners, creating a haven for culinary delights. Combining timeless charm with contemporary elegance, the ambiance exudes a comforting atmosphere. A symphony of enticing aromas unfolds, setting the stage for a delightful gastronomic journey. Crafted by skilled chefs, the menu presents a diverse array of dishes catering to every palate. The salad selection harmonizes crisp greens, succulent fruits, and tantalizing dressings, providing a refreshing pre-game experience. For heartier appetites, options like grilled burgers and sandwiches offer the ideal fuel for a round of golf. After the game, signature dishes reveal culinary artistry—succulent steaks, perfectly grilled, and pasta creations infused with decadent sauces. The restaurant at Newcastle Golf Club becomes an enticing space to relish the flavors of an extraordinary day.

Newcastle Golf Club Events

Embark on a journey into the magical realm of Newcastle Golf Club Events, where celebrations unfold amidst the picturesque greens and a sense of community. Whether it’s the excitement of tournaments or the warmth of social gatherings, every event reflects the shared passion within our local golfing circle. Tailored for both seasoned players and newcomers, their events promise moments that linger in the memory. With stunning views, welcoming smiles, and the thrill of friendly competition, Newcastle Golf Club events elevate ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. Let Newcastle Golf Club be the backdrop for your special moments, where love for the game and camaraderie flourish.

Newcastle Golf Club Scorecard

Nestled in Seattle, Washington, the Newcastle Golf Club, designed by golf architecture legend Harry Colt, beckons with its challenging 18-hole course. Set against rolling hills and offering panoramic views of the Puget Sound, the narrow fairways and fast, undulating greens present an enticing challenge for golfers of all levels. Noteworthy holes, like the dogleg left on Hole 1 and the water-crossing par 3 at Hole 14, demand precision. The concluding par 5 on Hole 18 adds strategic complexity. With a delicate balance of challenge and fairness, Newcastle Golf Club provides a scenic backdrop for skill enhancement. Open year-round, it welcomes non-members with reservations and offers a pro shop stocked with golf equipment and apparel. Enjoy a year-round haven for golfing amidst stunning views and excellent facilities.

Golf Club at Redmond Ridge

Nestled in the vibrant green landscapes of Redmond, Washington, the Golf Club at Redmond Ridge extends a warm invitation to both golf aficionados and nature lovers. Crafted by the acclaimed architect Gary Panks, the championship-caliber course promises a captivating blend of challenge and reward, inviting players into an enriching experience. Beyond the greens, the clubhouse serves as a peaceful haven, offering a tranquil retreat for those seeking respite. The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge seamlessly weaves the allure of challenge. It creates a sanctuary, beckoning all to immerse in the beauty of the Northwest.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Among the array of Seattle wedding photographers, one name stands out: Sound Originals Photography. Rooted in the heart of Seattle, this passionate team doesn’t merely capture weddings; they craft timeless stories. Sound Originals transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly incorporating Seattle’s vibrant energy and natural beauty into their work. They go beyond taking photos; they tell emotionally resonant tales, reflecting the unique personalities, passions, and love of each couple. With Sound Originals Photography, Seattle weddings spring to life, preserving cherished moments in the city’s dynamic narrative.


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