Sunset Marquis Hotel Wedding // Mandi + Gavin


Mandi and Gavin’s enchanting Sunset Marquis Hotel wedding in West Hollywood is a testament to love and elegance. Nestled in the vibrant heart of the city, the hotel offers an intimate sanctuary, setting the stage for a truly magical celebration. With meticulous planning by Svetlana Jamou, the event was a symphony of perfection, from the delectable catering to the tantalizing desserts.

Sound Originals, our dedicated photography team, expertly captured every moment, preserving the genuine emotions shared between Mandi and Gavin and their loved ones. DJ Kira Morrison added a vibrant rhythm to the evening, ensuring laughter and joy filled the air.

As stars lit up the sky, Mandi and Gavin’s love story unfolded against the hotel’s picturesque backdrop. Their tale, filled with passion and romance, became a cherished part of the Sunset Marquis Hotel’s history.

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Sunset Marquis Hotel Wedding Photos

Sunset Marquis Pool Hours

Discover the ultimate oasis at Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles, where the pool beckons with its inviting waters and idyllic ambiance. Operating from 7 AM to 10 PM daily, these generous pool hours cater to early risers and night owls alike. Whether you seek a refreshing morning swim or a moonlit dip, the pool area offers a serene escape amidst the bustling energy of Los Angeles. Surrounded by lush greenery and comfortable loungers, it’s a haven of tranquility in the heart of the city. Embrace the Californian sun during the day. Relish the enchanting atmosphere under the stars at night. Sunset Marquis’ pool hours promise a perfect blend of relaxation and luxury.

Sunset Marquis Gym

In the Sunset Marquis gym, a haven of wellness tucked away in the center of Los Angeles, you may experience exercise at its best. It caters to early risers and night owls, offering cutting-edge technology and spectacular views. The gym is open from 6 AM to 10 PM every day. It provides a haven for your training regimen, whether you’re a die-hard fitness enthusiast or a casual exerciser. Take part in energizing activities against a backdrop of lush vegetation to promote your physical and emotional well-being. The Sunset Marquis gym guarantees a restorative experience with committed trainers and a peaceful atmosphere, making it the perfect location for health-conscious tourists and locals alike.

Sunset Marquis Events

In the heart of Los Angeles, the Sunset Marquis Hotel epitomizes luxury and sophistication. Its Sunset Marquis Events team crafts unparalleled experiences, from intimate gatherings to lavish galas. With exquisite venues like the Sunset Marquis Ballroom and the Garden Terrace, events come to life in an atmosphere of elegance. The team tailors every detail, from custom menus to bespoke decor, ensuring each event is a masterpiece. Beyond venues, the hotel offers award-winning cuisine at The Conservatory and relaxation at the full-service spa and rooftop pool deck. For a unique and unforgettable event, Sunset Marquis Events promises unparalleled expertise and a touch of Hollywood glamour.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

In the vibrant tapestry of California weddings, San Francisco Wedding Photographers, Sound Originals, stand out as true artisans. With their lens, they paint narratives of love and commitment, capturing moments that resonate for a lifetime. Renowned across California, the Sound Originals team brings unparalleled creativity and professionalism to every event. Their ability to blend into the background while capturing profound emotions sets them apart. If you seek photographers who transform moments into timeless art, Sound Originals is the epitome of excellence, ensuring your wedding story unfolds in the most enchanting way.


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