St. Therese Parish Wedding // Juliana + Matt


Juliana and Matt’s St. Therese Parish Wedding, we are thrilled to share with you! Located in Central San Diego, this enchanting venue set the stage for a truly unforgettable celebration. Let’s dive into the details of their special day.

As the anticipation grew, Juliana and Matt embarked on a journey of meticulous planning and preparation. The church coordinator, Anna Church, guided the couple and carefully attended to every aspect, ensuring a seamless and memorable event.

Molly Gurrola, the talented florist, brought the venue to life with her exquisite floral arrangements. Joy‘s elegant invitations set the tone for the occasion, inviting guests to share in the couple’s joyous union. Juliana looked absolutely radiant in her stunning gown from David’s Bridal, complemented by Matt’s dashing suit.

The San Francisco Wedding Photographers team captured every cherished moment of the day. Their skilled lenses immortalized the heartfelt vows exchanged during the ceremony and beautifully documented the lively celebration at the banquet hall.

DJ Tony Shamoun, the energetic DJ, kept the dance floor buzzing with his vibrant music choices. Avinne worked her magic, creating stunning hair and makeup looks for Juliana and the bridal party. Attarid crafted a delectable dessert that delighted the taste buds and served as the sweet centerpiece of the celebration.

We, as the Sound Originals team, felt honored to be part of Juliana and Matt’s special day. Their love radiated throughout, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter, tears of joy, and unforgettable memories. If you’re looking to explore more wedding and engagement blogs, you’re in the right place!

St. Therese Parish Wedding Photos

St Theresa Catholic Church Wedding

Experience the magic of a St. Theresa Catholic Church Wedding. This exquisite venue offers a sacred backdrop for your special day. With its timeless architecture and serene atmosphere, the church sets the stage for a deeply meaningful ceremony. Every detail is meticulously arranged, from the elegant decorations to the seamless coordination. Capture precious moments against the majestic altar. Whether an intimate gathering or grand celebration, the versatile spaces accommodate your needs. A St. Theresa Catholic Church wedding is a spiritual and transformative experience, blessing your journey as a married couple. Embrace the magic and create lifelong memories.

St Therese Parish Office

The St. Therese Parish office serves as the heart of their community, providing essential support and guidance to parishioners. With a dedicated team of staff and clergy, the office is a hub of activity, handling administrative tasks, coordinating sacramental preparations, and assisting with any inquiries or concerns. From managing registrations to organizing parish events, the office ensures smooth operations and fosters a welcoming environment for all. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, distributing information, or offering a compassionate ear, the St. Therese Parish office is committed to serving the spiritual needs of their community with efficiency, kindness, and a deep sense of devotion.

St Therese Parish Bulletin

St. Therese Parish Bulletin delivers the latest updates and announcements to the vibrant community. Packed with valuable information, it keeps parishioners informed about upcoming events, Mass schedules, and important notices. From inspiring messages from the pastor to reports on community outreach initiatives, the bulletin fosters a sense of unity and connection. It highlights volunteer opportunities, prayer requests, and resources for spiritual growth. With its engaging content and beautiful design, the bulletin serves as a valuable tool for staying connected to the life of the parish. Stay informed, inspired, and connected through the St. Therese Parish Bulletin.

St Therese Stations of the Cross

St. Therese Stations of the Cross is a sacred and contemplative journey that invites parishioners to reflect on the profound sacrifice of Jesus Christ. These stations, beautifully displayed throughout the church, depict the significant moments of Christ’s Passion, from his condemnation to his crucifixion and burial. Each station offers an opportunity for prayer, meditation, and deepening of faith. Parishioners are encouraged to walk this spiritual path, immersing themselves in the solemnity and mercy of Christ’s sacrifice. The St. Therese Stations of the Cross serve as a powerful reminder of God’s love and redemption, fostering a deeper connection to the central message of the Christian faith.

St Therese Mass

St. Therese Mass is a sacred gathering where the parish community comes together to celebrate the Eucharist and strengthen their faith. Held in the beautiful sanctuary of St. Therese Catholic Church, Mass offers a time for prayer, reflection, and communion with God. Led by dedicated clergy and accompanied by uplifting music, the Mass provides a space for worship, spiritual nourishment, and fellowship. Parishioners participate in the liturgy, joining their voices in hymns, listening to the Word of God, and receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. St. Therese Mass is a source of inspiration, unity, and renewal, inviting all to experience the grace and presence of God in their lives.

St Therese Church Mass Times

Experience the rich spiritual journey offered by St. Therese Church through its diverse Mass times. Throughout the week, parishioners can attend Mass and participate in worship. Whether it’s the serene morning Masses or the reflective evening services, there are options for everyone. By joining these sacred gatherings, individuals can engage in prayer, receive the sacraments, and strengthen their spiritual connection. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of St. Therese Church fosters a sense of community and renewal. With active participation in Mass, parishioners can experience the beauty of worship and deepen their faith journey.

St Therese San Diego

Nestled in the vibrant city of San Diego, St. Therese is a haven of spiritual solace and community connection. This remarkable venue offers a plethora of activities and services for individuals seeking spiritual growth and fellowship. From daily Masses and sacramental preparations to engaging faith formation programs, St. Therese serves as a guiding light for all who enter its doors. Moreover, its enchanting ambiance and elegant architecture make it a coveted choice for weddings. Couples can exchange vows in the captivating surroundings, creating memories to last a lifetime. With its rich history, welcoming atmosphere, and stunning backdrop, St. Therese in San Diego is truly a gem worth discovering.

St Therese Fish Fry

Experience the delectable delights of St. Therese’s famous Fish Fry event! Held regularly at their vibrant parish, this culinary extravaganza is a beloved tradition that brings together food enthusiasts from near and far. Indulge in a feast of crispy, golden fish fillets, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Accompanied by a variety of mouthwatering sides, including savory fries, tangy coleslaw, and buttery cornbread, the Fish Fry promises a tantalizing experience for your taste buds. Whether you’re a seafood lover or simply seeking a delightful evening of community gathering, the St. Therese Fish Fry is an event not to be missed. Join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure!

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

Capture your special day with the expertise and artistry of San Francisco Wedding Photographers. With their creative vision and technical prowess, they immortalize the joy, love, and emotions that unfold during your wedding celebration. Their skilled lenses beautifully frame each precious moment, from the exchange of vows to the heartfelt embraces. They skillfully capture the essence of your love story, creating timeless images that will be cherished for generations to come. Trust in their experience and passion for their craft to deliver stunning photographs that reflect your unique connection. Contact San Francisco Wedding Photographers today and let them preserve your most cherished memories in breathtaking images.


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