San Francisco City Hall Wedding // Monica + Bijoykrishna


Within the grandeur of San Francisco City Hall, Monica and Bijoykrishna’s wedding unfolded against the backdrop of this iconic landmark. The day began with a photoshoot at a tranquil park, capturing the rustic, earthy essence that infused their celebration. There’s nothing that says wedding more than a nature-filled rustic photoshoot.

As the anticipation built, the couple arrived early at City Hall, ensuring an array of breathtaking photos against the landmark’s stunning architecture. We made a deliberate effort to arrive early. With an array of stunning spaces offering varied backdrops, City Hall presented an opportunity to curate a visual narrative that resonated deeply with the couple’s journey.

The Rotunda, with its soaring dome and sweeping marble staircase, set the stage for their heartfelt ceremony, brimming with joy and happiness. Our Sound Originals photographers expertly captured every moment, from the radiant exchange of vows to the tender, newlywed glow that enveloped the couple. The entourage added to the magic, offering a beautiful send-off to the couple.

This celebration, bathed in soft, luminous light, remains an unforgettable ode to their love. With our lenses, we’ve preserved this precious day, offering a glimpse into their journey. As Monica and Bijoykrishna embark on their new adventure, we wish them a lifetime of happiness. Take a moment to dive into the enchantment of their unforgettable day as you scroll down.

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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Hall Venues

With varying packages, San Francisco City Hall offers tailored experiences at each of their wedding ceremony venues. The one-hour package provides the exclusive use of the Mayor’s Balcony or a Fourth Floor Gallery. The two-hour package elevates the ceremony to the iconic Grand Staircase in the Rotunda. As the sun sets, evening weddings unfold in the enchanting embrace of the North Light Court. Each space holds a distinct allure, promising a backdrop that echoes the unique love story of every couple. For a detailed exploration of the different spaces offered, visit the official website.

Also be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to planning a wedding at City Hall.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Elevate your wedding story amidst the grandeur of San Francisco City Hall with a dedicated and skilled photographer. At Sound Originals, we’ve captured so many weddings in this iconic landmark. Our lens doesn’t just immortalize moments; it encapsulates emotions, weaving them into a visual narrative that echoes your unique love story. Whether it’s the exquisite architecture of the Rotunda or the intimate whispers against a backdrop of history, our expertise ensures that every frame holds the essence of your cherished day. Contact Sound Originals photographers today and let us preserve your San Francisco City Hall wedding, making each moment a timeless masterpiece.

San Jose City Hall Wedding

San Jose City Hall stands as an architectural marvel, not just for governance but also for the celebration of love. A unique opportunity awaits couples seeking to host a wedding within its grand 110-foot-high Rotunda. It showcases terrazzo floors, and glass walls that bathe the space in natural light. Akin to a blank canvas, this modern masterpiece allows for diverse wedding designs, ensuring each celebration is as unique as the love it honors. Couples can bring their own or coordinate with the County of Santa Clara for an appointed officiant.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Planning your big day in San Francisco? Our team at Sound Originals is all about turning your wedding moments into timeless treasures. Your San Francisco wedding deserves a narrative woven with expertise and passion. From Napa’s vineyards to San Jose’s city elegance, we’ve snapped countless love stories across the Bay Area. Whether it’s an engagement shoot or the grand wedding day, we’re dedicated to orchestrating your story through captivating visuals. Contact us today to ensure your San Francisco wedding is immortalized in frames that resonate with your unique journey.


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