San Francisco City Hall Wedding // Cristal + Bradley


Cristal and Bradley’s San Francisco City Hall wedding was a breathtaking celebration of love and elegance. San Francisco City Hall Wedding grandeur, with its stunning Beaux-Arts architecture, provided a perfect backdrop for their special day. The sweeping marble staircases added to the elegance of the setting. The ceremony took place under the grand rotunda, where the couple exchanged vows surrounded by friends and family.

Cristal looked radiant in her Jane Hill Huntleigh dress from Kinsley Couture Bridal. Bradley was dapper in his classic black tuxedo. The couple’s joy was palpable as they shared a tender kiss, capturing the magic of their union. The florals by Marbled Mint added a soft, romantic touch. Arrangements of roses and greenery enhanced the beauty of the hall.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued at Foreign Cinema, where Tosca orchestrated a flawless reception. Guests enjoyed a delightful menu, reflecting the couple’s refined taste and love for gourmet cuisine. Shea Styles perfectly styled Cristal’s hair, and Shannon Le expertly highlighted her natural beauty with makeup.

The talented photographers from San Francisco Wedding Photographers captured every precious moment. They documented everything from the heartfelt exchange of rings to the joyous reception. Crystal and Bradley’s wedding was the perfect mix of elegance, romance and precious memories. For more stunning moments like these, visit Sound Originals.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Cost

With its stunning Beaux-Arts architecture, San Francisco City Hall is a sought-after venue for weddings. The cost of hosting a wedding here varies depending on the location within the building and the day of the week. For a simple civil ceremony with up to six guests, the fee is $107. For a more elaborate wedding in the Rotunda or on the Mayor’s Balcony, prices start at $1,000 for an hour on weekdays. Exclusive evening rentals, which provide access to the entire building, can cost upwards of $10,000. Additional expenses include photography permits, insurance, and optional extras like floral arrangements and catering. Despite the cost, many couples find the breathtaking venue and iconic backdrop to be well worth the investment. The grandeur of the setting, combined with its historic significance, makes it a memorable choice for a wedding ceremony.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Reservation

San Francisco City Hall is an iconic venue for weddings, known for its stunning architecture and rich history. Couples often choose this location for its grandeur and elegance. Making a reservation for a wedding here involves a straightforward process. Start by visiting the City Hall website to check availability and book your desired date. Plan well in advance because many people highly seek this venue. The reservation fee includes the use of specific areas within the hall for the ceremony and photo opportunities. Whether you want an intimate ceremony or a larger celebration, San Francisco City Hall offers a timeless setting for your special day.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

San Francisco wedding photographers excel in transforming the city’s iconic landscapes and diverse venues into stunning wedding photographs. With the unique backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge, the famous Alamo Square park, and its historic landmarks, San Francisco offers captivating settings for wedding photography. Professional photographers use creative compositions and natural lighting to capture couples’ special moments in the best possible way. Additionally, the city’s various cultural and architectural elements allow for photos that match each couple’s unique style. San Francisco wedding photographers provide high-quality, artistic photos that immortalize every memory, making the couple’s big day unforgettable. Many photographers in the area also offer customizable packages to fit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that each couple gets exactly what they envision.


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