Saddle Peak Lodge Wedding // Sydney + Nick


Sydney and Nick’s Saddle Peak Lodge Wedding was an enchanting celebration nestled in the scenic hills of California. Located in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains, Saddle Peak Lodge offers a rustic yet elegant setting. The venue’s charming architecture and breathtaking views make it a popular choice for couples.

The couple chose this stunning location for its natural beauty and intimate ambiance. Sydney and Nick felt it was the perfect place to begin their new journey together. The excitement started with their meticulous preparations, each detail carefully considered to make their day perfect.

The Sound Originals’ team beautifully captured the heartfelt moments of the ceremony. Sydney, in her stunning dress from Bridal Elegance, walked down the aisle towards Nick, who looked dapper in his suit. They exchanged their vows under a charming arch, surrounded by lush greenery and the love of their family and friends.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delightful meal, raising their glasses in laughter and cheer. The atmosphere was lively, thanks to the fantastic music by Mark Bouras, which set the tone for an unforgettable evening. The couple’s first dance was a highlight, a perfect expression of their love and joy.

The cake, a masterpiece from Shirin Bakery, was another sweet moment of the celebration. The night continued with dancing and celebration, and everyone reveled in the joyous occasion. The team from Sound Originals felt thrilled to be part of such a beautiful love story.

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Saddle Peak Lodge Wedding Photos

Saddle Peak Lodge Reviews

The reviews for Saddle Peak Lodge are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its enchanting ambiance and top-notch service. Couples frequently praise the venue for its breathtaking, picturesque setting nestled in the mountains, creating a perfect backdrop for memorable events. Many reviews commend the attentive and professional staff, who go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. The lodge’s unique blend of rustic elegance and sophisticated charm makes it a sought-after location for weddings. Consistently high ratings and heartfelt testimonials reflect the venue’s commitment to making every occasion truly special and unforgettable.

Saddle Peak Lodge Menu

Saddle Peak Lodge offers an exquisite dinner menu that seamlessly blends contemporary American cuisine with a rustic charm. Guests can indulge in mouthwatering dishes such as elk tenderloin, seared scallops, and duck breast, all crafted with the finest, freshest ingredients. The menu also features an extensive selection of wines, handpicked to perfectly complement each meal, enhancing the overall dining experience. For dessert lovers, the lodge offers a variety of delectable options like chocolate soufflé and seasonal fruit tarts. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a special celebration, the culinary delights at Saddle Peak Lodge promise to impress and satisfy every palate.

Saddle Peak Lodge Prices

Considering a wedding at Saddle Peak Lodge? The prices reflect the premium quality and exceptional experience offered by this luxurious venue. While it may be on the higher end, the cost includes a stunning location, impeccable service, and gourmet cuisine, providing excellent value. The lodge offers comprehensive wedding packages that cater to various budgets, ensuring each couple can find an option that suits their needs. These packages often include essential amenities, making planning easier and more efficient. The investment in Saddle Peak Lodge ensures a unique, memorable wedding experience that couples and their guests will cherish forever.

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