Ray’s Boathouse Wedding // Jingwen + Eli


We will share with you Jingwen and Eli’s Ray’s Boathouse Wedding. Perched on the shores of Seattle, Ray’s Boathouse set the scene with breathtaking waterfront views, an idyllic backdrop for love. The air buzzed with Jingwen and Eli’s infectious excitement. Their joy echoed through the venue, a testament to their love story. Jingwen’s eyes sparkled with happiness, Eli’s smile a mirror of their shared bliss.

Guests feasted on a feast prepared by culinary masters as the sun sank below the horizon. Expert hands produced delicious delicacies and a cake that spoke pleasant promises. The location was decorated by Alice’s Floral Designs, a symphony of flowers entwined with love. The exquisitely designed invites served as an antecedent to a day that will live in memory. The gifted photographers Sound Originals caught every candid moment and spread joy. Their lens captured time in a ballet of pixels, preserving the day forever.

Jingwen and Eli’s wedding was a celebration of love, seamlessly woven by a team of exceptional vendors. From the savory delights to the enchanting florals and the magical moments captured, their day was a masterpiece. Embark on your own romantic journey by exploring more love stories like Jingwen and Eli’s on our website. Discover ideas for dreamy getaways in the heart of Seattle, where love stories come to life.

Ray’s Boathouse Wedding Photos

Ray’s Boathouse Catering Menu

The catering menu at Ray’s Boathouse orchestrates a delightful seascape of flavors, enticing taste buds to embark on a culinary journey through the finest tastes of the sea and classic American cuisine. From succulent cocktail shrimp and oysters to the savory elegance of grilled filet mignon and lobster mac and cheese, every dish is a celebration of culinary craftsmanship. With a commitment to using seasonal and local ingredients, Ray’s Boathouse offers personalized menus, including gluten-free and vegan options. Priced between $100-200 per person with a minimum guest count of 50, their catering promises an unforgettable experience, where every bite is a celebration of love.

Ray’s Boathouse Dress Code

For an enchanting dining experience at Seattle’s Ray’s Boathouse, embrace a wardrobe that mirrors the restaurant’s sophistication. Men don refined collared shirts, blazers, trousers, or stylish shorts paired with elegant shoes. Women can dazzle in dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, or chic pants with stylish blouses, complemented by heels or fashionable flats. Avoid sportswear, excessively revealing attire, flip-flops, or hats during meals. Ray’s Boathouse appreciates an elegant, relaxed charm. When in doubt, opt for a more formal ensemble and dress seasonally. Effortlessly chic, the dress code ensures a memorable dining affair by the waterfront.

Ray’s Boathouse The knot

Transitioning from The Knot, Ray’s Boathouse in Seattle offers a waterfront haven for weddings. With Puget Sound and Olympic Mountain views, this venue accommodates up to 350 seated guests and 500 for cocktail-style receptions. Couples love the unique scenery, fresh seafood-centric menu, and impeccable service. Flexibility for diverse wedding styles and reasonable prices add to its appeal. While challenges like location and limited parking exist, Ray’s Boathouse remains a captivating choice. If your heart desires a waterside celebration within budget, explore this unforgettable venue featured on The Knot.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Continuing the journey of capturing love stories, let’s focus on the skilled lens of Sound Originals, the Seattle Wedding Photographers featured at Ray’s Boathouse. In the symphony of love at Ray’s Boathouse, Sound Originals emerges as the maestros, crafting visual tales that echo the essence of each moment. Their adept team, seamlessly blending into the celebration, captures stolen glances and shares laughter with precision. Through their lens, weddings become timeless narratives, and each click immortalizes the magic of Seattle’s love stories. Explore the enchanting work of Sound Originals, the visual storytellers of Ray’s Boathouse weddings.


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