Port Gamble Wedding // Yichen + Xu


Yichen and Xu’s Port Gamble Wedding, we can’t wait to share their enchanting celebration with you! Located in the heart of Washington, the charming Port Gamble venue provided the perfect setting for their special day.

As the much-anticipated day approached, Yichen and Xu embarked on a joyous preparation process with the invaluable assistance of CME Experience. The excitement was palpable as every detail was carefully curated to reflect their unique love story.

Crescent Moon Catering added to the magic by offering a delightful culinary experience, leaving guests utterly satisfied. And not to forget the exquisite confections from Bella Bella Bakery that sweetened the celebrations.

The venue was adorned with breathtaking floral arrangements by Kathy’s Floral Design, adding a touch of natural beauty to the already mesmerizing ambiance.

Dressed in elegant attire from David’s Bridal, Yichen looked like a vision, and Xu was the picture of sophistication. Thanks to the artistic flair of Vian Kan, their hair and makeup were flawless, enhancing their radiant smiles.

Seattle Wedding Photographers, a team known for their exceptional skills, captured every heartfelt moment of the day. Their stunning photographs serve as timeless mementos, allowing Yichen and Xu to cherish their special day forever.

For those seeking their dream wedding venue in Washington, exploring Port Gamble and other enchanting locations is a must. Washington boasts a plethora of breathtaking venues for weddings, engagements, and romantic elopements.

Port Gamble Wedding Photos

St Paul’s Church Port Gamble

St. Paul’s Church, located in the charming town of Port Gamble, Washington, is a historic and revered place of worship. Built in 1879 by the Puget Mill Company, the church stands as a testament to the area’s rich heritage. Its striking architecture showcases a beautiful blend of Gothic and Carpenter Gothic styles, captivating visitors with its timeless elegance. The church’s interior features intricate detailing and elegant stained glass windows, creating a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere. Over the years, St. Paul’s Church has played a significant role in the community, hosting weddings, ceremonies, and religious gatherings, while preserving its cultural and historical importance as an iconic landmark in Port Gamble.

Port Gamble Marina

Port Gamble Marina, situated on Port Gamble Bay in Washington, is a well-equipped and popular marina. Transitioning to its amenities, it offers boat moorage, fuel, and a boat launch. Moving on to its appeal, the marina attracts boaters and water enthusiasts alike. Continuing with its benefits, it provides a secure harbor for boats of all sizes. Transitioning to activities, visitors can enjoy sailing, fishing, and exploring the bay. Emphasizing the surroundings, the marina is nestled amidst lush greenery and offers picturesque views. Concluding with ambiance, it provides a serene and relaxing waterfront experience, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and water adventurers.

Port Gamble Hotels

Port Gamble, Washington, offers a few charming hotels that provide a comfortable stay and a glimpse into the area’s rich history. The Port Gamble Guest Houses feature beautifully restored Victorian homes with modern amenities, making them ideal for a cozy getaway. Additionally, the Inn at Port Gamble boasts comfortable rooms with scenic views of the bay. Visitors can enjoy exploring the town’s historic district, quaint shops, and waterfront activities. With its serene atmosphere and proximity to nature trails, Port Gamble hotels offer a delightful escape for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Port Gamble Stores

Port Gamble, Washington, is home to a collection of charming stores that offer a unique shopping experience. Visitors can explore the Port Gamble General Store, which dates back to 1853 and offers a delightful selection of gifts, local crafts, and souvenirs. The Quilted Strait, a cozy quilting shop, showcases beautiful handmade quilts and supplies for quilting enthusiasts. For those with a sweet tooth, the Port Gamble Candy Company offers a delightful assortment of candies and treats. Additionally, the Port Gamble Historic Museum Store features historical books and memorabilia. With its quaint shops and historic ambiance, Port Gamble stores provide a delightful shopping journey for all.

Port Gamble Museum

Port Gamble Historic Museum, located in Port Gamble, Washington, is a captivating destination that offers a glimpse into the town’s rich history as a 19th-century company town. Housed in a beautifully restored building, the museum showcases exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of Port Gamble’s past, with a focus on the lumber industry and the lives of its residents. Visitors can explore displays of logging tools, vintage photographs, and documents, gaining insights into the area’s heritage. The museum’s knowledgeable staff provides guided tours and informative presentations, making the experience engaging and educational. For history enthusiasts and curious visitors, Port Gamble Historic Museum is a must-visit destination that preserves the town’s legacy for generations to come.

Port Gamble Bay

Port Gamble Bay, located in Washington state, is a picturesque and serene body of water. Nestled between lush greenery and historic Port Gamble, the bay offers stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere. It serves as a natural harbor, attracting boaters and kayakers who can explore its calm waters. Port Gamble Bay is also a haven for wildlife, with various bird species and marine life calling it home. Visitors can enjoy scenic walks along its shores and witness breathtaking sunsets over the water. The bay’s beauty and peaceful ambiance make it a favorite spot for locals and tourists seeking a relaxing escape amid the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers are the masters of capturing the beautiful moments that unfold during weddings across Washington state. Their exceptional skill and expertise shine through in every shot they take. Whether it’s an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, these photographers have an artistic eye and technical know-how that result in stunning images you’ll treasure forever. They are dedicated to telling your unique love story, capturing all the emotions, joy, and romance in a way that reflects your personality. Don’t miss the chance to work with these talented professionals who can turn your wedding day into timeless memories. Contact Seattle Wedding Photographers today and secure your dream wedding documentation.


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