Peake Winery Wedding // Robert + Erin


As we tell the enthralling story of Robert and Erin’s Peake Winery wedding, excitement permeates the room. Situated in the center of Santa Barbara, California, Peake Winery radiates a sense of old world elegance. The location was a perfect setting for their celebration, surrounded by undulating vineyards and illuminated by the California sun.

The couple’s colorful preparations created a growing sense of expectation. Under the careful supervision of organizer Bette Toffelmier, every aspect transpired without any hitches. The meal was nothing short of spectacular, from the delicious catering to the beautiful cakes and sweets.

The florist’s masterwork of floral arrangements brought a hint of organic grace. The couple’s love story is encapsulated in the invitations, which set the mood. The photographers from Sound Originals expertly captured each occasion, resulting in a visual story that perfectly captured the depth of Robert and Erin’s bond.

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Peake Winery Wedding Photos

Piggs Peake

Delve into the allure of Piggs Peake, a vinous haven in Santa Barbara, California. Nestled amid scenic landscapes, this winery promises an unparalleled tasting experience. Take a stroll through sun-kissed vineyards, setting the stage for a sensory adventure.
Savor handcrafted wines that tell tales of expertise and devotion. Guided by a knowledgeable staff, led by winemaker Steve Langham, discover an array of varietals suited to diverse palates. Piggs Peake transcends being a mere winery; it’s a journey into the art of winemaking, where each bottle encapsulates the region’s essence. Plan your visit to Piggs Peake in Santa Barbara, an ode to vinous indulgence. Elevate your wine-tasting escapade amid the picturesque charm of California’s wine country.

Piggs Peake Price List

Santa Barbara’s Piggs Peake Winery unveils a captivating price list, echoing the region’s essence. From the effervescent 2021 Piggs Peake NV Sparkling Brut at $39.00 to the intricate 2022 Piggs Peake Deliverance blend priced at $115.00, each bottle narrates a story of craftsmanship. Enthusiasts can relish dry whites like the 2022 Piggs Peake Pig Latin Fiano ($49.00) and robust reds such as the 2021 Piggs Peake House Of Sticks Shiraz ($42.00). Sweet indulgences abound with the 2022 Piggs Peake House of Bricks Shiraz at $64.00. Beyond wines, Piggs Peake crafts a culinary symphony, featuring truffles, handcrafted chocolate, and estate-grown olive oils. The price list promises an unforgettable journey through Santa Barbara’s flavors, where innovation meets quality in every sip.

Piggs Peake Pigscato

Nestled in Santa Barbara, California, Piggs Peake Winery unveils Pigscato, a Sauvignon Blanc capturing the essence of the Pacific coast. Swirling in the glass, aromas of lemon zest, grapefruit, and saline minerality awaken the senses. The first sip bursts with citrus flavors—freshly picked oranges, grapefruits, and a touch of lime. Vibrant acidity echoes the ocean breeze. Subtle hints of pineapple and mango add depth, while mineral notes linger, evoking the Pacific’s edge. Pigscato pairs seamlessly with coastal cuisine, from grilled salmon to oysters. This Piggs Peake creation transforms every sip into a delightful escape to the sun-kissed vineyards of Santa Barbara.

Piggs Peake Pigbrusco

Piggs Peake Winery, located in the center of Santa Barbara, California, offers Pigbrusco, a sparkling wine made from the colorful Lambrusco grape. This vivacious gem, which is crafted using the ancient Charmat process, captures the exuberant character of Lambrusco. Perfectly ripe and boasting a ruby color, each pour has a light fizz. It is hand-harvested. A burst of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries is revealed in the first sip, all expertly balanced with a hint of sweetness and vibrant acidity. While the delicate mousse dances on the tongue, lingering undertones of floral and herbal overtones offer richness. A wonderful celebration of life’s basic joys, Piggs Peake Pigbrusco is a flexible and refreshing friend from Santa Barbara, California.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

In the heart of California’s captivating landscapes, Sound Originals emerges as more than just photographers; we’re storytellers capturing the essence of your special day. Against the iconic backdrop of San Francisco’s cityscape and coastal vistas, our talented team transforms fleeting moments into everlasting memories. With an unwavering passion for detail and a dedication to narrative, Sound Originals ensures that each frame mirrors the breathtaking beauty and profound love that characterize California weddings. Entrust us to curate a visual narrative, a bespoke story encapsulating the essence of your unforgettable celebration in the Golden State.


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