Kiana Lodge Wedding // Sarah + Iman


Sarah and Iman’s enchanting Kiana Lodge Wedding awaits to be shared with you. Situated in the picturesque Washington region, Kiana Lodge provides an idyllic setting for their special day. This charming venue offers the perfect backdrop for love to blossom amidst nature’s beauty.

Pamela (Pam) Weatherill, the planner, meticulously arranged every detail, ensuring a seamless celebration. Moreover, the exquisite catering by Kiana Lodge tantalized taste buds, while Bella Bella Bakery crafted delightful desserts and cakes. Bernadette Stephen-McRae‘s floral artistry adorned the venue, adding a touch of elegance. The invitations set the tone for the magical event. As the couple prepared for their big day, the talented Kelli Mitchell took charge of the music, setting the mood for a joyous celebration. The wedding planner and a team of skilled professionals flawlessly curated every detail, from styling the bride’s radiant hair to working their magic with makeup.

The excitement escalated as the Sound Originals team captured each precious moment, creating timeless mementos. Their photography skills transformed cherished memories into art, forever preserving the couple’s love story. In conclusion, for more love stories and exceptional services, visit our website. Discover the array of captivating wedding venues and romantic escapes the Washington region has to offer. Let us be your guide in celebrating love and creating unforgettable moments.

Kiana Lodge Wedding Photos

Kiana Lodge Wedding Cost

A popular wedding location in Washington state, Kiana Lodge offers a wide range of wedding packages designed to fit different budgets. When you plan to have your wedding at Kiana Lodge, the starting cost of the packages may vary depending on the conditions such as wedding time, number of people, meal options. This all-inclusive price includes the venue rental. Guests have access to beautiful surroundings, tables, chairs, linens, and a simple sound system, enhancing the event’s enjoyment. With the help of these options, couples may design the perfect wedding that meets their needs and their budget.For couples seeking an unforgettable wedding in the heart of Washington’s natural beauty, Kiana Lodge is the perfect choice. Its charming setting and top-notch services make it the best option.

Kiana Lodge Wedding Menu

Discover the amazing menu at Kiana Lodge, masterfully crafted to entice every palate. Kiana Lodge draws inspiration from the bountiful Pacific Northwest, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients, all nestled in the scenic beauty of Washington State. The menu caters to diverse tastes, offering scrumptious appetizers, energizing salads, flavorful meals, and decadent desserts. This wonderful dining experience is available for both indoor and outdoor weddings, making it an ideal choice for any event. They can customize each menu selection to meet dietary requirements and price it per person, ensuring a delightful feast for every guest. Plan your dream wedding at Kiana Lodge and savor the delectable treats that await you.

Kiana Lodge History

Take a fascinating journey through Kiana Lodge’s lengthy history. This charming location, located in the middle of Washington State, has a colorful history that dates back to the early 1930s. Kiana Lodge was initially constructed by the Grave family and has since become a favored location for special occasions like weddings. The picturesque location of the lodge, surrounded by the splendor of nature, creates the ideal environment for priceless memories. Kiana Lodge has changed throughout time, keeping its history while embracing contemporary conveniences. You join Kiana Lodge’s everlasting love story and tradition as you celebrate love and make priceless memories there.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers are more than just professionals behind the lens; they are storytellers of eternal love. With an eye for romance and an artful touch, they create visual tales that transcend time. Each click immortalizes fleeting moments, turning them into cherished memories. Their passion for love stories is evident in every frame, where joy, laughter, and tears converge. These talented artists blend seamlessly into the celebrations, ensuring every detail is preserved for generations to come. As they capture the essence of love, they reveal the magic of each couple’s journey, leaving a legacy of eternal romance through their remarkable photography.


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