Kelley Farm Wedding // Sarah + Caleb


Get ready to embark on a journey through the captivating tale of Sarah and Caleb’s enchanting Kelley Farm Wedding. Tucked away in a serene corner, this idyllic venue sets the stage for a truly remarkable day. The rustic charm of Kelley Farm, nestled against a picturesque backdrop, adds a touch of enchantment to their celebration.

Having exchanged their heartfelt vows in an intimate ceremony, the couple gracefully transitioned to the enchanting wedding hall. Laughter-filled moments and joyous celebrations ensued, all masterfully captured by the attentive Sound Originals team. Shawna Steiber‘s makeup artistry enhanced the bride’s radiant beauty, which shines through in every expertly-crafted photograph. While Mama Stortini‘s tantalizing cuisine indulged the guests’ taste buds, Stephanie McCleary’s artistic floral arrangements added bursts of elegance and color. Every aspect harmoniously melded together, from The Wedding Bell‘s intricate invitations to DJ Daron‘s rhythmic beats, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The Seattle Wedding Photographers team immortalized each embrace, fleeting glance, and graceful dance, weaving them into timeless mementos. Their unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of love is evident in every meticulously framed shot, allowing the couple to joyfully relive these cherished moments for years to come.

Sound Originals’ invaluable presence ensured the meticulous preservation of every cherished memory. Sarah and Caleb’s love story is captured in these captivating images, and we invite you to explore our website to learn more. Discover more about unique wedding venues, picturesque engagement spots, and romantic getaways with in the charming Washington region. Let us guide you on a journey to uncover the extraordinary world of love and celebration.

Kelley Farm Wedding Photos

Kelley Farm Wedding Cost

Embarking on a dreamy journey at Kelley Farm comes with an array of options, ensuring your wedding is as magical as you envision. The cost of a wedding at Kelley Farm varies depending on your preferences and needs. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, their packages cater to different sizes and styles. Delve into the rustic charm of this picturesque venue, set against serene landscapes, while working closely with their team to tailor your perfect day. While costs may vary, the experience remains unparalleled. Create timeless memories and celebrate your love story amidst the enchanting allure of Kelley Farm.

Hotels near Kelley Farm Bonney Lake

Hotels near Kelley Farm Bonney Lake WA offer comfort and convenience for wedding attendees. Consider these options for a delightful stay: Holiday Inn Express and Suites Sumner – Puyallup Area: Budget-friendly with a complimentary breakfast, indoor pool, and fitness center. Best Western Premier Plaza Hotel and Conference Center: Upscale amenities, including a heated pool, and proximity to dining and shops. Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Tacoma Puyallup: Ideal for guests seeking downtown entertainment and dining. Choose a hotel that suits your guests’ needs and provides easy access to Kelley Farm and surrounding attractions. Ensuring a memorable stay adds to the joy of your special day.

Kelley Farm Bonney Lake History

Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington, holds a fascinating history dating back to the early 1800s. Today, it stands as a beloved wedding venue, offering a picturesque setting for love-filled celebrations. The farm’s Victorian-style house, built in 1889, serves as an enchanting backdrop for weddings and events. A barn was added in the early 1900s, now a charming space for receptions. In the 1940s, a swimming pool was introduced, adding delight to summer weddings. The farm’s legacy continued in the 1970s when it transitioned to its current owners. They transformed it into a cherished wedding destination, honoring its heritage while creating unforgettable moments of love and celebration.

Kelley Farm Soccer Fields

Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington, isn’t just a captivating wedding venue; it also boasts expansive soccer fields perfect for sports enthusiasts. These well-maintained fields provide an ideal space for soccer lovers of all ages to play and enjoy the game. With lush green surroundings and ample space, Kelley Farm’s soccer fields offer a unique experience for players and spectators alike. Whether you’re a casual player looking for some friendly competition or a dedicated team seeking a picturesque training ground, Kelley Farm’s soccer fields offer an unbeatable setting. Experience the thrill of the game amidst the beauty of nature at Kelley Farm.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers are the true storytellers of your special day. With a keen eye for capturing emotions and fleeting moments, they create a narrative that will forever hold your heart. Each frame reflects the essence of your love, weaving a tapestry of cherished memories. Their dedication and passion shine through in every shot, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. From candid smiles to tearful vows, they immortalize every emotion in a way that is unique to you. Entrust your once-in-a-lifetime moments to these skilled artists, and watch as your love story unfolds through their lens. Seattle Wedding Photographers – where memories become an art.


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