Gold Mountain Golf Club Wedding // Eva + Thomas


Eva and Thomas’ Gold Mountain Golf Club Wedding is a love story worth sharing. The venue, nestled amidst the beauty of nature, serves as a picturesque haven, setting the stage for their dream day.

The Sound Originals team, a group of talented photographers and videographers based in Seattle, was present. They captured every exquisite moment, turning them into timeless memories. From the moment they got engaged, Eva and Thomas brimmed with excitement for their big day. With meticulous planning led by the family, every detail was impeccable. This included the delightful catering by Gold Mountain Golf Course and the tiered lemon and white cake with raspberry. Eva’s bridal elegance, curated with a gown from Orlie Watters, was simply enchanting. Amy Rivas worked wonders on her hair, and the bride’s own artistry created stunning invitations.

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Gold Mountain Golf Club Wedding Photos

Gold Mountain Golf Club Membership

A membership to the Gold Mountain Golf Club provides an exclusive entryway to the world of top-tier golfing activities. This club provides golf fans an exceptional opportunity to enhance their game while nestled in the midst of Washington’s stunning surroundings. Members get access to two championship courses that are famous for their breathtaking scenery and difficult terrain. Gold Mountain Golf Club offers the ideal fusion of entertainment and relaxation with first-rate amenities like a well-appointed clubhouse, expert golf instruction, and a dynamic community of other members. A membership here guarantees a world-class golfing experience amidst magnificent Pacific Northwest surroundings, regardless of your level of experience.

Gold Mountain Resort

In the midst of the splendor of nature, Gold Mountain Resort offers a serene haven where you may get away from the stress of daily life. This resort offers visitors a tranquil vacation that combines leisure time and outdoor activities. It is situated in the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Golf fans, wildlife enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil getaway will find it surrounded by lush forests and stunning scenery. With its top-notch golf courses, opulent lodging, and first-rate amenities, Gold Mountain Resort guarantees an amazing vacation. This resort guarantees a great stay in the midst of nature, whether you’re hitting the links, hiking the nearby trails, or just relaxing in a lovely lodge.

Gold Mountain Restaurant

Nestled within the scenic Gold Mountain Golf Club, the Gold Mountain restaurant offers a delightful dining experience that perfectly complements your golfing adventure. With panoramic views of the lush greens and picturesque mountains, it’s a feast for both the senses and the soul. Whether you’re indulging in a sumptuous meal after a round of golf or simply savoring a delicious dinner with loved ones, the restaurant’s warm ambiance and diverse menu cater to all tastes. From gourmet burgers to exquisitely crafted seafood dishes, every bite is a culinary delight. Make sure to pair your meal with a selection from their impressive wine list. Gold Mountain restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a destination for creating cherished memories.

Gold Mountain Golf Course Directions

Nestled in Bremerton, Washington, Gold Mountain Golf Course stands a pristine sanctuary for golf enthusiasts. When heading there, follow these simple directions to ensure a smooth journey. If you’re arriving from Seattle, take the Bainbridge Island Ferry, which offers breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula. After disembarking, drive southwest on WA-305 S and follow signs for WA-3 N/Bremerton. Continue on WA-3 N until you reach the Chico Way NW exit toward Silverdale/Bremerton. Take this exit, and you’ll soon find yourself at the Gold Mountain Golf Course, ready to enjoy a day of golf amidst the stunning Pacific Northwest landscape.

IslandWood Wedding

IslandWood, a unique and enchanting wedding venue nestled in the heart of Bainbridge Island, offers an unforgettable setting for your special day. With its lush Pacific Northwest surroundings and eco-friendly ethos, this venue fulfills the dreams of nature-loving couples. Imagine exchanging vows in a serene forest, surrounded by towering trees and the soothing sounds of nature. IslandWood‘s commitment to sustainability adds an extra layer of beauty to your celebration. From the moment you step onto this magical island retreat, the natural beauty and intimate atmosphere that IslandWood provides will captivate you. It’s the perfect place to begin your journey as a married couple.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle wedding photographers share your special day’s narrative visually. Through the use of their technological prowess and artistic vision, they create an image-based narrative that will be treasured for centuries. Their sharp eye captures natural expressions, minute details, and the unadulterated feelings that make your wedding day unique. These photographers use Seattle’s breathtaking scenery. They capture unforgettable moments whether during a lavish party or a private elopement. They make sure that every frame captures the soul of your love story. Whether it’s the city skyline or the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest, they excel at it. Make your wedding day into a priceless artistic creation by hiring Seattle wedding photographers.


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