Fern Acres Wedding // Ashley + Casey


We’re very excited to share Ashley and Casey’s forested Fern Acres wedding photos with you!

Fern Acres is owned by a couple who are residents of the Pacific Northwest. Overall, they have spent over fifteen years cultivating the gardens and natural areas of Fern Acres. Furthermore, this venue is located in Forks, WA, which is on the Olympic Peninsula. In relation to Seattle, Fern Acres is about a four hour drive away from the city. This property is comprised of mossy grounds, tall trees, and hundreds of ferns. 

All things considered, a wedding in a forest is enchanting and magical. Fern Acres is perfect for both elopements and micro weddings. In addition to the beautiful grounds, they offer other amenities with their venue rental. For example, they will include tables, chairs, plus a firepit and wood. Generally speaking, if you want to book this venue, you should contact them directly. 

As can be seen in the photo gallery below, Ashley and Casey had a very cool wedding aesthetic. One example of this was the dark wooden outdoor accent wall, covered with vintage gold frames, and embellished with a neon sign that said “‘Til Death.” Another moody element was the choice of red as an accent color. Some examples of this were the red napkins that sat atop guests’ dinner plates. Also, there were dark red roses mixed into the floral arrangements. 

Firstly, Casey wore a dark suit on their wedding day. His tie, pocket square, and boutonniere were all a deep red, almost plummy, color. Ashley wore a beautifully fitted white wedding gown with a train. Correspondingly, she wore a white veil. Also of note, was their little dog’s outfit. Their dog wore a dapper white bowtie. 

Next up was the ceremony. Ashley and Casey walked down a beautiful natural stone pathway as their aisle. At this point they stood in front of a dark wooden altar. Suspended from their altar was a beautiful and silky fabric in white and pink tones. In front of a handful of very special guests, this couple shared their vows and officially became newlyweds. 

Finally, Ashley and Casey’s reception was under a large white tent. Above the wedding party were chandeliers and string lights. Next up was the happy couple’s first dance together. At the end of their dance, Casey dipped Ashley back for a kiss. 

At last, it was time to cut their special cake. Ashley and Casey’s wedding cake had a naked cake and icing design. Furthermore, the cake was topped with raspberries. The wedding party finished the night off with a champagne toast to the couple. 

Our team at Sound Originals was honored to be a part of Ashley & Casey’s wedding. Please enjoy their photos!

Fern Acres Wedding Photos

Fern Acres Forks

All in all, Fern Acres Forks’ location is a magical setting. On their Facebook page, Fern Acres shares photos of previous weddings they’ve hosted. Forks, WA is the rainiest town in the contiguous united states. Of note, is the fact that Forks, WA is home to the Twilight saga. In fact, you can take a self-guided Twilight tour throughout town. Even more, the town of Forks hosts an annual Twilight festival. Fern Acres might be the perfect destination for a couple who loves the Twilight movies and books. Or this could be a good venue for a couple that loves vampires.  

Presently, the Knot only has one review of this wedding venue. However, the review is very positive! Fern Acres has a five star rating. In case you need to see it to believe it, you can take a virtual tour. Ideally, you would book this wedding venue if your total guest list was under sixty people. Additionally, you would book this venue if you love the forest. In reality, the Hoh Rainforest is a remote destination. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of a city, then this wedding venue is perfect.

Fern Acres Hawaii

Fern Acres is a wedding venue in Forks, WA. Similarly named, there is a Fern Acres neighborhood in Hawaii. To explain, Fern Acres is located in the district of Puna. To clarify, Puna is an area located on the big island of Hawaii. Basically, Fern Acres is a subdivision with two thousand lots. Specifically, each lot has two acres of land. 

Similarly to the Fern Acres in Forks, WA, the Fern Acres in Hawaii gets an annual rainfall of one hundred and sixty inches. The Fern Acres in Hawaii is concerned with maintaining their roadways. As noted on their website, they have roughly twenty six miles of collectively maintained roadways. In support, their homeowners association pays an annual road maintenance fee.  

Hoh Rainforest Wedding

The Hoh Rainforest is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the US. In addition, the Hoh Rainforest gets over one hundred inches of rainfall annually. Naturally, the Hoh Rainforest is part of the Olympic National Park. There are so many interesting and large trees to see in the Hoh Rainforest. For example, the forest is full of Douglas Firs, Sitka Spruces, and Western Hemolocks. Many animals live among these trees, from frogs to bears. In conclusion, lots of wildlife call the forest home. 

Our team at Sound Originals has come up with the ultimate guide to weddings in the Olympic National Park. Within the Olympic National Park, you can choose from so many different vignettes. This can include Hurricane Ridge, Ruby Beach, and Sol Duc Falls. Because the Hoh Rainforest is in Olympic National Park, you will need to apply for a special use permit. The National Park Service requires special use permits for weddings. The application for a special use permit is available on the NPS website. In general, the fee for this permit costs somewhere between $50-$100.


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