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Located in the lush Pacific Northwest on the Olympic Peninsula in Forks, Washington, Fern Acres offers an enchanting setting for weddings and elopements. Naturally nestled on 5 acres of forested land, this venue is a hidden gem in the rainforest’s beauty.

Visitors can fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and take a scenic 3-hour drive northwest to reach Fern Acres in Forks. The venue is conveniently located near Olympic National Park, known for its diverse ecosystems and stunning landscapes. Guests can explore nearby attractions like Rialto Beach, Hoh Rain Forest, and Lake Crescent, adding adventure to their wedding getaway.

Couples are drawn to Fern Acres for its fairytale ambiance and secluded charm. The property features moss-covered old-growth stumps, hundreds of ferns, and moss-draped vine maples, creating a magical backdrop for exchanging vows.

Fern Acres offers various wedding packages tailored to different party sizes and preferences. For small gatherings, couples can opt for “Twilight” inspired elopements or micro-weddings, starting at $2,200. Full weddings accommodating up to 75 guests are also available, with comprehensive packages starting at $8,500.

Weddings at Fern Acres unfold in picturesque garden settings or amidst the tranquil forest. The ceremony spaces are adorned with rustic benches and natural greenery, providing an idyllic backdrop for saying “I do.” The venue provides essential amenities like dressing suites, ceremony decor, an officiant, and floral arrangements, ensuring a seamless wedding experience.

The cost of hosting a wedding at Fern Acres includes venue rental, wedding coordination, and essential services. Couples can personalize their experience with optional add-ons, ensuring a tailored celebration that reflects their vision.

Discover past weddings at Fern Acres and visualize your dream celebration through our photo galleries and videos. Learn why Fern Acres is a sought-after wedding destination in the Pacific Northwest, and contact us for photography services.

Fern Acres Wedding Photos

Enter the enchanting world of Fern Acres wedding photos, expertly captured by our team at Sound Originals. From intimate exchanges to joyful celebrations, each photograph beautifully preserves the essence of your special day. Let us narrate your unique love story through candid and heartfelt images that reflect genuine joy and authenticity. Discover the beauty and warmth of your unforgettable moments in every frame of Fern Acres wedding photos by Sound Originals.

Fern Acres Wedding // Ashley + Casey

Fern Acres Wedding // Ashley + Casey

We’re very excited to share Ashley and Casey’s forested Fern Acres wedding photos with you! Fern Acres is owned by a couple who are residents of the Pacific Northwest. Overall, they have spent over fifteen years cultivating the gardens and natural areas of Fern Acres. Furthermore, this venue is located in Forks, WA, which is on the Olympic Peninsula. In relation to Seattle, Fern Acres is about a four hour drive away from the city. […]

Fern Acres Wedding // Kailey + Shenoa

Fern Acres Wedding // Kailey + Shenoa

We are so excited to share Kailey and Shenoa’s Fern Acres wedding with you! Kailey and Shenoa’s celebration was truly beautiful and we are so thankful to have been a part of it! Fern Acres is located in Forks, WA, about 3.5 hours west of Seattle on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Fern Acres is an enchanting venue on five acres of forest land. It is a secluded, lush oasis that is simply magical. If you’ve been […]

Fern Acres Wedding Videos

Experience the magic of Fern Acres weddings through our curated videos, capturing romantic forest ceremonies and joyful celebrations with loved ones. Let us transform your wedding moments into a cinematic masterpiece, preserving the magic and romance of your day for years to come.

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Services Offered by Fern Acres

Fern Acres offers comprehensive services for weddings and elopements in a picturesque Pacific Northwest setting. They provide tailored packages including venue rental, ceremony coordination, and onsite amenities like dressing suites and ceremony decor. Their packages cater to various party sizes, from intimate elopements to larger weddings of up to 75 guests. Fern Acres also offers optional add-ons such as professional photography, floral arrangements, and catering coordination. With a focus on creating memorable experiences, Fern Acres ensures each couple’s vision is brought to life amidst the natural beauty of moss-covered stumps, ferns, and vine maples.

Twilight Wedding Venue

Fern Acres, nestled in Forks, Washington, offers an ideal venue for Twilight-inspired weddings in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. This enchanting location captures the essence of the beloved Twilight series with its lush rainforest setting, moss-covered old growth stumps, and vine maples draped in moss. Couples can relive the romance of Twilight at Fern Acres, featuring a garden gazebo for vows and a secluded forest clearing with rustic benches amidst ferns and towering trees. Tailored packages are available for Twilight-themed elopements and micro-weddings, accommodating up to 15 guests, promising an intimate and magical celebration in this captivating setting.

Micro Forest Wedding

Fern Acres’ Micro Forest Weddings offer an intimate and enchanting experience amidst nature. Ideal for smaller gatherings of up to 30 guests, these weddings are available on weekdays or weekends from 11 am to 8 pm. The forested ceremony area features rustic benches surrounded by lush greenery, creating a magical atmosphere for exchanging vows. The package includes access to the lawn and garden area, white tables and chairs, dressing rooms, restroom facilities, and outdoor spaces for activities. Couples can customize their celebration with self-contained catering and enjoy the serene ambiance of Fern Acres, making their micro forest wedding a memorable and picturesque affair.

Forest Wedding Venues Washington

Washington state offers stunning forest wedding venues, ideal for couples seeking a natural and scenic backdrop for their special day. From the lush forests of the Olympic Peninsula to the Cascade Mountains and beyond, you’ll find enchanting settings surrounded by towering trees, ferns, and moss-covered landscapes. Popular venues include Fern Acres in Forks, known for its secluded rainforest charm, and TreeHouse Point near Seattle, featuring treehouse accommodations amidst the forest canopy. These venues provide unique opportunities to exchange vows in serene forest settings, creating unforgettable memories amid Washington’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Sound Originals is among the premier Seattle wedding photographers, known for our exceptional service and stunning imagery. Our experienced team has documented countless weddings across the Pacific Northwest, capturing the unique essence of each couple’s special day. We specialize in creating timeless and artistic photographs that reflect the love and joy of your wedding celebration. Whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or a grand affair, our Seattle wedding photographers are committed to exceeding your expectations with professionalism and creativity. Let Sound Originals capture the beauty and emotion of your wedding day. Contact us today to discuss your photography needs!

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