Dairyland Wedding // Ashley + Josh


We can’t wait to share Ashley and Josh’s Dairyland Wedding with you! Nestled in Seattle’s captivating Woodland Meadow Farms, this unique venue exudes an enchanting charm that distinguishes it. Formerly a dairy farm, Dairyland has been transformed into an enchanting event space that perfectly blends history with modern comfort.

Dairyland’s charm stems from its location and eco-conscious approach, appealing to couples seeking unconventional weddings. Against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, Ashley and Josh exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their beautiful journey together.

The magic continued as Patty‘s artistic floral arrangements adorned the venue, while Luke Jacobsen‘s beats filled the air, creating an ambiance of pure joy. However, what truly captured the essence of the day were the lenses of Seattle Wedding Photographers, who artfully froze every heartfelt moment.

From getting ready to the final dance, Dairyland bore witness to their love story. The couple’s radiant smiles, tearful exchanges, and lively celebrations unfolded seamlessly. A day filled with shared laughter, heartwarming embraces, and the promise of forever unfolded.

For those looking for exceptional wedding venues, Dairyland beckons as a testament to love, history, and sustainability. Whether you’re planning an engagement, looking for a photographer to capture your love story, or seeking romantic elopement, Dairyland and Seattle Wedding Photographers are here to weave your dreams into reality. Your love story deserves to be celebrated uniquely!

Dairyland Wedding Photos

Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding

Nestled in the serene embrace of Woodland Meadow Farms, weddings bloom with rustic elegance. The venue’s charm lies in its history, with barns from the 1940s now adorned for love’s celebration. The couple’s journey finds a perfect backdrop amidst mountains, meadows, and the promise of forever. Woodland Meadow Farms’ connection to nature and eco-conscious practices further enhance the enchantment. As vows are exchanged, the past meets the present, creating a tapestry of memories. Capturing each heartfelt moment, the Seattle Wedding Photographers team ensures timeless snapshots of joy. For those seeking a true Washington wedding experience, this haven offers beauty, meaning, and Dairyland’s signature allure.

Greenhouse Wedding Venue Seattle

Seattle’s allure meets botanical beauty in its greenhouse wedding venues. These spaces, like hidden gems, offer a unique blend of nature and romance. Imagine vows exchanged under lush canopies, surrounded by vibrant blooms. The scent of flowers infuses the air as couples embark on their journey together. Greenhouse venues, like modern-day gardens, create an intimate yet stunning atmosphere. With Seattle’s mild climate, these spaces offer year-round enchantment. From Woodland Meadow Farms to other exquisite choices, these venues ensure unforgettable weddings. Their sustainable approach aligns with the city’s eco-conscious spirit, making them perfect for couples seeking both elegance and environmental harmony.

Seattle Wedding Venues with a View

In Seattle, love stories unfold against breathtaking backdrops, as the city’s wedding venues offer unparalleled views. Whether overlooking Puget Sound’s shimmering waters or nestled beneath the Cascade Range, these venues redefine picturesque. Seattle’s charm lies not only in its skyline but also in its diverse landscapes. From industrial-chic spaces to waterfront elegance, couples find the perfect setting for their celebration. Woodland Meadow Farms and similar venues are a testament to the region’s beauty. With Seattle Wedding Photographers capturing every angle, love’s magic is immortalized. For those seeking a view that mirrors their love’s grandeur, these venues offer a visual symphony of nature and architecture.

Seattle Wedding Restaurant

Seattle’s culinary scene intertwines with love as wedding restaurants offer an intimate and flavorful backdrop. These venues blend the city’s gastronomic excellence with romance, crafting a unique wedding experience. Couples and their guests savor delectable dishes while celebrating amidst the city’s vibrant ambiance. From trendy urban eateries to waterfront bistros, these spaces serve up more than just meals – they offer memories. The fusion of gourmet cuisine and heartfelt celebrations make Seattle wedding restaurants a charming choice. With each bite, love is celebrated, and with every toast, new chapters begin.

Kelley Farm Wedding Cost

When it comes to rustic farm weddings, Kelley Farm stands out as a prime choice. Let’s delve into hosting a wedding at Kelley Farm, a name synonymous with idyllic celebrations. As for costs, Kelley Farm wedding prices vary based on factors like season and day of the week. Weekday weddings (Monday to Thursday) during off and peak seasons range from $2,500 to $4,500. Off-season weekends (November to April) span $3,500 to $6,500, while peak-season weekends (May to September) extend from $5,500 to $10,500. These figures provide a glimpse into the allure of Kelley Farm, where couples create unforgettable memories.

Craven Farm Wedding

Let’s explore the enchantment of Craven Farm weddings. Situated in Snohomish, Washington, Craven Farm offers a picturesque setting for couples seeking a rustic yet elegant wedding. The farm’s natural beauty, including sprawling fields and charming barns, provides an idyllic backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. With customizable options, couples can curate their dream wedding, whether it’s a whimsical outdoor affair or a cozy indoor celebration. Craven Farm’s welcoming ambiance, combined with its stunning landscapes, makes it a sought-after venue. Couples looking for a blend of country charm and sophistication will find their perfect match in a Craven Farm wedding.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers specialize in capturing the essence of your special day. Our skilled team crafts timeless and emotive wedding photos, focusing on details and storytelling. From tender glances to joyful moments, we preserve your intimate memories beautifully. Understanding your vision and style, we transform your memories into compelling visual narratives. By blending natural and posed shots, we create a comprehensive storyline of your wedding day. Trust Seattle Wedding Photographers for extraordinary photos that reflect your love story. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and create lifelong memories.


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