Chapel on the Hill Wedding // Samuel + Sylvia


Samuel and Sylvia’s Chapel on the Hill Wedding is a tale of love and celebration that we’re thrilled to share. Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, Chapel on the Hill boasts a serene and idyllic location, creating an enchanting backdrop for couples’ special days. This charming venue has become a favored choice for its rustic charm, intimate ambiance, and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

As the day unfolded, Samuel and Sylvia embraced every moment with excitement and joy. From the bustling preparations to the heartwarming exchange of vows, their love story came to life. The bride’s radiant smile and the groom’s heartfelt words captured the essence of their commitment.

The intimate ceremony paved the way for a joyful reception, where laughter filled the air as friends and family raised their glasses in celebration. Handheld Catering and Academic Coffee delighted guests with delicious cuisine and beverages that perfectly complemented the festivities.

The talented San Francisco Wedding Photographers team beautifully captured the exquisite moments. Their skilled lenses immortalized every glance, embrace, and cherished interaction, ensuring that they would forever preserve Samuel and Sylvia’s memories.

Amidst the joyful atmosphere, the Sound Originals team was present, capturing the candid moments that unfolded on this remarkable day. Their dedication to preserving the essence of the event added an extra layer of magic to the celebration.

As the day drew to a close, the couple’s happiness was palpable. The dance floor came alive as everyone joined in the revelry, making the evening truly unforgettable.

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Chapel on the Hill Wedding Photos

Chapel on the Hill Wedding Rates

The venue offers a range of flexible wedding rates to suit diverse preferences. Chapel on the Hill provides flexible wedding rates to accommodate different event timings. Their rates: $399/hour for ceremonies, $2,999 full-day (9am-5pm), and $4,499 extended (9am-9pm) events. With transparent pricing encompassing venue rental and essential services, couples can curate their perfect celebration without compromise. Whether envisioning an intimate ceremony or an extended festivity, Chapel on the Hill’s adaptable rates make it an inviting choice. Contact their dedicated team to explore these rates further and bring your dream wedding to life.

How to go to Chapel on the Hill

Getting to Chapel on the Hill is a breeze! If you’re driving from San Francisco, head north on Highway 101, take the Mill Valley exit, and turn left onto Shoreline Highway – the chapel will be on your right. Traveling from Marin County? Head south on Hwy 101, exit Mill Valley, turn right onto Shoreline Highway – chapel on left. Prefer public transit? Take Marin County Transit’s Bus 11 or Golden Gate Transit’s Bus 50, disembark at Shoreline Hwy and Throckmorton Ave in Mill Valley. The chapel is nearby and eagerly awaits your visit.

Chapel on the Hill Contact Number

To reach Chapel on the Hill – Los Gatos, you can dial their contact number at +1 408-502-6203. This direct line connects you with their team, where you can inquire about event details, wedding rates, availability, and more. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, their friendly staff is available to provide the information you need to create a memorable event. Don’t hesitate to give them a call to start planning your special day at this picturesque venue nestled in Los Gatos. Your dream event is just a phone call away.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

San Francisco Wedding Photographers is your dedicated team of professionals, ready to craft your perfect moments into timeless visual treasures. With an artistic eye and technical mastery, we capture every detail and emotion of your special day. From candid smiles to enchanting portraits, our photos narrate your unique love story. Our proficiency in lighting, composition, and storytelling ensures each image reflects genuine emotions. Let us safeguard your cherished memories in breathtaking photographs. To discuss your photography needs and secure your day’s essence, get in touch with us. Your exceptional memories await through our lens.


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