Canlis Wedding // Whitney + Kyle


Whitney and Kyle’s Canlis Wedding is a tale of love and celebration that we can’t wait to share with you! Nestled in the heart of Seattle, Canlis stands as a beacon of elegance and charm, making it the perfect choice for couples seeking a picturesque venue for their special day. Located in Washington, Canlis offers a unique blend of historic beauty and modern sophistication, attracting couples with its captivating ambiance.

Couples select Canlis for its historic charm, cityscape views, and offerings turning moments into extraordinary memories. The venue provides a seamless planning experience, offering options for indoor or outdoor settings, diverse menu selections, and transparent pricing.

Whitney and Kyle’s wedding journey, filled with thrilling moments, was expertly documented by Seattle Wedding Photographers. From the exciting preparations to heartfelt vows, every detail tells their love story visually.

The enchanting serenity of Canlis provided the backdrop for the couple’s post-ceremony celebrations. Amid loved ones, they relished a delightful meal, shared laughter, and toasted love and happiness. The dance floor became a stage for their first dance, and the joyous occasion culminated in the classic cake-cutting ceremony.

Seattle Wedding Photographers beautifully captured Whitney and Kyle’s Canlis Wedding, preserving each emotion in a stunning collection. If you’re considering wedding venue in Washington, exploring Canlis wedding venue and other enchanting locations is a must. Whether you’re planning an engagement or searching for romantic elopements in the Washington region, our website is your go-to destination for more love stories and valuable information. Whitney and Kyle’s Canlis Wedding is a testament to the timeless beauty and joy found in every celebration of love.

Canlis Wedding Photos

Canlis Seattle

Nestled atop Queen Anne Hill, Canlis, a legendary venue designed by Roland Terry in 1950, offers an unparalleled setting with breathtaking views spanning from Lake Union to the Cascade Mountains. Hosting memorable events for over 70 years, Canlis features exclusive spaces like The Penthouse and The Executive Room, providing warm atmospheres and impressive vistas. Be it family reunions, corporate meetings, weddings, or special events, Canlis stands as an exceptional choice. With award-winning cuisine and legendary service, guests experience an unforgettable blend of historic beauty and cityscape allure.

Canlis Menu

Dining at Canlis is a transformative experience with a $180 multi-course menu. Guests choose three courses, each complemented by delightful culinary surprises. From Sablefish, Porcini, and Duck to Escabeche Florita, Parsnip, and American Wagyu, every dish is a unique journey. The grand finale presents decadent desserts like Smoked Cacao, Sweet Potato, and Daburu Cheesecake. A 20% service charge ensures a seamless dining experience. Since 1950, Canlis has stood as a culinary beacon in Seattle, offering innovative dishes and impeccable service for a memorable gastronomic adventure.

Canlis Wine Pairing Cost

Renowned for one of the world’s premier wine lists, Canlis earned its status in 1997 with 26 consecutive Wine Spectator Magazine Grand Awards. The accolades include the 2017 James Beard award for Outstanding Wine Program. Canlis stands out for its sommeliers’ unique ability to connect with enthusiasts and casual diners alike. Founded on a team of educated wine professionals, Canlis offers warm, reputable service and an enticing wine list. Guests can download the list or trust sommeliers to find the perfect wine. Corkage is available for up to two bottles at $10 per person. Canlis invites patrons to explore the world of wine in its iconic lounge, where history and innovation converge. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Jose Castillo Canlis

As the head bartender at Canlis, Jose Castillo reshapes the cocktail experience in Seattle, contributing his expertise to the renowned restaurant. With a rich history etched into the culinary landscape, Canlis, led by Castillo, infuses a unique touch into its extensive drink menu. Under Castillo’s leadership, Canlis’ bar program seamlessly integrates into the award-winning dining experience. Castillo manages an impressive array of libations, curating a diverse and memorable selection for patrons. He ensures unparalleled and unforgettable drinking experiences for Canlis guests. The bar program, guided by Castillo, offers patrons a distinctive and delightful beverage selection. This curated selection enhances the overall enjoyment of guests at Canlis.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers excel in capturing your special day with a blend of creativity and technical skill. From the excitement of preparation to the heartfelt vows and joyous celebrations, each photo narrates a compelling story. Specializing in both traditional and candid shots, they go beyond mere documentation, creating an artful visual narrative that preserves the essence of your wedding day. Let Seattle Wedding Photographers be your trusted partners in eternalizing these magical moments. Contact us to discuss how we can transform your wedding into a timeless story through our unique and artistic approach to photography.


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