Callippe Preserve Golf Course Wedding // Jayna + William


Jayna and William’s Callippe Preserve Golf Course Wedding was a truly enchanting affair, set amidst the picturesque charm of Pleasanton, California. The venue, nestled in the heart of this beautiful locale, provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. Drawn in by its serene atmosphere and stunning surroundings, the couple knew it was the ideal choice for their wedding.

From the outset, their meticulous attention to detail was evident. They adorned elegant invitations with intricate embroidery, nestled within sophisticated Green Envelopes. Jayna embarked on a heartfelt journey to find her dream dress. Ultimately, she discovered it at Trudy’s Bridal in Campbell, adding to the aura of elegance surrounding the occasion.

Emotions ran high on the wedding day as Jayna and William exchanged heartfelt vows, reassured by the talented San Francisco Wedding Photographers team capturing every moment beautifully. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a catered meal and custom cake, filling the air with joy as they celebrated the newlyweds.

The San Francisco Wedding Photographers team expertly preserved every moment, allowing Jayna and William to cherish their special day forever. As part of the Sound Originals team, we felt honored to share in their joyous celebration!

For more love stories like Jayna and William’s, we welcome you to visit our website. Look no further than Callippe Preserve Golf Course for your San Francisco wedding or engagement venue! Its stunning beauty and unparalleled service make it the ideal setting for your love story to unfold.

Callippe Preserve Golf Course Wedding Photos

Pleasanton Golf Course Wedding Venue

Pleasanton Golf Course is a picturesque wedding venue located in Pleasanton, California. Surrounded by lush greenery and stunning landscapes, it offers couples a charming setting for their special day. The venue provides both indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate weddings of various sizes and styles. Couples can wed amid the scenic beauty of the golf course. The indoor facilities offer elegant reception areas, perfect for celebrating with friends and family. The staff at Pleasanton Golf Course ensures every wedding detail is covered. Pleasanton Golf Course offers a romantic wedding experience in California’s wine country. Have this experience with you, come and visit now!

Callippe Preserve Golf Course reviews

Callippe Preserve Golf Course garners rave reviews for its exceptional facilities and stunning natural surroundings. Nestled in the picturesque hills of Pleasanton, California, this course offers golfers a challenging yet enjoyable experience amidst breathtaking scenery. Golf enthusiasts praise the well-maintained greens and fairways, which provide an excellent playing surface for golfers of all skill levels. The course’s layout, designed by Brian Costello, is lauded for its strategic challenges and varied terrain, keeping players engaged and entertained throughout their rounds. Moreover, visitors appreciate the attentive and friendly staff, who ensure a welcoming atmosphere and smooth operation of the facility. The clubhouse amenities, including a pro shop and dining options, add to the overall positive experience. Whether golfers are seeking a leisurely day on the course or a competitive round with friends, Callippe Preserve Golf Course consistently exceeds expectations, making it a top choice among golfers in the Bay Area.

Poppy Ridge Golf Course

Poppy Ridge Golf Course, situated in Livermore, California, stands out as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts, drawing accolades for its superb course design and stunning landscape. Nestled amidst the picturesque vineyards of the Livermore Valley, the course offers golfers three distinct 9-hole layouts, providing a diverse and exciting experience with each round played. Golfers consistently praise the course conditions, noting the meticulously maintained fairways and greens that offer a true test of skill. Designed by Rees Jones, this championship course incorporates strategic bunkering and natural hazards, ensuring an engaging round for players of all levels.

The attentive staff at Poppy Ridge Golf Course receives high praise for their friendly service and dedication to providing an exceptional experience for guests. Additionally, the clubhouse amenities, including a pro shop and dining options, add to the overall enjoyment of the visit. Whether for leisure or competition, Poppy Ridge Golf Course continues to impress golfers with its outstanding facilities and breathtaking scenery, earning its reputation as one of the premier golf destinations in Northern California.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

San Francisco is a unique place for couples who want to get married, and the demand for professional photographers to immortalize these special days is increasing every day. Wedding photographers based in San Francisco provide high-quality service to create unique and unforgettable memories for couples. These photographers immortalize couples’ special days by making romantic and elegant shots in unique places. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and coastal vistas offer captivating backdrops for photos. Photographers strive to encapsulate couples’ personalities and happiest moments with precision and care. In San Francisco, couples discover both a unique ambiance and professional photography services for their wedding day.


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