Bellevue Indian Wedding // Anushe’ + James


We’re thrilled to share these images from Anushe’ and James’s Bellevue Indian Wedding. We absolutely love when we’re asked to photograph beautiful Indian weddings! Anushe’ and Jame’s were married at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Bellevue and every detail was perfect. We loved capturing all of the details from their getting ready photos to the ceremony. Anushe’ looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful dress. Her makeup and hair was done by Iryna. With gorgeous flowers for bouquets and decoration by Redmond Floral, the special day was gorgeous.

Capturing getting ready photos is always enjoyable as it allows us to capture special moments for the bride and groom to cherish later. We ensure not to miss any small detail, from the bride’s henna designs to the groom’s unique jacket.

The ceremony took place in the hotel’s decorated event room. The couple exchanged vows while guests watched. We captured outdoor portraits afterward, followed by a catered meal provided by the hotel. After the cake by Trophy Cupcakes in downtown Bellevue, the couple was escorted from the building by family and friends to their waiting Rolls Royce from British Motor Coach. All of these great touches made for a beautiful wedding day filled with many memories for Anushe’ and James. With their love of travel there were many decorations that focused on that. We were able to capture these details for them. Sound Originals loved being there to capture every moment of this Indian wedding.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Bellevue offers over 3000 sq ft of event space for weddings and events. Explore their rooms and request a quote online. Bellevue offers many dining and activity options for guests, and the hotel is pet-friendly. With great reviews on Trip Advisor, your event will be a success.

Bellevue Indian Wedding Photos

Indian Bride

There are many types of brides out there. Some of our favorites to photograph are Indian Brides. With such ornate and beautiful dresses and designs, it is a photographers dream. Sound Originals has photographed many weddings with Indian Brides. Indian Brides have beautiful dresses that they wear. They also wear a lot of beautiful jewelry. They also have their hands and fee decorated with traditional henna designs. Brides.com magazine talks a lot about what Indian brides wear in this informative article. The article talks about why the bride often wears red. They talk about the history and meaning. They also share information on how an Indian bride can incorporate the color red into their wedding day outfit. There are many different ways to do this.

Indian Wedding Traditions

With soo many Indian wedding traditions it is important to find a photographer that can capture these moments. Indian weddings are often multi day events and incorporate a lot of rituals and traditions. Martha Stewart has a great article that talks about 10 of the most common Indian wedding traditions. Many of these traditions revolve around the outfits worn, resulting in the capture of beautiful photographs. The bride will often have henna placed on her hands and feet. Female friends often organize this at a party. This is almost like a bachelorette party. With soo many customs and traditions Indian weddings are fun and exciting.

Bellevue, Washington

The city of Bellevue in Washington sits a short distance from downtown Seattle. The city sits across Lake Washington and is a suburb of Seattle. Visit Bellevue has a great website designed to show you all that the city has to offer. With many entertainment items, places to stay and eat and fun things to do. The city of Bellevue is a vibrant city. It’s a great place to visit because you get city life and you are not far from great outdoor activities. You can go shopping or you can go hiking. This makes this a great area to visit. The weather in Bellevue is also great! It rarely snows there and has average summer temps around 75 degrees. One of Bellevue’s nicknames is “The City in a Park.” This is because Bellevue has an enormous park system.

Affordable Indian Wedding Photography

When looking for affordable wedding photography, many couples do a simple search on the internet. With many options, they are looking for a photographer that can capture their special day. Sound Originals is a great option for many couples in the PNW. They have created a page that talks about affordable Indian wedding photography and can be found here. Many recognize Sound Originals Photo & Video as one of the best wedding photographers in Seattle. They have hundreds of wedding throughout the PNW and many have included Indian weddings. They have many photographers on their team that can capture all of your moments. Their photographers know many of the traditions and customs that are important on your wedding day.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

As Seattle Wedding Photographers, we pride ourselves on capturing unforgettable moments across Washington. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, we specialize in creating timeless memories for couples. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is beautifully preserved. Plus, we have experience in capturing the rich traditions and vibrant colors of Indian weddings, adding an extra layer of cultural depth to our portfolio. Wherever your wedding takes you in Washington, trust us to document your special day with creativity and professionalism, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.