Seattle Indian Wedding // Mohini + Aakash


We absolutely loved capturing Mohini and Aakash’s wedding! Indian weddings are always amazing to attend and Sound Originals has photographed and videoed several! This colorful and beautiful ceremony was a photographers dream! The setting was a private home in northeast Seattle, which offered many beautiful areas for photos. The couple had a traditional style Indian wedding with all of the beautiful ceremonies! We took some photos of the bride getting ready and preparing for the day. The details that we were able to capture made this day soo much fun for us. With bright colors and beautiful flowers, we loved every moment. The bride looked beautiful in her sari. After multiple ceremonial moments, the bride and groom’s exchanged their beautiful flower garlands.

With many family members in attendance, it was a beautiful day for us to capture. Held in a private family home, the wedding had an intimate atmosphere, enhanced by floral decorations and traditional elements like the Ganesh statue and Mandap. The bride’s henna designs symbolized fertility and protection against evil spirits. The Knot put together a great resource for people to learn more about Indian Weddings and Ceremonies.

We also had the opportunity to capture some outdoor photos not too far from the couples home. It was a beautiful blue sky day with mountains in the distance. The couple was able to spend some time together to share some moments away from family. Taking some photos by the water, we enjoyed the beautiful day. Additionally, we managed to capture some drone footage for them to include in their wedding video, which we also filmed for them! We love creating videos for our couples to add to their memories of the day. Most of our couples add video to their photo package so they can re-live each moment!

Seattle Indian Wedding Photos

Indian Photographers in Seattle

When couples are looking for a photographer for their wedding, they do an internet search. When they need a specific style they will add that to the search. Sound Originals is proud to be able to offer many types of photography! We love when couples reach out to us for their special day. We especially love when we are hired for Indian weddings. Photographing Indian weddings is fun. There are soo many colors and ceremonial parts that make it unique. As a result, the photos are always stunning! There are many choices for Indian photographers in Seattle. That’s why it’s important for couples to look at portfolios. This can help them make a decision on who they hire. Working with a photographer that is familiar with Indian weddings is helpful. They might already be knowledgeable about customs.

Affordable Indian Wedding Photography

One of the items on most couples list is photography for their wedding. They have a certain budget to stay within. They will look for affordable Indian wedding photography pricing. This is very important when planning the wedding. Wedding photography can range in price from a few hundred dollars to well over $10,000. It all depends on how much you want and need for your day. Pinterest has many storyboards to help you with ideas for your wedding day. This includes things to help you budget. When selecting a photographer you can find out what they charge for your wedding. Most wedding packages will rage from 6 to 10 hours of coverage time.

Engagement Photographers

Many couples choose to have engagement photos done before their wedding day. They might use these photos for Save the Date announcements. Or just to celebrate their engagement. Either way, hiring an engagement photographer can be fun. A lot of times, the photographer will be your wedding day photographer. This is great! It helps you get to know the person who will be there on your special day. You can also have this photographer capture a surprise proposal. Choosing your engagement photographer starts with looking at their portfolio of photos. This will help you understand their style. You can also see how they pose couples and the types of photos they take. They can also help you choose a great location for your engagement photos.

Wedding Photo Ideas

When planning for your wedding day, many couples start thinking of photo ideas. These can range from poses to props. Brides.com recently put together a list of wedding photo ideas for couples. This list has 30 Wedding Photos You Need to Take! The article gives great advice. One of the first things is to hire a photographer that you are excited about. This is important because they are in charge of capturing your memories. You want to make sure that they capture all of your special moments. This includes little details like shoes and jewelry. To the food, cake and champagne toasts! Many couples love having portraits done on this day to. The photographer can take many individual photos of the bride and groom. They can also capture the complete bridal party. All of these photos make for beautiful memories from your day. The Knot.com also created a great list of 97 Wedding Pictures that move us to tears. They help you get ideas for wedding day poses.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a perfect way to capture your day. You can look at resources for wedding photographers throughout your area. You want a company that can provide you with all the images from your day. Wedding Wire is a great resource to look for photographers what specialize in wedding photography. The company should have great reviews for you to work with them. They should also have a great portfolio for you to look at. Many couples ask why wedding photography can be expensive. The cost of wedding photography is not just about taking the photos that day. It includes the photographers time and talent. Their equipment that they use. The editing process to finalize your photos. It is important to have wedding photos. A lot of couples feel that this is very important and budget for it. A wedding photographer can capture amazing memories for you.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle wedding photographers are here to immortalize the unique atmosphere and romance of the city! We prioritize each couple’s special story, style, and dreams to create unforgettable memories. Our professional and experienced team guides you every step of the way, using the latest technology to capture original and stunning images. We meticulously plan every detail to provide you with a personalized experience. On your wedding day, we capture every smile, every moment, and every emotion to create a unique album for you. Contact us to take the first step in bringing your dream wedding album to life. Get in touch with us today for a personalized offer!