Bali Hai Restaurant Wedding // Julie + Jonathan


Julie and Jonathan’s Bali Hai Restaurant Wedding was a breathtaking celebration, with the stunning backdrop of San Diego’s skyline adding a touch of magic to their special day. The venue, known for its panoramic waterfront views, provided a serene and picturesque setting for their ceremony. The couple exchanged vows under a beautifully adorned arch with vibrant florals by Poppy Flowers. The flowers perfectly complemented the lush greenery and serene waters.

The reception was a delightful affair, with catering by Bali Hai Restaurant Wedding ensuring that guests enjoyed a delicious array of dishes. The ambiance of the venue enhanced the culinary experience, effortlessly blending tropical elegance with a cozy atmosphere. Julie and Jonathan’s wedding cake, crafted by Violet Cake Co., was a visual and culinary delight. It added a sweet touch to the evening’s festivities.

The planner, Holly Kalkin, meticulously executed every detail, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. DJ Eric Star filled the evening with music and joy, keeping everyone on the dance floor. Brooklyn Cardenas and Julie Hirji perfected Julie’s stunning look by taking care of her hair and makeup. They made her feel like a princess.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers captured every precious moment, from the couple’s first look surrounded by lush greenery. They also documented their romantic strolls along the waterfront. San Francisco Wedding Photographers beautifully documented Julie and Jonathan’s love story, reflecting the joy and love that filled their day. This Bali Hai wedding was a perfect blend of natural beauty, elegant decor, and heartfelt moments, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Bali Hai Restaurant Wedding Photos

Bali Hai Happy Hour

A tropical-themed restaurant hosts the popular Bali Hai Happy Hour, offering a festive atmosphere along with stunning views of the ocean. This event celebrates reduced prices on a variety of drinks and appetizers, creating an inviting environment for guests to enjoy. During Happy Hour, guests enjoy discounted prices on a variety of drinks, including exotic cocktails and local beers. The menu also features a selection of appetizers, often influenced by local cuisine, at reduced prices. The environment is lively and decorated with Polynesian artifacts and lush plants, creating an immersive island experience. As the sun sets, the happy hour often includes live music or performances, adding to the vibrant, relaxed vibe. Bali Hai Happy Hour is a perfect way to enjoy good company and great food and drinks in a picturesque setting.”

Bali Hai Restaurant Menu

The Bali Hai Restaurant menu boasts a fusion of traditional Polynesian flavors and contemporary culinary techniques. Diners can indulge in a range of appetizers, such as coconut shrimp and poke bowls, which set the stage for a flavorful journey. Main courses feature seafood prominently, including grilled mahi-mahi and lobster tails, alongside options like luau pork and teriyaki chicken for those preferring meat. Vegetarian dishes, like the tropical tofu stir-fry, ensure there’s something for everyone. Desserts like pineapple upside-down cake offer a sweet finish. The drink selection complements the meals with signature cocktails, craft beers, and fine wines, all enhancing the exotic dining experience.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

San Francisco Wedding Photographers offer a unique approach to capturing the essence of each couple’s special day. They are known for blending the natural beauty of California with the personal style of the couples they photograph. Whether it’s the lush greenery of the forests, the urban backdrop of the city, or the dramatic coastline, San Francisco photographers excel at using these settings to enhance the romantic and intimate moments of a wedding. Their photography style often includes a mix of candid moments and posed portraits, ensuring a comprehensive collection of memories. Each photographer brings their artistic touch, making every wedding album distinct and deeply personal.


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