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Saratoga Springs, a picturesque wedding venue that epitomizes natural beauty and timeless elegance, is nestled amidst the serene Santa Cruz Mountains. Conveniently located just minutes from Silicon Valley, this historic estate has been family-owned and operated since the late 1800s, offering couples the perfect setting for their special day.

Saratoga Springs’ idyllic location provides easy access for couples and guests alike. Situated at 22801 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070, the venue is surrounded by towering redwoods and tranquil creeks, creating a fairytale-like ambiance. Nearby attractions include the vibrant community of Saratoga, renowned for its charming downtown area, wineries, and scenic hiking trails.

Saratoga Springs offers couples unparalleled beauty, impeccable service, and versatile event spaces. The estate’s rich history and commitment to exceptional hospitality make it a top choice for discerning couples seeking a truly magical wedding experience.

Saratoga Springs offers a range of wedding packages designed to suit every couple’s vision and budget. Whether exchanging vows beneath towering redwoods or dancing the night away in the Creekside Room, there’s a perfect setting for every love story. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, the venue can accommodate weddings of all sizes, with customizable menus featuring delicious in-house catering options.

The cost of hosting your wedding at Saratoga Springs varies depending on the chosen venue space, guest count, and selected amenities. Facility fees range from $2,950 for weekday events to $9,950 for peak weekend celebrations. Additionally, couples can choose from various catering options, with buffet-style dinner packages starting at $79.95 per person.

With its breathtaking scenery and unmatched hospitality, Saratoga Springs promises to make your wedding dreams a reality. Scroll down to view photo galleries and videos of weddings at Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photos

Step into the mesmerizing realm of Saratoga Springs weddings through our breathtaking photography. With an artistic approach and a commitment to authenticity, we immortalize the beauty of your wedding day, curating evocative images that emanate warmth and happiness. Let us document the essence of Saratoga Springs and the intimate moments couples exchange, crafting visual mementos that will endure through time.

Saratoga Springs Wedding // Trisha + Joseph

Saratoga Springs Wedding // Trisha + Joseph

In Saratoga Springs, CA, Trisha and Joseph celebrated their wedding amid the Santa Cruz Mountains. This family-owned venue, rooted in history since the late 1800s, offers a serene outdoor setting with towering Redwoods and meandering creeks. It was the perfect setting for this couple’s special day and our skilled Sound Originals photographers meticulously captured every moment. Joseph, dashing in a black tuxedo, and Trisha, radiant in a Garnet + Grace wedding gown, epitomized elegance. The […]

Saratoga Springs Wedding // Ngoc-Khanh + Alexandrea

Saratoga Springs Wedding // Ngoc-Khanh + Alexandrea

We’re very excited to share Ngoc-Khanh and Alexandrea’s outdoors Saratoga Springs Wedding! First of all, Ngoc-Khanh and Alexandrea chose to get married at the stunning open-air Saratoga Springs. Specifically, Saratoga Springs, CA is about two and a half hours north of San Francisco, CA. This romantic and natural venue, however, is unbeatable! Saratoga Springs offer full wedding services for wedding parties of up to three hundred guests.  Initially, the couple chose Jennilynn Nguyen as their […]

Saratoga Springs Wedding Videos

Experience the magic of Saratoga Springs weddings through our captivating videos. Our talented videography team specializes in crafting cinematic stories that immortalize the essence of each moment, elicit genuine emotions, and preserve precious memories. Let us transform your wedding day into a mesmerizing visual narrative that perfectly encapsulates the romance and charm of Saratoga Springs.

  • Saratoga Springs Wedding Video // Amanda & Zach

  • Saratoga Springs Wedding Video // Ngoc Khanh & Alexandrea

Wedding Venues Similar to Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs Wedding Venues

Saratoga Springs, nestled amidst the serene Santa Cruz Mountains, boasts a captivating natural backdrop featuring towering redwoods and flowing creeks, making it an idyllic wedding venue. Its charming ambiance and versatile event spaces, including Cathedral Grove, Redwood Grove, Longbridge, and the intimate Creekside Room, attract couples. Saratoga Springs offers an enchanting setting for couples to create lasting memories. Whether exchanging vows beneath majestic redwoods or celebrating indoors with rustic elegance. We tailor every aspect of the celebration to perfection with impeccable service and customizable wedding packages. Couples can expect an unforgettable wedding experience at our venue.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Cost

Saratoga Springs offers customizable wedding packages to suit various budgets, ensuring couples have a memorable experience without breaking the bank. The venue’s pricing structure varies depending on guest count, event space, and selected amenities. For instance, options like Cathedral Grove, Redwood Grove, Longbridge, and the Creekside Room offer different capacities and features. Associated facility fees for these venues range from $2,950 to $9,950. Additionally, couples can choose from various catering options, starting at $79.95 per person for buffet-style dinners. With transparent pricing and flexible packages, Saratoga Springs strives to make dream weddings attainable for all couples.

Saratoga Springs Saratoga, CA

Saratoga Springs stands out among the array of wedding venues in Saratoga, CA, as a trendy choice. Nestled in the serene neighborhood, it captivates couples with its enchanting ambiance and versatile event spaces. While Saratoga boasts several remarkable wedding venues, Saratoga Springs is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Its towering redwoods and flowing creeks provide a picturesque backdrop for weddings and events. Amidst the vibrant culture of Saratoga, Saratoga Springs emerges as a cherished destination for couples seeking an unforgettable celebration. With its charm and allure, Saratoga Springs remains a top choice for weddings in the city.

Saratoga Springs San Jose

Located in Saratoga, Saratoga Springs is just a short drive from San Jose, offering easy access for couples and guests. While San Jose boasts numerous wedding venues, Saratoga Springs stands out for its unparalleled charm and captivating ambiance. Couples can reach Saratoga Springs from San Jose via various transportation options, including car, taxi, or rideshare services. Despite the abundance of wedding venues in San Jose, Saratoga Springs continues to garner attention and admiration for its scenic beauty and exceptional service. It’s no wonder why couples from San Jose and beyond choose Saratoga Springs as their preferred wedding destination.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Review

Saratoga Springs consistently receives glowing reviews from couples who celebrate their weddings there. With its enchanting natural backdrop of towering redwoods and flowing creeks, the venue provides an idyllic setting for unforgettable ceremonies and receptions. Many praise the impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of their special day is perfect. Couples appreciate the versatility of the event spaces, from the intimate Creekside Room to the spacious Cathedral Grove. The venue’s commitment to creating personalized experiences shines through in each review, making Saratoga Springs a beloved choice for couples seeking a picturesque and memorable wedding venue.

Saratoga Springs Summer Camp

Saratoga Springs’ Summer Day Camp promises an exhilarating outdoor experience for kids, filled with creek walking, water games, hiking, arts and crafts, and endless fun! With weekly themes like “Sportstacular Week,” “Outdoor Adventure Week,” and “WaterWorld Week,” each session offers unique adventures for children to explore. The camp runs from June 10 to August 14, 2024, providing ten weeks of excitement. While swimming pools transform, alternative water games and screenplay ensure non-stop enjoyment. Affordable pricing and sibling discounts make it accessible for families, while snacks and a popsicle daily ensure campers stay energized. Take advantage of the summer of a lifetime at Saratoga Springs!

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