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Discover the picturesque haven of Rosehill Community Center wedding venue, nestled in the heart of Mukilteo, Washington. Situated at 304 Lincoln Ave, Mukilteo, WA 98275, this venue epitomizes modern elegance with a sweeping Puget Sound view.

The journey to Rosehill is as enchanting as the destination itself. Conveniently located near Whidbey Island Ferry and accessible by public transportation, including the Sounder train, the venue ensures easy access. As you approach, the surrounding beauty unfolds, with stunning views of Possession Sound and Whidbey Island.

Rosehill isn’t just a venue; it’s an experience surrounded by natural wonders. The Point Elliott Room, spanning 3,500 square feet, offers floor-to-ceiling windows framing mesmerizing water and island views. The venue’s nearness to Mukilteo Lighthouse adds history and charm to your celebration.

Couples are drawn to Rosehill for more than its breathtaking views. The venue’s versatility, offering Event Center, Community Center, Park/Garden, Ocean/Waterfront View, Ballrooms, and Modern spaces, caters to diverse styles. The freedom to choose your caterer and personalize your celebration adds an intimate touch that resonates with couples.

Rosehill offers a spectrum of options for your dream wedding. From intimate ceremonies in a garden setting to grand celebrations in a ballroom, the venue caters to every couple’s vision.

Rosehill Community Center encapsulates the essence of a fairy-tale wedding. A captivating blend of modern amenities, diverse venue options, and nature’s grandeur sets the stage for an enchanting celebration. Scroll down to witness weddings at this extraordinary venue and envision your love story at Rosehill.

Rosehill Community Center Wedding Photos

Immerse yourself in the visual poetry of Rosehill Community Center’s wedding photos, expertly captured by talented photographers. These images encapsulate the love and joy shared by couples amidst the breathtaking backdrop of this remarkable venue. Each photograph is a masterpiece, narrating the unique stories of couples celebrating their special day at Rosehill.

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Katy + Matthew

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Katy + Matthew

Katy and Matthew’s Rosehill Community Center wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and joy. The venue, nestled in the heart of Seattle, provided a stunning backdrop with its picturesque views and elegant architecture. The spacious ballroom, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, allowed natural light to flood the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the couple’s special day. Kelsey Skinner, the talented planner, orchestrated every detail with precision and creativity. She also took on […]

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // David + Lauren

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // David + Lauren

In the heart of Mukilteo, WA, Rosehill Community Center served as the perfect backdrop for David and Lauren’s wedding day. The picturesque venue, boasting views of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, and the graceful ferry boats coming and going, created an atmosphere of serenity and beauty. We’re excited to relive this enchanting day through the lenses of our Sound Originals photographers, who expertly documented each moment. The theme of sage green was elegantly woven into […]

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Rachel + Nathaniel

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Rachel + Nathaniel

Rachel and Nathaniel’s Rosehill Community Center Wedding in Washington was absolutely enchanting! The venue‘s charming gardens and elegant interior set the perfect scene for their special day. The talented planner, Nicole Brekkaa, meticulously arranged every detail, adding to the magic of the event. Cabbage Patch Catering impressed everyone with a delectable feast, featuring Costco’s chocolate cake, PCC’s cake, and homemade brownies. The couple’s personal touch shone through as they crafted their own floral arrangements and […]

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Sydne + Kaio

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Sydne + Kaio

We’re very excited to share Sydne and Kaio’s festive church and Rosehill Community Center Wedding! First off, Sydne and Kaio were married at the St. Mary Magdalen Parish. The Everett, WA church, 15 mins from the reception, hosted a wedding with a nuptial mass. Guests celebrated by waving ribbon wands. Sydne’s gown had silver and white beaded accents, a unique necklace, while Kaio wore a distinctive bowtie. The bouquet featured purple and white roses. Ring […]

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Jennifer + Paul

Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Jennifer + Paul

We are excited to share Jennifer and Paul’s beautiful Rosehill Community Center Wedding! Rosehill Community Center is about an hour North of Downtown Seattle in Mukilteo. Offering sweeping views of Possession Sound, Whidbey Island, Historic Light Station, and the Mukilteo Ferry, this is the ideal venue for your perfect wedding. Have your ceremony on their upper lawn, followed by your reception in The Point Elliott Room. The floor-to-ceiling windows make sure the stunning views are always […]

Rosehill Community Center Wedding Videos

Embark on a visual journey through Rosehill Community Center’s wedding videos, skillfully curated to tell the enchanting love stories of couples within this captivating venue. These films effortlessly capture the romantic essence of weddings at Rosehill, highlighting the beauty of every moment against the backdrop of lush surroundings, serene ponds, and elegant architecture. Each video is a testament to the magical and dreamlike atmosphere that defines Rosehill Community Center as a unique and unforgettable wedding destination.

  • RoseHill Community Center Wedding Video // Katy & Matthew

  • Rosehill Community Center Wedding Video // Kimberly & Heulices

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Rosehill Community Center Wedding Cost

The Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo, WA, offers a splendid venue for weddings with a unique blend of modern elegance and scenic beauty. Visit the website for up-to-date pricing. The venue provides amenities such as bride and groom dressing areas, a dance floor, a podium/stage, tables and chairs, a full kitchen, and a large parking lot.

Rosehill Community Center Classes

Rosehill Community Center offers various classes to cater to diverse interests and needs. The center provides four different event spaces with varying capacities suitable for events like baby or wedding showers, birthday parties, corporate meetings, or training sessions. Rectangular and circular tables, chairs, and the option to use a projector adorn each event space. The event spaces provide a convenient and cost-effective space for different events. Additionally, the center’s proximity to the Whidbey Island Ferry, local transit, and public transportation, including the Sounder train, enhances accessibility for participants attending classes and events. For specific class schedules and offerings, it is recommended to check the center’s official website or contact them directly.

Rosehill Community Center Wedding Reddit

Rosehill Community Center, discussed on Reddit, emerges as an affordable gem for weddings. In a 2013 thread on r/Seattle, a user suggests Rosehill for its charm, cautioning about its quick booking. Meanwhile, a 2018 post on r/weddingplanning highlights it as a budget-friendly option. Overall, Reddit users praise Rosehill’s picturesque setting, spacious kitchen, and large outdoor patio. It’s often lauded as an accessible venue for small to medium-sized weddings, although early planning is emphasized due to its popularity.

Rose Hill Rental

Rosehill Community Center offers a versatile venue for various events, providing detailed FAQs for potential renters. Operating Monday through Sunday, the center accommodates different rental hours, extending till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The Point Elliott Room can be reserved two years in advance. The reservation process emphasizes in-person bookings, with emailed applications considered after in-person applications. While the facility rarely cancels reservations, cancellations and date changes follow specific policies. Rosehill, equipped with stunning water views and ADA accessibility, permits the use of outdoor spaces for ceremonies at an additional fee. The FAQs extensively cover event setup, decorations, and alcohol policies, ensuring a seamless and informed rental experience.

Wedding Venues in Mukilteo, WA

Mukilteo, WA, offers a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking enchanting wedding venues. Nestled about 30 minutes north of Seattle, this coastal community boasts an array of charming settings for tying the knot. From waterfront locations with panoramic views of Puget Sound to historic mansions exuding timeless elegance, Mukilteo provides diverse options to suit various tastes and preferences. Couples can choose venues that offer both indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring flexibility for different wedding styles and seasons. Mukilteo’s wedding venues offer unforgettable moments, whether against a marine backdrop or within historic estate walls. The setting is uniquely Pacific Northwest, providing a distinctive charm to your special day.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

As premier Seattle wedding photographers, Sound Originals stands out with a stellar reputation for capturing the essence of countless love stories. With a rich portfolio covering a spectrum of weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest, our team is dedicated to preserving the uniqueness of each couple’s special day. We understand that every wedding is a distinct narrative, and our passion lies in crafting visual tales that reflect the individuality and love shared by the couple. Entrust your precious moments to us, and let Sound Originals turn them into timeless memories, narrating your story through the artistry of our lens.

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