Rosehill Community Center Wedding // Katy + Matthew


Katy and Matthew’s Rosehill Community Center wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and joy. The venue, nestled in the heart of Seattle, provided a stunning backdrop with its picturesque views and elegant architecture. The spacious ballroom, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, allowed natural light to flood the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the couple’s special day.

Kelsey Skinner, the talented planner, orchestrated every detail with precision and creativity. She also took on the roles of florist and cake designer, adding a personal touch to the wedding. The florals, a collaboration between Kelsey and Blue Ribbon Catering, were a delightful mix of vibrant blooms that enhanced the venue’s natural beauty.

Blue Ribbon Catering ensured that guests enjoyed a delectable feast, perfectly complementing the joyous occasion. The dessert table, highlighted by Kelsey’s exquisite cake, was a sweet delight that left everyone in awe. Invitations from The Knot set the tone for the celebration, with elegant designs that matched the couple’s sophisticated style.

Katy looked radiant in her gown from A & Be, her hair and makeup perfectly styled by Off White. Matthew, equally dashing, couldn’t take his eyes off his bride. The musical ambiance provided by Magnolia Rhapsody kept the energy high throughout the night. Sound Originals captured every precious moment, ensuring that Katy and Matthew’s memories would last a lifetime. Their wedding at Rosehill Community Center was truly a day to remember, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Rosehill Community Center Wedding Photos

Rosehill Community Center Events

Following Katy and Matthew’s enchanting day, Rosehill Community Center continues to be a top choice for events. This versatile venue hosts weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings. It boasts stunning views and elegant spaces. The ballroom is perfect for grand celebrations. Smaller rooms cater to intimate gatherings. Experienced staff ensure every detail is perfect. With excellent catering and planning options, events here shine. Rosehill Community Center remains a beloved spot for memorable occasions. Plan your next event at Rosehill for an unforgettable experience.

Rosehill Community Center Wedding Cost

Following the many successful events at Rosehill Community Center, let’s explore the wedding costs. The venue offers various packages to fit different budgets. Rental fees range from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the season and day. Catering services start at $50 per person. Additional services, like florals and planning, can be bundled for savings. Discounts are available for weekday weddings. The cost reflects the high quality and exceptional service. Investing in a RoseHill wedding ensures a memorable, stress-free experience. Plan your dream wedding within your budget at Rosehill Community Center.

Rosehill Community Center Parking

Continuing with the features of Rosehill Community Center, let’s discuss parking. The venue offers ample parking for guests. There is a large lot adjacent to the building. It provides convenient access to the main entrance. Additional overflow parking is available nearby. Handicapped parking spaces are close to the entrance. Parking is free for all guests. Signage helps direct traffic efficiently. Attendees can easily find their way. With plenty of spaces, parking is never a hassle. Rosehill Community Center ensures a smooth experience from arrival to departure.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Transitioning from the convenience of parking, let’s highlight Seattle wedding photographers, particularly the Sound Originals team. Known for their artistry, Sound Originals captures stunning, timeless moments. They specialize in both candid and posed shots, ensuring a comprehensive visual story. Their experience in Seattle’s diverse venues, like Rosehill Community Center, sets them apart. Sound Originals uses state of the art equipment for high quality photos. They are praised for their professionalism and attention to detail. Couples feel at ease, resulting in natural and beautiful images. Sound Originals’ portfolio showcases their ability to capture the essence of each wedding. Choose Sound Originals for unforgettable wedding photography in Seattle.


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