Robinswood House Wedding


Nestled within the tranquil oasis of Robinswood Park lies the enchanting Robinswood House Estate, a captivating wedding venue in the heart of the Eastside. Located in Bellevue, Washington, it’s easily accessible and just a short drive from Seattle. This charming estate offers sweeping views of the 60-acre park, providing a serene backdrop of lush greenery and natural beauty.

Couples are drawn to Robinswood House for its timeless appeal and historic significance. The Main House, built in 1895, exudes vintage charm with its original log framing, solid oak floors, and a cozy gas fireplace. The formal English gardens and outdoor patios surrounding the Main House create a romantic atmosphere for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

One of the key reasons couples choose Robinswood House is the variety of options it offers. Whether you dream of an open-air ceremony amidst the gardens, a reception in an elegant indoor space, or a combination of both, this venue caters to your preferences.

In terms of pricing, Robinswood House offers flexible rates depending on the date. Peak season rates, applicable from April 16th to October 15th, come with a complimentary setup for up to 150 guests, making it an attractive choice. Off-peak season rates, from October 16th to April 15th, include setup for up to 60 guests. The venue provides an array of rental equipment, ensuring your wedding vision is realized. From tables and chairs to tents and decor, they have you covered. Lighting, heaters, and audio/visual equipment are also available to enhance your event.

To catch a glimpse of the magic that unfolds at Robinswood House Estate, scroll down for a showcase of real weddings held in this idyllic setting. If you’re seeking a wedding venue that seamlessly blends history, natural beauty, and modern conveniences, Robinswood House is the perfect choice.

Robinswood House Wedding Photos

Experience the magic of Robinswood House weddings through a collection of captivating photos. Our team of Seattle Wedding Photographers, esteemed members of the Sound Originals, skillfully capture the love and cherished moments that define each Robinswood House wedding, creating lasting memories for couples to cherish.

Robinswood House Wedding // Lorraine & Keith

Robinswood House Wedding // Lorraine & Keith

Lorraine and Keith’s wedding at the picturesque Robinswood House in Washington was a dreamy affair filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Nestled amidst lush greenery and blooming flowers, the venue provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. From the elegant ceremony to the lively reception, every detail was meticulously planned to create a truly magical experience for the couple and their guests. The catering and dessert provided by Twelve Baskets Catering was nothing […]

Robinswood House Wedding // Sarah + Skyler

Robinswood House Wedding // Sarah + Skyler

We are thrilled to share this exquisite Robinswood House wedding in Bellevue, Washington. Sarah and Skyler tied the knot in the perfect outdoor PNW venue, which gave enchanted forest vibes. Robinswood House is a charming mansion wedding venue brimmed with enchanting details in Bellevue, WA. The venue features a main house, a cute little cabin, the Cabana, and a small barn. Surrounded by lush gardens, this natural oasis provides romantic and scenic settings for “I […]

Robinswood House Wedding // Corissa + Michael

Robinswood House Wedding // Corissa + Michael

We love when couples invite us to capture their special day at a Robinswood House. The venue is great and Robinswood House has all of the amenities that couples are looking for. This beautifully restored 1895 homestead offered an amazing location for Corissa and Michaels guests! With a beautiful property and lots of areas to capture photos, we had a great time with the couple! The reception area is amazing with lights and plenty of […]

Robinswood House Wedding Videos

Dive into the enchantment of Robinswood House weddings with our captivating wedding videos. Let us transport you back to the heartfelt emotions, cherished moments, and love stories that unfold in this extraordinary setting. Contact us to ensure your Robinswood House wedding is beautifully documented, preserving these memories for a lifetime.

  • Robinswood House Wedding Video // Alex & Trevor

  • Robinswood House Wedding Video // Gabi & Brandon

  • Robinswood House Wedding Video // Elif & Cagri

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Robinswood House History

Robinswood House, nestled in the heart of the Puget Sound area, boasts a rich history dating back to its construction in 1895 by Hans Miller. This historic estate stands as one of the oldest pioneer homesteads in its original location in the region. Robinswood House, with original log framing, oak floors, and a vintage stone fireplace, embodies Pacific Northwest warmth and charm. Over the past century, it’s hosted countless memorable events, adding timeless charm to any occasion. Today, it continues to be a cherished venue, preserving its historical significance.

Robinswood Park

Robinswood Park, spanning 60 acres in Bellevue, Washington, offers a picturesque natural retreat in the heart of the Eastside. This urban park features lush green spaces, walking trails, and serene ponds, providing a tranquil escape for visitors. One of its notable attractions is the historic Robinswood House, built in 1895, which adds a touch of timeless charm to the park. The park’s beautiful landscapes make it an ideal location for various outdoor activities, picnics, and leisurely strolls. Its convenient location, adjacent to Robinswood House, also makes it a popular choice for weddings and events, offering a scenic backdrop for special occasions.

Robinswood House Wedding Photography

Discover the essence of your Robinswood House wedding through the lens of our skilled Seattle Wedding Photographers team. Our photographers, known for their expertise and artistic vision, capture the perfect moments against the backdrop of this charming Pacific Northwest venue. With its timeless beauty and rich history, Robinswood House provides a picturesque setting for your special day. Let our photographers tell your unique love story with images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Bellevue Park Wedding

Bellevue, Washington is a city known for its natural beauty and vibrant city life. This beautiful city offers the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. The city’s many parks offer a wide range of venues to suit any wedding style or budget. For example, Bellevue Downtown Park, located in the heart of the city, offers stunning views of Lake Washington. Chism Beach Park, located on the shores of Lake Washington, offers views of the lake and a pier. Kelsey Creek Park, located in a wooded area, offers views of a river, waterfall, and forest. All of these and similar venues offer a variety of outdoor spaces that are perfect for ceremonies and receptions. A park wedding in Bellevue is a great option for couples who want to experience an unforgettable wedding in the heart of nature.

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding

Lake Wilderness Lodge is a wedding hall located in Maple Valley, Washington. Located in Lake Wilderness Park, this wedding hall is in a great location in nature. The Lake Wilderness Lodge caters for weddings both indoors and outdoors. The interiors are ideal for a wedding ceremony, reception and cocktail party. The outdoor areas are perfect for outdoor weddings. Lake Wilderness Lodge offers a wide range of services that are suitable for all types of weddings. These services include wedding planning, catering and beverage service, Decking, music, photography and videography. The venue has a capacity of up to 250 people. The venue offers a wide range of services that are suitable for any kind of wedding. The price information on the venue’s website varies depending on the date, day and time of the wedding.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle wedding photographers are the perfect choice to immortalize your special moments. These experienced professionals capture your happy day in a spectacular way, making your memories last forever. Seattle’s unique landscapes, natural beauty, and historic venues add a distinctive atmosphere to your wedding photos. As a team, we work diligently to capture your special moments with warmth, sincerity, and emotion. Every couple’s story is different, and we would be delighted to tell your story. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your wedding photography needs and let us share and immortalize your unforgettable wedding moments. Contact us today!

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