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Maroni Meadows, located in Snohomish, WA, is a serene and idyllic venue spread across 5 private acres, just a short drive from Seattle. Surrounded by towering trees, lush gardens, and two tranquil ponds, it offers a perfect retreat for couples looking to exchange vows amidst natural beauty.

One of the venue’s standout features is the island-on-the-pond, where couples can say their vows surrounded by the peaceful waters and serene atmosphere, creating an unforgettable moment for everyone present.

The venue caters to weddings of up to 200 guests and provides a range of amenities, including a 40×40 reception tent, a dance floor, covered DJ and food service areas, and various games like volleyball and bocce ball. Couples have the flexibility to choose from several ceremony sites, including two arbors perfect for picturesque photos.

Maroni Meadows offers comprehensive wedding packages that cater to different needs and budgets, ensuring that each couple’s vision is realized. From ceremony setups to reception details, every aspect is meticulously planned to create a seamless and memorable event.

As for costs, Maroni Meadows provides flexible pricing options, accommodating various budgets while delivering exceptional service and setting. For those interested in experiencing the venue firsthand or exploring past weddings through photos and videos, scroll down to discover more about the enchanting weddings held at Maroni Meadows.

Explore the beauty and charm that Maroni Meadows has to offer for your special day, and envision how this picturesque setting can turn your wedding dreams into reality.

Maroni Meadows Wedding Photos

Explore the charm of Maroni Meadows weddings through our exquisite collection of photos. From serene outdoor ceremonies framed by lush landscapes to joyful receptions under the open sky, our Sound Originals photographers capture every heartfelt moment. Browse through our galleries below to envision your perfect wedding day surrounded by natural beauty and cherished memories

Maroni Meadows Wedding // Liz + Nathan

Maroni Meadows Wedding // Liz + Nathan

We’re thrilled to bring you the captivating tale of Liz and Nathan’s unforgettable Maroni Meadows wedding! Nestled in the picturesque beauty of Washington, Maroni Meadows served as the perfect canvas for their love story. This charming venue, located amidst nature’s embrace, created an enchanting atmosphere that resonated with the couple’s romantic spirit. Choosing Maroni Meadows as their wedding venue was an easy decision for Liz and Nathan. Its rustic elegance and natural surroundings aligned seamlessly […]

Maroni Meadows Wedding Videos

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Maroni Meadows weddings with our captivating videos. Our Sound Originals team expertly captures every moment, from the intimate ceremonies to the jubilant festivities, ensuring your wedding day is preserved in cinematic splendor. Scroll down to enjoy our video highlights and rediscover the beauty and emotion of Maroni Meadows weddings!

  • Maroni Meadows Wedding Video // Ashley & Craig

  • Maroni Meadows Wedding Video // Liz & Nathan

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Maroni Meadows Photos

Maroni Meadows, located in Snohomish, WA, is a stunning wedding venue surrounded by natural beauty. With towering trees, verdant gardens, and two serene ponds, it provides an exquisite backdrop for photographs. The venue’s picturesque landscape offers natural light and a variety of colors, making every moment magical. Whether capturing romantic portraits or candid moments, Maroni Meadows’ scenic beauty ensures that each photograph is a work of art, preserving your special day in timeless elegance.

Maroni Meadows Reviews

Maroni Meadows, nestled in picturesque Snohomish, WA, celebrates its enchanting ambiance and impeccable service as an outdoor wedding venue. Couples rave about its serene setting under tall trees, offering a tranquil backdrop for heartfelt ceremonies and joyful celebrations. Reviews overflow with praise for the venue’s meticulous grounds and thoughtful amenities, including the charming Bride’s House and laid-back Groom’s Room. Guests love the seamless events with the venue’s layout, including the tiki bar and scenic dock ceremonies. Maroni Meadows consistently delivers unforgettable experiences, blending rustic charm with modern conveniences to create truly magical weddings.

Bottoms Up Maroni Meadows

Located in picturesque Snohomish, WA, Bottoms Up at Maroni Meadows offers a serene 5-acre setting ideal for weddings and receptions. With a capacity for over 200 guests, it provides a private, natural ambiance perfect for creating memorable events. Guests can enjoy open houses starting in May and personalized appointments during the off-season, ensuring every detail matches your vision. Whether exchanging vows by the scenic dock or mingling at the beloved tiki bar, Maroni Meadows promises a charming experience. Discover why couples and guests alike cherish this enchanting venue nestled in the heart of Snohomish.

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