Evergreen Meadows Wedding // Rachel + Chris


Within the embrace of Evergreen Meadows in Snoqualmie, WA, Chris and Rachel’s wedding unfolded like a modern-day fairy tale. The mesmerizing gardens of this venue served as the perfect backdrop for their romantic journey, capturing the hearts of all those who attended. Our Sound Originals photographers were there to document every moment of this magical celebration.

The day began with meticulous attention in capturing the wedding’s beautiful detail. The Beauty and the Beast theme wove its charm through the wedding’s fabric, from the custom invitations to the guest signing table. A masterpiece by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, the three-tier hidden library wedding cake was artistic perfection. You can check it out in the pictures below.

The bridal party was accessorized with custom floral arrangements featuring delicate book page bouquets and boutonnieres that lent to the overall theme. Love Blooms had spun their floral magic, adorning the venue.

Finally, when they were ready, the bridal couple posed for portraits. Chris, dashing in his deep blue suit, stood beside Vanessa, a vision in her David’s Bridal gown adorned with a bespoke red rose and book page bouquet.

Certain as the sun, the couple exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their shared journey. After this, the guests moved to the tented reception area where the couple shared their first dance and the rest was for the books. The evening’s entertainment was provided by Emerald City Sound who created a lively atmosphere and a night to remember. The culinary delights by Mama Stortinis were a feast for the senses.

With heartwarming well-wishes, we send Chris and Rachel on their way, eager to embrace the chapters that lie ahead. Join us in reliving the magic of their special day, as we scroll through the snapshots that reflect a tale as old as time.

Evergreen Meadows Wedding Photos

Evergreen Gardens Wedding Cost

In Ferndale, WA, Evergreen Gardens offers wedding day pricing based on the day of the week: $7,000 for Sundays, $7,500 for Fridays, and $8,000 for Saturdays – all-inclusive with taxes. The package covers dressing rooms, white folding chairs, tables, outdoor heaters, decorations, and a built-in bar. Though linens, plates, and cutlery require separate arrangements. Make your dream wedding a reality at Evergreen Gardens; visit their website for more details on wedding costs.

Northfork Farm Weddings

Northfork Farm is where rustic meets romance in Kendall County, just a quick 35-mile jaunt from downtown Chicago, IL. For over 9 years, the Pasteris family has been turning dreams into reality in this stunning location, nestled on a hillside with rolling pastures and Instagram-worthy views that’ll leave you breathless.

Similarly out in Snoqualmie, WA, the Littlejohn family runs their own slice of heaven with the same name North Fork Farm, offering that same farm and barn vibe for weddings and all types of events.
So remember, if you’re searching for ‘North Fork Farm,’ make sure you check out the venue in the right location since they are each in two different states.

Fox Hollow Farms Wedding

For couples yearning for a picturesque countryside retreat, Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah, WA is an ideal choice. With its French-inspired charm and comprehensive services, it caters to diverse preferences. The venue offers various event spaces on-site. The wedding suite in the stable is available for getting ready.
After a creek-side ceremony, guests gather on the patio for refreshments before moving to the reception. The garden offers views of Tiger Mountain, a private bar, and a snug gazebo. Accommodating 150 to 300 guests, couples can celebrate with privacy. Visit the venue’s website for more information, photos, and pricing.

Smokey Wood Farm Wedding

Located in Redmond, WA, Smokey Wood Farm beckons couples to a rustic haven. Spanning 20 acres of woodland beauty, the venue offers diverse event spaces for gatherings of any size. The allure lies in its customizable event space, ensuring each wedding mirrors each couple’s unique style.

Towering cedar trees and manicured lawns create a fairytale-like backdrop for the vows, complemented by a century-old apple orchard and a meandering salmon stream. Adding convenience, a charming farm cottage accommodates up to 6 guests for overnights or weekend stays. Smokey Wood Farm overall promises a rustic-chic wedding experience.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day marks a cherished milestone, and as experienced Seattle wedding photographers, we’re committed to making it unforgettable. With our storytelling expertise, Sound Originals is the top choice for capturing your precious moments. Whether you envision a rustic outdoor celebration or an elegant ballroom affair, our photography styles effortlessly match your theme. For the perfect match to document your dream wedding, book Sound Originals now at special rates. Let us be part of your big day and create timeless portraits you’ll treasure forever.


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