Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding


Nestled in the heart of Maple Valley, Washington, Lake Wilderness Lodge stands as an enchanting haven for couples seeking a dreamlike setting for their special day. This idyllic wedding venue, situated at 22500 SE 248th Street, offers not only a stunning backdrop of the serene Lake Wilderness but also easy access to the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The lodge’s prime location provides a seamless blend of convenience and natural wonders. Guests can revel in the picturesque views of Mount Rainier, creating a breathtaking ambiance for ceremonies and celebrations. For nature enthusiasts, the venue offers access to a lake-front lawn, providing an ideal spot for an outdoor lakeside ceremony with a backdrop of tall trees and tranquil waters.

Couples are drawn to Lake Wilderness Lodge for its versatility. The venue caters to both indoor and outdoor celebrations, accommodating up to 250 guests. The lodge boasts a spacious main floor, a mezzanine, and a warming kitchen for catering needs. Whether envisioning a cozy indoor affair or an open-air celebration, the lodge presents a range of options, from the main building to a beach ceremony or a reception on the lakefront lawn.

The cost of hosting a wedding at Lake Wilderness Lodge varies depending on the season. With rates subject to increase starting January 1, 2024, couples can choose from Friday, Sunday, or Saturday rental packages. Prices range from $3,520 to $7,350, with additional hourly rates for extended celebrations.

Lake Wilderness Lodge goes beyond providing a stunning backdrop; it offers an immersive experience for couples to create lasting memories. To catch a glimpse of the magic this venue has hosted, scroll down for a showcase of some enchanting weddings held at this beautiful locale.

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Photos

Explore the captivating world of Lake Wilderness Lodge wedding photos, where each image transforms into a treasured moment.Our photographers capture the spirit of your celebration, telling the beauty of your unique love story in each frame. Let us weave a visual tale that echoes the enchantment of your wedding day.

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Maria + Jonah

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Maria + Jonah

We will share with you Maria and Jonah’s Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding. Imagine a picturesque venue, Lake Wilderness Lodge, nestled in nature’s embrace. Surrounded by lush greenery and the serene lake, it set the stage for Maria and Jonah’s unforgettable day. Maria’s eyes sparkled with joy, and Jonah couldn’t hide his ear-to-ear grin. The air buzzed with their excitement, echoing the love that filled the lodge. Maria and Jonah, the heart and soul of the […]

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Shannon + Louis

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Shannon + Louis

We’re excited to share Shannon and Louis’s beautiful, romance-filled Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding day with you. Lake Wilderness Lodge is a stunning wedding venue in Maple Valley, WA. It is only just minutes away from Seattle. This beautiful property is nestled on the shores of Lake Wilderness, providing a tranquil and woodsy setting for your special event. The venue is the perfect combination of natural beauty and contemporary elegance. Couples celebrating the big day here […]

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Laura + Nicholas

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Laura + Nicholas

Laura and Nicholas’s wedding was an unforgettable celebration of love and commitment, set against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Wilderness Lodge in Maple Valley, Washington. The bride, Laura, looked breathtaking in her exquisite mermaid wedding gown, crafted with skill and artistry by Blue Sky Bridal. As the couple embarked on their journey together, they embraced an age-old tradition of sawing through a log at the venue itself, symbolizing their readiness to face life’s challenges hand […]

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Jamie + Jakob

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Jamie + Jakob

Jamie and Jakob’s Lake Wilderness Lodge wedding was a magical celebration. As a popular wedding venue in Maple Valley all year round, the Lodge provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. The sight of Mount Rainier and the lake adds a rustic feel to any type of wedding at any time of the year.  The air was filled with love, laughter, and joy, as Jamie and Jakob celebrated their union surrounded by their loved […]

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Shannon & William

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding // Shannon & William

You’re going to love this Lake Wilderness Lodge wedding! Located less than one hour south of Seattle, Lake Wilderness Lodge is owned and operated by the City of Maple Valley. The Lodge was built in the 1950’s, winning architectural awards at the time. It has three stories, all with stunning views of Mount Rainier and Lake Wilderness. This beautiful venue can host an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception with up to 250 guests, making it […]

Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Videos

Capture the magic with Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Videos. We turn your moments into an enchanting masterpiece that brings your dream wedding to life. Explore our portfolio and let us weave the magic of your celebration into an unforgettable video experience.

  • Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Video // Maria & Jonah

  • Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Video // Shannon & William

  • Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Video // Shannon & Louis

  • Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Video // Jamie & Jakob

  • Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding Video // Laura & Nicholas

Wedding Venues Similar to Lake Wilderness Lodge

Lake Wilderness Clubhouse Rental

Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley, Washington, offers a charming clubhouse for private rentals, providing an ideal venue for various events. Nestled in the heart of nature, the clubhouse boasts a serene setting for gatherings, celebrations, and meetings. With picturesque views of Lake Wilderness, the clubhouse offers a unique atmosphere for memorable occasions. The rental includes access to the main floor, mezzanine, and a warming kitchen. Whether for weddings, parties, or corporate events, the clubhouse offers versatile space for both indoor and outdoor activities. For more details and reservations, please contact the park administration.

Lake Wilderness Rentals

Lake Wilderness Park, in Maple Valley, Washington, presents a diverse range of rental options for events from May 1 to September 30. The facilities include covered picnic shelters and open sites with picturesque views of Lake Wilderness, catering to various group sizes. Special events can be accommodated through the Parks Special Use Application. The rental process requires a 50% facility deposit, along with a full damage deposit and event insurance. The Main Lodge rental includes amenities and adherence to park rules is essential. Catering flexibility and alcohol service are allowed. Decorations have guidelines, and for events with children, the lower level offers entertainment options. Contact the Lodge representative for additional event tips.

Hotels near Lake Wilderness Lodge

Discover a variety of lodging options near Lake Wilderness Lodge, including the posh Salish Lodge & Spa, offering modern rooms, a spa, and restaurants within 18 miles. For a lakeside experience, Linda’s By The Lake B&B, about 2.7 miles away, offers a private suite with beach access. Cedarbrook Lodge, 14 miles distant, offers upscale rooms and complimentary breakfast. Additionally, Maple Valley Bed & Breakfast, approximately 5 miles away, presents a cozy stay. Consider budget, amenities, and proximity for a comfortable stay during your Lake Wilderness experience.

Mineral Lake Lodge Wedding

Located in the heart of Washington State, the Mineral Lake Lodge venue also offers a charming setting for weddings. With versatile venues like the Lakeview Ballroom, Patio, and Lodge, accommodating varying guest sizes, the lodge ensures a picturesque celebration. Their experienced team offers comprehensive wedding planning services, from coordination to vendor recommendations. Delight in Pacific Northwest cuisine with diverse menu options and catered dietary needs. The lodge also offers themed guest rooms for comfortable accommodations. Rental fees start at $1,800 for 12 hours, and early booking is advised. Visit the Mineral Lake Lodge website for detailed information, pricing, and galleries. Plan your special day stress-free with the lodge’s charming ambiance, scenic views, and dedicated staff, creating cherished memories.

Lord Hill Farms Wedding

Nestled in Snohomish, just north of Seattle, Lord Hill Farms emerges as a picturesque wedding haven, surrounded by the majestic Cascade Mountains and lush landscapes. Spanning 450 acres, this outdoor wonderland features manicured lawns, serene ponds, and panoramic views of the Cascades. Couples can opt for an indoor ceremony with elegant draping, dance floors, and dressing rooms or an outdoor celebration under a newly designed pergola. The venue accommodates up to 350 guests for ceremonies and 450 for receptions, providing flexibility and year-round availability. The 12-hour rental period allows for ample setup, festivities, and cleanup, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Lord Hill Farms has become the backdrop for countless unforgettable moments, captured in the enchanting gallery of past weddings held at this extraordinary venue.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Sound Originals stands as a premier choice among Seattle wedding photographers, boasting a stellar reputation for capturing the essence of countless weddings across the Pacific Northwest. With a team dedicated to their craft, we bring a wealth of experience and creativity to each celebration, ensuring that your special day is beautifully preserved. From intimate moments to grand celebrations, we pride ourselves on our ability to tell your unique love story through the lens. Entrust your wedding memories to Sound Originals, where passion, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail converge to create timeless photographic treasures.

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