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Nestled in the charming Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle, Imperia Lake Union wedding venue stands as a beacon of timeless elegance, offering a stunning backdrop for unforgettable weddings. The venue, formerly known as Lake Union Café, boasts a strategic location. It provides easy access to hotels, public transportation, and the bustling heart of Seattle.

Imperia Lake Union is close to Lake Union, offering natural beauty. The venue combines an indoor ballroom with an outdoor ceremony space against Fairview Park’s backdrop. The Cadence Lounge and Rhapsody Room offer intimate spaces for pre-event preparations or a quiet retreat during the celebration.

Couples are drawn to Imperia Lake Union for its 1920s glamour and Art Deco design, creating a romantic ambiance that captivates the heart. Chef Ian Hoyt’s expertise brings gourmet plated cuisine and festive late-night food stations, showcasing Seattle’s diverse flavors.

Imperia Lake Union offers a range of venue options catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Packages cover venue rates, setup, dedicated parking, and essential amenities. Monday-Thursday bookings before 3 pm have a $1,500 venue rate and a $4,000 catering minimum. Meanwhile, a Saturday Evening event carries a $6,500 venue rate and an $8,500 catering minimum. Additional rental hours are available at $650/hour, with varying alcohol costs. The venue offers three distinct wedding packages. These include the Elegance Package, starting at $69 per person, and the Dazzle Package at $95 per person. Additionally, there’s the Priceless Package, customized for a uniquely personalized experience.

Imperia Lake Union has become a sought-after destination for couples seeking a blend of sophistication, convenience, and natural beauty. To see the enchanting moments from weddings at this venue, scroll down and imagine your dream celebration.

Imperia Lake Union Wedding Photos

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Imperia Lake Union through our curated wedding photos. Each image encapsulates the romantic ambiance and scenic views of this extraordinary venue, ensuring that your special day is forever captured in timeless elegance. Discover the magic of Imperia Lake Union in every photograph, skillfully captured by our trusted team of wedding photographers.

Imperia Lake Union Wedding // Nicola + Chase

Imperia Lake Union Wedding // Nicola + Chase

We can’t wait to tell you all about Nicola and Chase’s Imperia Lake Union Wedding! This stunning venue in Seattle provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. With its 1920s glamour and Art Deco design, Imperia exuded an air of elegance and sophistication. The ceremony took place indoors, surrounded by gilded chandeliers and breathtaking views of Lake Union. As Nicola walked down the aisle, the soft glow of the copper ceiling added to the […]

Imperia Lake Union Wedding // Rozneik + Elizabeth

Imperia Lake Union Wedding // Rozneik + Elizabeth

Let’s celebrate Rozneik and Elizabeth at the Imperia Lake Union Wedding! Imperia Lake Union brings contemporary beauty and elegance to any celebration. Rozneik and Elizabeth decided on a beautiful sunset color palette with a touch of gold. We meticulously documented every detail of their celebration, ensuring to capture the essence of their joyous occasion. Our lens focused on the intricacies of their reception tables, the artistry of their bouquets, the elegance of the ceremony area, […]

Imperia Lake Union Wedding Videos

Step into the enchanting world of Imperia Lake Union through our wedding videos. Our cinematic creations beautifully showcase the timeless charm and romance of this extraordinary venue, ensuring that your special day is immortalized in a visual masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the magic of Imperia Lake Union with our captivating wedding videos.

  • Imperia Lake Union Wedding Video // Nafiseh & Bagher

  • Imperia Lake Union Wedding Video // Anna & Andrew

  • Imperia Lake Union Wedding Video // Nicola & Chase

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Imperia Lake Union Wedding Cost

Imperia Lake Union offers flexible options to turn unforgettable weddings into reality, catering to various budgets and preferences. For Monday-Thursday bookings before 3 pm, a $1,500 venue fee and $4,000 catering minimum apply, while a Saturday Evening event incurs a $6,500 venue fee and $8,500 catering minimum. The enchanting wedding packages include the Elegance Package starting at $69 per person, Dazzle Package at $95 per person, and the customizable Priceless Package. Each package encompasses venue rates, setup, dedicated parking, and comprehensive services. Dedicated to ensuring a distinctive and budget-friendly experience, Imperia Lake Union promises couples a memorable celebration for their special day.

Imperia Lake Union The knot

Imperia Lake Union, a historic private event venue in Seattle, boasts a perfect 5-star rating from 92 reviews on The Knot. Recognized as a 2023 Best of Weddings Winner, this stylish venue offers a sophisticated backdrop for elegant weddings. The venue, with its contemporary art-deco aesthetic, overlooks the serene Lake Union, providing a charming and character-rich atmosphere. Renovated from a 1927 building, Imperia Lake Union offers 6,000 square feet of space featuring a luxurious copper ceiling and 10-foot chandeliers. Couples can choose between indoor and outdoor ceremonies, enjoying vibrant grounds for stunning photos. The on-site team, including lead chef Ian Hoyt, caters to personalized tastes, providing convenience with supplied dinner and barware, linens, tables, and chairs. Imperia Lake Union stands out as an LGBTQ+-owned, veteran-owned, and woman-owned business, offering a range of services, from floral design to catering.

Lake Union Wedding Venues

Lake Union, nestled in the heart of Seattle, offers enchanting wedding venues that capture the essence of natural beauty and urban sophistication. With stunning waterfront options, couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of serene lake views. Diverse venues along Lake Union cater to various styles. Options range from historic landmarks with timeless charm to contemporary spaces. Lake Union’s wedding venues offer picturesque settings. Whether you prefer a romantic outdoor ceremony or an intimate indoor celebration, there are options to suit your vision. Elevate your wedding experience with the unique blend of scenic landscapes and metropolitan allure that Lake Union effortlessly offers.

Lake Union Ferry Wedding

A Lake Union ferry wedding offers a truly magical and distinctive experience. Picture exchanging vows against the backdrop of the Seattle skyline, the gentle waves of the lake enhancing the charm of your chosen ferry. Two notable options include the MV Skansonia, a classic and elegant 1929 ferry accommodating up to 300 seated guests, and the vintage 1906 steam yacht Virginia V, perfect for intimate weddings of up to 100 guests. Waterway Cruises provides various boats for weddings, offering customization options from catering to entertainment. Consider guest count, weather readiness, and hiring a seasoned boat photographer for this unique and unforgettable wedding voyage!

Seattle Wedding Photographers

As premier Seattle wedding photographers, Sound Originals boasts a stellar reputation for capturing cherished moments. With a rich portfolio spanning numerous weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest, our team is dedicated to immortalizing your special day. Explore your celebration’s unique details, weaving them into a visual narrative that reflects your love story’s essence.Entrust us with your wedding photography, and allow our expertise to transform your moments into timeless memories. Choose Sound Originals for an unparalleled photographic experience that beautifully encapsulates the magic of your Seattle wedding.

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