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Tucked away in the quiet, upscale neighborhood of Hillsborough, California, the Hillsborough Racquet Club presents an exquisite venue for weddings. This venue, rich in history, was once a bustling polo clubhouse in the early 20th century. Today, it offers a blend of nostalgic charm and refined elegance, perfect for your special day. 

The Racquet Club is beloved for its serene environment and its seamless integration of historical architecture with modern conveniences. Couples are drawn to the picturesque settings for ceremonies and receptions. They can choose from the grand portico with its classic columns for an outdoor ceremony or the intimate music room for smaller gatherings. The majestic grand piano and walls of windows make the music room a favorite for its bright, welcoming atmosphere.

The main attraction of the club is its spacious ballroom. It features a large Tudor-style fireplace and opens up to a charming patio lined with flowers. This space is ideal for both dancing and dining. The club offers customizable wedding packages that cater to various preferences and budgets. The options range from a simple two-hour ceremony at $3,000 to an extensive six-hour ceremony and reception for $8,000. Each package includes exclusive use of the venue, providing a private and personalized experience.

Couples can also benefit from comprehensive amenities such as stylish Chiavari chairs, elegant round and banquet tables, and a well-equipped warming kitchen. The venue ensures that every aspect of the wedding day is managed with attention to detail, from setup to clean-up. A dedicated venue manager is always on hand to address any needs during the event.

For those interested in exploring more about what the Hillsborough Racquet Club has to offer, be sure to scroll down to view photo galleries and videos of past weddings.

Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding Photos

Immerse yourself in the classic elegance of our Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding Photos. See the majestic, tree-lined approach and the intimate, joyous moments inside the historic club. Each photo captures the unique ambiance and grandeur of this iconic venue. Revel in the memories these images preserve, showcasing the timeless beauty of your Hillsborough wedding day.

Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding // Salena + Matt

Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding // Salena + Matt

We can’t wait to share Salena and Matt’s Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding with you! Located in the beautiful town of Hillsborough, California, this venue provided the perfect setting for their special day. The excitement began as Anna Messina, the talented wedding planner, meticulously prepared every detail. La Olivia, with their creative expertise, meticulously crafted elegant floral arrangements. Meanwhile, Janene’s Bridal Store ensured that the couple had an exquisite dress, leaving no detail overlooked. As the […]

Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding Videos

Step into the serene elegance of Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding Videos. Each frame captures the grandeur and romance of your day. Our videography highlights sweeping vistas and intimate moments. Every smile and loving glance is preserved. Experience your wedding anew with our beautifully filmed vignettes, bringing your Hillsborough celebration to life.

  • Hillsborough Racquet Club Wedding Video // Salena & Matt

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San Francisco Wedding Photographers

At Sound Originals, our team of San Francisco Wedding Photographers specializes in capturing the unique essence of each wedding across California. We pride ourselves on documenting your special day with creativity and sensitivity, whether it’s framed by the iconic landscapes of San Francisco or the serene settings of the Bay Area. With an eye for the candid and a heart for storytelling, we ensure every heartfelt moment and subtle detail is immortalized. Our commitment to excellence and passion for photography will make your wedding memories last a lifetime. Get in touch with us to discover how we can make your wedding day unforgettable.

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