Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding


Located amidst the picturesque Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California, Chabot Space & Science Center presents a captivating venue for couples seeking a truly celestial wedding experience. Situated at 10000 Skyline Blvd., this unique space is conveniently accessible and surrounded by the natural beauty of towering redwood trees.

Couples are drawn to Chabot for its exceptional wedding offerings. Imagine exchanging vows under the stars or hosting a reception amid the wonders of the universe. The allure of saying “I do” in the Planetarium, beneath a 70-foot dome adorned with a stunning night sky, captivates couples and guests alike.

Delving deeper into the wedding options at Chabot, couples can choose from a range of packages tailored to create memorable and seamless events. The Observatory Complex offers a refreshing outdoor setting with breathtaking views, allowing guests to enjoy sunset vistas and stargazing through historical telescopes. The Planetarium, with its unique stage for ceremonies, provides a truly magical atmosphere.

Wedding packages at Chabot Space & Science Center are designed to accommodate different preferences and budgets. The average cost for a wedding at Chabot typically ranges from $7,000 to $20,000, depending on the package selected. These packages often include venue rental, catering services, event coordination, and access to stunning spaces like the Planetarium or Observatory Complex.

Chabot’s dedicated events team ensures a safe and unforgettable experience for couples and their guests. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Chabot Space & Science Center offers a one-of-a-kind setting where science meets romance.

To envision your celestial wedding at Chabot Space & Science Center, explore the stunning visual stories captured in the galleries below.

For inquiries and to start planning your celestial celebration, contact Chabot Space & Science Center’s events team directly. Let the wonders of the universe be the backdrop for your special day at Chabot!

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding Photos

Embark on a visual journey through Chabot Space and Science Center wedding photos, where science meets love in captivating frames. These images encapsulate the joy, wonder, and natural beauty that define weddings at Chabot. Let these photos transport you back to the magic of your special day, filled with celestial charm and unforgettable moments.

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding // Kaylynn + Stephen

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding // Kaylynn + Stephen

This Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding was one of the most elegant and unique weddings we captured in a while! Kaylynn and Stephen chose Chabot Space and Science Center as their Bay Area wedding venue. Located in the forests of Oakland Hills, California, this unique venue offers multiple event spaces including the Planetarium with a 70-foot dome. They exchanged vows under the rising moon and twinkling stars, creating a truly celestial ceremony. Following their […]

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding Videos

Delve into the magic of Chabot Space and Science Center weddings through captivating wedding videos. Our skilled videographers artfully capture the essence of your special day, from the celestial ceremony to the joyous celebrations, ensuring your love story is beautifully preserved in cinematic detail. Contact us to discover more about our wedding videography services and how we can immortalize your wedding at Chabot Space and Science Center.

  • Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding Video // Kaylynn & Stephen

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Chabot Space and Science Center Photos

Chabot Space and Science Center provides a unique venue with stunning backdrops that are perfect for weddings. Nestled within the beautiful Redwood Regional Park, Chabot is surrounded by majestic redwood trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere. This venue offers an ideal setting for wedding photos, with its unique night sky views that captivate couples and guests alike. Imagine romantic moments under the moonlight and dancing under the stars. The picturesque landscapes and natural beauty of Chabot serve as a breathtaking backdrop, ensuring your wedding photos are both visually captivating and filled with genuine emotion. Choosing Chabot for wedding photography allows you to capture unforgettable moments in a natural and intimate setting.

Chabot Space and Science Center Cafe Menu

Chabot Space and Science Center’s cafe menu offers a delightful array of options to fuel your visit. Whether you’re exploring the wonders of the universe or simply enjoying a day out, the cafe provides a cozy and inviting space to grab a bite. Choose from a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and savory snacks, all crafted with quality ingredients. Don’t miss out on the assortment of beverages, including coffee and specialty drinks, perfect for recharging during your visit. The cafe at Chabot Space Center boasts a warm atmosphere. It offers delicious offerings that complement your Chabot experience, ensuring you’re ready for your next cosmic adventure.

Chabot Space Center Green Comet

Chabot Space Center is an ideal destination for anyone seeking extraordinary experiences under the night sky, whether you’re planning a wedding or simply looking to explore the wonders of astronomy. Beyond weddings, Chabot hosts captivating events such as comet viewings, meteor showers, and astronomy parties. Imagine gazing at a bright green comet through specialized telescopes or attending a meteor shower watch party in the serene surroundings of a redwood forest. These events at Chabot Space Center provide unforgettable moments for visitors of all ages. The center is a must-visit for anyone enchanted by the mysteries of space and celestial phenomena.

Chabot space and Science Center Exhibits

Let’s take a look at the other activities of this wonderful venue. The rich exhibits at Chabot Space and Science Center invite visitors of all ages to an engaging experience. In Studio 1’s NASA Ames Visitor Center, step into the shoes of NASA scientists with interactive challenges. Studio 2’s Going The Distance exhibit highlights humanity’s exploration of the universe. CoLab: Other Worlds in Studio 3 encourages creativity and collaboration to solve intriguing challenges. Dive into the mysteries of light at Astrolight or explore the electromagnetic glory of the Sun at Touch the Sun. Visit the Observation Deck to see our world from a new perspective. These exhibits offer interactive experiences that spark curiosity and learning.

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