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You deserve portrait photography that tells your story. We're the #1 portrait photography team in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in gorgeous portraiture of high school seniors, newborns, families and couples. 

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Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer

Your senior portraits tell your story through the eyes of a professional camera lens. We craft every Seattle senior portrait with the student's individual personality in mind. Our portrait artists help seniors pick the perfect location for their graduation photos. We also offer professional tips to choose the most flattering outfit. During your portrait session, we provide gentle guidance and feedback. We're experts at helping seniors look comfortable, natural and relaxed. You'll love your senior portraits forever.

Seattle Senior Portraits | Pricing & Availability

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Seattle Family Portrait Photographers

When's the last time you took a real family portrait? Every family deserves a beautiful portrait to proudly display.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a portrait photo cost?
Seattle portrait photographers charge a wide range of prices. Most portrait photographers in Seattle charge an hourly rate that includes the session fee as well as digital images. Some photographers include print products in their rates, while others sell prints or physical products separately. Be sure to ask your portrait photographer if the price includes prints. says photographers charge various rates that tend to hover in the $250 and up range.

Do portrait photographers include prints?
Some Seattle photographers include prints or albums in their packages, while others don't. Be sure to ask about "print rights" or "print release." This means you can download the photos and print them anywhere you like, such as Costco or Walgreens. Some Seattle portrait photographers require clients to order prints, albums, wall art or other products through their studio. Sound Originals Photo & Video includes digital images in full resolution with print rights in all of our portrait photography packages.

How much does a professional portrait cost?
Sound Originals charges an hourly rate for portrait session. The rate begins at $350. This includes one hour of professional photography in Seattle, digital images in full resolution and full print rights.

Why are photographers so expensive?
Portrait photography seems easy! After all, anyone can take a picture. But the reality is much more complex. Seattle portrait photographers spend years perfecting their craft. We study camera techniques. We invest in equipment, including professional cameras, lenses, memory cards, flashes and other lighting gear. TheHub explains all the costs and expenses that go into professional photography. We also devote significant time to planning and consultation with clients. We help clients pick the perfect location for portraits as well as plan the right outfit. After the shoot, we examine hundreds of photos, pick the best and carefully apply stylized editing and color techniques so the photos shine. Seattle senior portrait photographers help students and their families format their senior photos for the school yearbook. Seattle family portrait photographers are also specialists in working with kids, who don't always want to be included in the family photo! Professional Seattle photographers also invest money in online software, online galleries, web hosting and, most importantly, expensive backup hard drives and cloud storage. A one hour photo shoot is really 4 to 8 hours of work!

Professional Photographers Seattle, WA

If you've searched for "Seattle Portrait Photographers" on Google, you've probably been bombarded with websites claiming to list the Top 5, Top 25, Top 30, Top 50, and on and on. What gives? The truth is these are marketing strategies. Those websites are trying one of two things. First, they want to rank high on Google so people click their websites. Second, theycharge photographers to get listed on their platforms. Some websites, like Thumbtack, earn a commission when visitors book a portrait photographer in Seattle. These can be great resources to find portrait photographers for family shoots, senior photos or newborns. But take every "Top 10" list with a grain of salt. It's highly unlikely that anyone is actually combing through photos and reviews to rank portrait photographers. They just want you to visit the website.

This list is according to, which rents office and event spaces in multiple cities. We have no idea how they picked just 9 portrait photographers. is a marketing service that ranks professionals in dozens of categories - from painters to plumbers. Their goal is website clicks and advertising.

Yelp uses a propritary methodology to rank photographers, just like any other type of business. You can pay to be placed at the top of the list of engagement photographers. Yelp's rank doesn't seem to be based on the number of reviews. Again, we always take "Top 10" lists with a grain of salt. How did the article determine the ranking? Did photographers have to pay?

Thumbtack is known as a budget-friendly options to find senior and family photographers in Washington State. You can also use Thumbtack to find virtually any kind of service business, from plumbers to painters. Photographers have to pay to communicate with clients. The rankings are likely based on prices and bids that photographers pay.




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