Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day: Heartwarming Ideas and Tips

Ideas & Inspiration

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable events in your life, and for many, their dog is an integral part of the family. Including your furry friend in your wedding can add a unique touch of love and joy to the celebration. Here are some heartwarming ideas and practical tips for incorporating your dog into your special day.

Paw-fect Roles for Including your Pup

  1. Ring Bearer or Flower Dog: Dress your dog in a charming outfit or floral collar and let them steal the show as they walk down the aisle, carrying the rings or scattering flower petals.
  2. Aisle Escort: Have your dog accompany a member of the bridal party or walk alongside you or your partner, symbolizing the unity of your families.
  3. Best Canine: Elevate your dog to the role of “Best Canine” or “Dog of Honor,” standing proudly by your side during the ceremony and in the wedding photos.

Preparing Your Pup

Before the big day, ensure your dog is comfortable with the venue, crowd, and noises. Here’s how:

  • Training: Practice walking down the aisle and following cues using positive reinforcement.
  • Grooming: Schedule a grooming appointment to ensure your dog looks their best.
  • Comfort: Provide water, shade, and a quiet resting place for your dog during breaks.
  • Designated Handler: Assign someone to look after your dog’s needs throughout the day.

Dog-friendly Decor

Incorporate your dog into the wedding d├ęcor with personalized touches like:

Capture the Moments

Hire a photographer, like Sound Originals, to capture all the precious moments involving your furry friend, from getting ready shots to candid moments during the ceremony and reception.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and including your four-legged family member can make it even more special. Whether they’re walking down the aisle or posing for photos, your dog will undoubtedly add joy to your day. Embrace the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your furry friend by your side as you say “I do” surrounded by loved ones, both human and canine.