8 Important Questions to Ask Seattle Wedding Photographers

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Picking the right wedding photographer is a big decision. Here are 8 important questions to ask Seattle wedding photographers before booking. They break down into four main categories:

  • Wedding Photography Portfolio
  • Wedding Photography Packages and Prices
  • Wedding Videography
  • Wedding Day Experience

Sound Originals is among the top-rated wedding photographers in Seattle, Washington. We wrote this article to help you ask the right questions and stay informed!

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Wedding Photography Portfolio

You might be surprised how few engaged couples ask Seattle wedding photographers to see their complete wedding photography portfolio. As a result, many couples miss out on important images. In our guide to Seattle wedding photographers, we explain the importance of style and approach.

Question #1: Can I see your Seattle wedding photography portfolio?

You should ask Seattle wedding photographers to see a full wedding photography portfolio from recent Seattle weddings. It’s okay to see Washington State wedding venues, too. Here’s our photo portfolio! In other words, the photographers should show you full galleries from weddings and elopements that took place in Seattle, Washington. It’s perfectly fine to see weddings that took place nearby, such as Tacoma, Woodinville or Snohomish. Moreover, the important point is making sure you get a sense of that photography vendor’s style at similar PNW wedding venues. Some wedding photographers in Seattle show portfolios from Europe. It’s romantic and magical, but it’s not local.

In conclusion, as an engaged couple in Washington state, you should want to see wedding pictures that were taken in the same region as your special day.

Real Weddings from Engaged Couples

Question #2: Is your wedding photography real or fake?

Yes, believe it or not, it’s important to ask Seattle wedding photographers if their pictures are real. (Ours are real!) The people in the wedding images are likely real — but the wedding itself might be fake. It’s a common trend. Seattle wedding photographers post fake images from fake weddings. Why? Because they’re “styled shoots.” In order words, the bride and groom are models. They’re simply pretending to get married! According to Expertise.com, there are dozens of professional photographers in the Pacific Northwest.

The florists, designers, and coordinators also help create a fantasy wedding. It’s simple. A fake wedding can look great in wedding photos. Seattle wedding photographers love styled shoots. They have all the time in the world to stage the best pose and get the best picture possible for their portfolio. Industry professionals have courses and workshops to create these fake weddings. The only problem? It’s not real. A real wedding won’t be as choreographed. Your wedding photographer in Seattle will need to be on his or her toes, always ready to take a great photo.

In conclusion, we suggest asking Seattle wedding photographers to see real portfolio pictures from real weddings. You can see real weddings in our guide.

Wedding Photography Packages & Prices

Seattle wedding photographers love talking about their wedding photography packages and prices. After all, every couple needs to fit great photography into their overall budget. Budgeting for a wedding can be difficult. Many wedding photographers have confusing packages and prices. As a result, here are some important questions to ask Seattle wedding photographers about their pricing and costs.

More Important Questions for Seattle Wedding Photographers

Question #3: How many photographers should I get?

You should get 1 or 2 photographers for your wedding. Sound Originals is an affordable Seattle wedding photographer with flexible packages. We let couples decide if they prefer one or two photographers. Most PNW wedding photographers offer packages with one or two photographers. But how do you decide? Be sure to check out our article on this same topic! We help engaged couples figure out if 1 photographer is enough for their wedding. (Spoiler: In most cases, yes, one photographer in Seattle is enough for your wedding day coverage.)

We still think it’s important to ask your photography company how many photographers each wedding package includes. It may not be obvious. As a result, some couples don’t know if 1 or 2 photographers will be arriving at their wedding venue. You should also ask Seattle wedding photographers if the second photographer, also known as the assistant photographer, is experienced. Sound Originals only works with experienced, reliable and trustworthy photographers.

Seattle Wedding Photographer Prices

Question #4: What’s included in your wedding photography packages?

Seattle wedding photographers should include digital images, professional editing and at least 6 hours of coverage in wedding photography packages. After all, the photographer is taking pictures of the most special day of your life! Some wedding photographers in Seattle won’t tell you everything that’s included in their packages on their websites. Why? Because they want you to schedule a call and listen to a sales pitch. You can read our article about wedding photography packages here. Sound Originals offers upfront pricing and flexible options. You can review all of our wedding photography packages online. Just contact us and ask for the current pricing guide!

Asking about pricing is certainly one of the 8 important questions to ask Seattle wedding photographers.

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Seattle Wedding Videography

You might be wondering why Seattle wedding photographers care about videography. It’s easy. Because Seattle wedding videography is very popular. Many couples hire a photographer and videographer together. They need to work side by side. As a result, you should ask your wedding photographer about videography.

Question #5: Do you offer wedding videography?

The number-one regret after a wedding is not hiring a videographer. Moreover, many other articles don’t list videography as one of the 8 important questions to ask Seattle wedding photographers. As a result, many couples try to plan ahead and budget for a great wedding videographer in Seattle. You can certainly hire a videographer separately. However, it’s better to hire a team. As a result, your wedding photographer and videographer will work together smoothly. Only a small number of Seattle wedding photographers also offer videography. Sound Originals is proud to be the highest-rated Seattle wedding videography team!

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Wedding Day Experience Questions

Don’t hire Seattle wedding photographers without asking about wedding day experience. And by experience, we don’t mean resume. You should ask PNW wedding photographers about the kind of experience they’ll provide you on your wedding day.

Wedding Timelines in Seattle, WA

Question #6: Is 6 hours of wedding photography coverage enough?

Yes, 6 hours of wedding photography coverage is enough for most couples in Seattle. Six hours will give your photographer time to capture the important memories. You’ll get beautiful photos of getting ready, decor, details, first look, ceremony and reception. In our article, we explain why the best Seattle wedding photographers think 6 hours of coverage is enough.

Wedding Photography Styles

Question #7: What is your wedding photography style?

Seattle wedding photographers have different photography styles. Sound Originals offers two unique styles: Classic Collection and Rustic Collection. These are examples of wedding photography editing styles. You also should ask about wedding photography shooting styles. In other words, you should ask Seattle wedding photographers how they approach the day. Some wedding photographers in Seattle have a documentary style. As a result, they specialize in wedding photojournalism. Other Seattle wedding photographers call themselves fine art photographers, natural light photographers or film photographers. It’s important to know the photography style before you pick a wedding photographer. After all, your images can look very different!

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Question #8: Will you help me with natural and authentic poses?

We all want to look good in pictures. It’s normal. It’s important for Seattle wedding photographers to take flattering portraits. Moreover, your photographer should understand how to guide you. After all, you probably aren’t a professional model. That’s why we suggest asking PNW wedding photographers if they will be able to help you with natural and authentic poses.

At Sound Originals, we prefer to call it gentle guidance.

Firstly, our team of artists is known for flattering candids and beautiful portrait photography. Secondly, we capture the kind of wedding pictures you’ll cherish in a wedding album or keepsake.

We’ll guide you with helpful direction and gentle instructions. You’ll feel comfortable, supported and relaxed. As a result, you’ll look great in your wedding day portraits and couple’s pictures.