What’s included in most wedding photography packages?


Most wedding photography packages include hundreds of beautiful edited pictures. Seattle wedding photographers provide many other services in addition to taking pictures on your wedding day. As a result, it’s important to ask what’s included in most wedding photography packages.

Seattle wedding photographers usually include these services in their wedding photography packages:

  • Planning and consultation
  • Engagement session
  • 6 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Professional editing
  • Print rights

It’s important to ask your photographer what’s included for the price. We know photography can be expensive. As a result, it’s a major investment on your wedding day budget.

Wedding Photography Planning and Consultation

Seattle wedding photographers should include planning and consultation meetings in their wedding photography packages. As a result, your photographer will help you plan a wedding timeline. Photography packages include different hours of coverage. During a planning session, your photographer can explain why you might want more than 6 hours of coverage. In some cases, 6 hours of wedding day coverage is enough to capture the moment special moments. Check out our article to help decide if 6 hours of photography coverage makes sense for your timeline!

Sound Originals is a very experienced PNW wedding photographer. As a result, we’re familiar with hundreds of wedding venues in Washington. Some wedding photographers offer a visit to the venue in their packages. In other words, it’s included in the price. We don’t think couples always need to pay for this service. The best wedding photographers can adapt to any situation! You’ll get beautiful portraits even if your wedding photographer is shooting at your wedding venue for the very first time.

Engagement Session in Seattle

Getting engaged is such an exciting time! Your Seattle wedding photographer would love to capture the joy with an engagement session. It’s also a great chance to meet your photographer and build a relationship. As a result, many Seattle wedding photographers include a free engagement session in their wedding photography packages. Sound Originals offers engagement sessions in Seattle and outside the Pacific Northwest. We’re the best Seattle engagement photographer. We’ll help you pick the perfect place to tell your story.

6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Most wedding photography packages from Seattle wedding photographers include 6 hours of coverage. As a result, you’ll have enough time to take pictures of the most important moments. If you need more hours of coverage, wedding photographers will be happy to add it to your package. Some wedding photography packages include more than 6 hours. For example, Sound Originals offers pricing with 7 hours, 8 hours or even more hours.

During your planning session, ask your wedding photographer how many hours of coverage you’ll need. You can also talk about your wedding day timeline. Most couples ask the photographer to start taking pictures when the bride is getting ready. As a result, you’ll get photos of hair, make up, decor, details, the dress, rings and other special memories.

In conclusion, most wedding photographers include 6 hours of coverage. They also provide 1 or 2 photographers. When you ask what’s included in most wedding photography packages, be sure to find out if there’s 1 or 2 photographers. Sound Originals offers flexible packages and pricing. As a result, we’re the most affordable wedding photographer in the Pacific Northwest.

Professional Editing

All Seattle wedding photographers should offer professional editing in their photography packages. Moreover, photographers will deliver beautiful pictures. The pictures should be color-corrected. Be sure to ask your wedding photography vendor if the price includes editing.

Sound Originals offers the following services in all wedding photography packages:

  • Professional editing
  • Unlimited number of photos
  • High-resolution digital images
  • Color correction

Be sure to ask your wedding photography how many photos they’ll deliver. In our article, we explain why you might be surprised! Moreover, you might be forced to pay extra money after the wedding. Some wedding photographers place limits on the photos they’ll deliver to clients. Sound Originals offers an unlimited number of gorgeous images.

Print Rights and Print Release

A print release — also known as print rights — means you can download and order physical copies of your wedding photos. Some Seattle wedding photographers force you to buy prints through their store. As a result, you’ll pay higher prices for albums, prints, wall art and other products. It’s important to ask Seattle wedding photographers if they offer print rights. Moreover, ask if you can download the full-resolution images and order copies from other labs or print stores. Without a print release, your photographer might actually cost a lot more money!

A print release means you can order physical products from any store you want. Sound Originals offers a print release, and print rights, in all of our wedding photography packages in Seattle

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