Presidio Engagement // Eunice + Scott


Eunice and Scott’s engagement at the Presidio is located in the heart of San Francisco, where it offers a picturesque setting for couples looking for a unique wedding venue. These stunning views were the main draw for their choice of engagement venue location. Presidio, tucked away amid verdant foliage and old-world beauty, is a reminder of San Francisco’s lengthy past. You enter a realm where towering trees whisper stories of millennia past and a soft breeze holds the promise of fresh starts as soon as you set foot on the property. With its graceful arches and charming rustic appeal, the old-world building makes the ideal setting for a blossoming love tale.

Envision exchanging vows under a canopy of graceful eucalyptus trees, with the gentle twilight light casting the sky a golden and pink tinge. Presidio‘s charm is this: a tasteful fusion of classic elegance and the splendor of nature. This location invites guests to join Eunice and Scott in their love journey with a story told around every corner. Eunice and Scott’s eyes sparkle with excitement as they explore the nooks and crannies of this enchanting venue, imagining the moment they’ll say “I do” surrounded by their loved ones.

Eunice and Scott are excited to take you on this journey as they plan their engagement day. They cordially invite you to the Presidio to celebrate love, laughter, and happily ever after with them. So make sure to put a date on your calendars and get ready for a day full of joy, love, and treasured memories. For more love stories like Eunice and Scott’s, visit our website. Discover the magic of the Presidio and let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Presidio Engagement Photos

Presidio Event

Continuing their journey of love, Eunice and Scott chose the iconic Presidio Event as the backdrop for their engagement celebration. This historic venue, nestled amidst the beauty of San Francisco, provided the perfect blend of elegance and charm for their special day. From the sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge to the timeless architecture of the venue, every detail was carefully chosen to reflect their love story. Their joy radiated through the venue as they danced the day away, beginning the next chapter of their lives together.

Wedgewood Presidio

Transitioning from their enchanting ceremony, Eunice and Scott celebrated their reception at the elegant Wedgewood Presidio. This stunning venue, with its classic architecture and modern amenities, provided the perfect space for their wedding festivities. The ballroom, adorned with sparkling chandeliers and luxurious décor, set the stage for an unforgettable evening. Guests were treated to a delectable feast, dancing the night away in celebration of the newlyweds. Eunice and Scott’s love filled the air, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. It was a night of laughter, joy, and cherished memories as they embarked on this new chapter together.

Presidio Main Post Lawn

Following their enchanting reception, Eunice and Scott continued their celebration at the picturesque Presidio Main Post Lawn. This expansive outdoor space, nestled within the heart of San Francisco, provided a stunning backdrop for their evening under the stars. Twinkling lights illuminated the lawn, creating a romantic atmosphere for their guests. As they danced on the lush green grass, surrounded by the iconic views of the city skyline, Eunice and Scott shared heartfelt moments with loved ones. It was a night of magic and romance, marking the beginning of their happily ever after.

Presidio Social Club Wedding

Leaving their backyard party behind, Eunice and Scott threw a small party at the quaint Presidio Social Club. The classic design and warm atmosphere of this historic restaurant made it the ideal venue for their wedding reception. Signature cocktails and delicious canapés were served to guests as they interacted and exchanged romantic anecdotes about the newlyweds. Heartfelt toasts and laughter were well suited to the cozy ambiance created by the candlelight tables. They would always treasure the love, laughter, and treasured memories that surrounded the event.

Presidio Officers’ Club

If you’re in search of the perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding celebration steeped in history, look no further than the Presidio Officers’ Club in the heart of San Francisco. This iconic location offers a captivating blend of rich history and elegance. The grand ballroom, adorned with timeless architectural details and stunning chandeliers, sets a mesmerizing atmosphere for your festivities. As guests step into the space, they are greeted by the warm ambiance and historic charm of the club. Your love story unfolds amidst the grandeur of this landmark venue, surrounded by the love and support of cherished guests. It’s an evening filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

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