Rattlesnake Lake Engagement // Taylor + Steven


We’re so happy with how Taylor and Steven’s Rattlesnake Lake engagement photographs turned out. They picked an excellent location. 

Rattlesnake Lake in Seattle Washington is located about 35 miles east of Seattle and has serene and peaceful surroundings. The lush greenery and rocky terrain created a scenic view offering a picturesque backdrop that enhanced the beauty of this couple. Moreover, the rain added a unique touch to their pictures by creating a natural softness and moodiness to the environment. The misty atmosphere, along with the lake’s calm waters, gave a romantic and intimate feel to the photo shoot. 

Taylor and Steven were great sports and enjoyed every moment of the shoot. They came prepared for the expected rainy, cold weather, dressed in typical Seattle style where you have to be ready for just about anything! They had matching-colored outfits that complemented their natural surroundings. Taylor wore a soft knit white sweater, light blue jeans, and boots. Steven wore a blue and white checkered shirt, dark blue jeans and brown shoes.

Rattlesnake Lake gave us a variety of natural backdrops for the lovely couple. The dramatic mountains, calm waters and large tree stumps allowed them to really stand out in their photographs. Their vibrance and enthusiasm definitely stood out!

If you’ve been thinking about doing an engagement shoot, contact Sound Originals for your Rattlesnake Lake photoshoot session. It’s a fantastic location and we have just the inspiration for you.

Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Photos

Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Video

Now this is a natural beauty! The crystal-clear waters in Rattlesnake Lake, surrounded by lush foliage, create a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for capturing timeless moments. The lake’s calm waters and misty atmosphere, especially during rainy weather, add a unique touch to the video, giving it a dreamy and romantic vibe. Whether you’re looking for a scenic view, a tranquil setting, or a mix of both, Rattlesnake Lake is an ideal location to shoot an engagement video that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

With Sound Originals, you can customize your color style and music style that best suits you and your partner. Feel free to take a look at some of our favorite videos and get in touch with us soon!

Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Photos

Looking to capture stunning engagement photos in Seattle? With crystal-clear waters and a breathtaking backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, Rattlesnake Lake offers endless opportunities for stunning shots. Surrounded by dense greenery, moss-covered trees, and ferns, this location provides a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. Whether you want a scenic view, a peaceful setting, or a little bit of both, this is the perfect destination.

Contact us to book your engagement photo session at Rattlesnake Lake or any other location to capture your special day.

Seattle Engagement Photographers

We believe it’s crucial to hire a local photographer from Seattle, WA, to shoot your engagement photos. First and foremost, they know the city like the back of their hand. They can recommend stunning locations that are off the beaten path. They also understand how to capture the essence of Seattle, including its unique weather, culture, and architecture, which can give your photos a distinctive flair. 

We at Sound Originals adore capturing engagement photos in the Pacific Northwest’s forests, meadows, beaches, and mountains. Have a look at our guide to see the best spots for engagement photos in Seattle and Washington State.

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