Palace of Fine Arts Engagement // Jessica + D’Angelo


The Palace of Fine Arts Engagement is one of its kind. This exquisite location brought us on a special journey. Located in San Francisco, California, The Palace of Fine Arts features a unique, historic building in a timeless park location. It was originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition. It is a spacious venue of 120,000 square feet, with airy ceilings of 40ft high. This is by far one of the best places to take pictures in San Francisco. We were all blown away by this park. We explored all around this historic Palace – capturing dreamy photographs in front of the romantic river, magnificent archways, and beautiful architecture.

It is a versatile event venue, providing intricate spaces both indoors and outdoors. This makes it a perfect photoshoot choice regardless of the weather. You should highly consider this stunning location for your San Francisco engagement photos!

Palace of Fine Arts Engagement Shoot Ideas

Engagement shoot ideas can be hard to plan. Check out this Pinterest board with 25 Best Palace of Fine Arts Engagement Shoot Ideas. This will help get all your ideas ready prior to your photoshoot. Love this location? You can even host your wedding celebration here. Discover The Palace of Fine Arts on Wedding Wire for all of your wedding day needs.

Palace of Fine Arts Virtual Tour

Wondering if this photo shoot location is right for you? You can experience a virtual tour on the Palace of Fine Arts website. Explore the park entrance, pavilion, small theater – and much more! If you want a different perspective, provides a Capture it 3D virtual tour experience. If you are considering flying out of state for your engagement, touring an engagement location a necessity. Master the art of a great engagement shoot by virtually preparing for your engagement session.


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