Palace of Fine Arts Elopement // Brenda + Chris


This Palace of Fine Arts Elopement was a special and beautiful way to celebrate Brenda and Chris’ marriage!

Palace of Fine Arts is a monumental museum in San Francisco, California. It was originally built for the 1915 Panama Exhibition. It possesses phenomenal architecture with a gorgeous landscape of the lake and palm trees. In the scenery of the beautiful monument, the couple said their vows and celebrated with a first kiss! The greenery of the garden was in perfect combination with the building archways. Next, our professional photographer guided Brenda and Chris to the lake. This was a spectacular place for photos! We got many close up shots, as well as landscape shots featuring the couple in the background. To complete the elopement, we used the green trees and shrubs as a dreamy foreground while the couple posed. The Palace of Fine Arts is a perfect place for a private celebration, whether it be an engagement, intimate wedding, or elopement.

Palace of Fine Arts Wedding Cost

What does it cost to have a Palace of Fine Arts Wedding? For an elopement or small wedding, the costs will be minimal. The Palace of Fine Arts reservation fee is $514, with an hourly rate of $147. If you want staff at your celebration, there will be an extra staff fee to accommodate their working hours. For a custom quote, you can request pricing details here.

Palace of Fine Arts at Night

The Palace of Fine Arts at night is an incomparable sight. Surprisingly, this historic is open past dusk – which means you can explore its monument and grounds with stars in the sky. For phenomenal night photos of the palace, check out this article of 13 Things To Do in San Francisco That Don’t Include the Fisherman’s Wharf.


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