McMenamins Edgefield Engagement // Cole + Samantha


We will share with you Cole and Samantha’s McMenamins Edgefield Engagement. Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Troutdale, Oregon, McMenamins Edgefield provides a dreamlike backdrop for Cole and Samantha’s love story. This enchanting venue, with its rustic charm and whimsical gardens, sets the stage for a truly magical engagement celebration.

As they entered the picturesque grounds, Cole and Samantha’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. Surrounded by the venue‘s timeless beauty, their laughter echoed through the air, a testament to the joy bubbling within their hearts. In the embrace of nature’s elegance, the couple found a perfect haven for their love to blossom.

Capturing every moment of this blissful day were the talented photographers from Sound Originals. With an artful eye and a knack for storytelling through visuals, they transformed fleeting moments into everlasting memories. The genuine connection between Cole and Samantha unfolded in every frame, painting a vivid picture of their love story. Sound Originals expertly crafted an engagement tale, preserving the warmth and authenticity that radiated from Cole and Samantha. Through their lens, the couple’s happiness became a timeless narrative, etched in the visual poetry of their McMenamins Edgefield Engagement.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Cole and Samantha’s love story, a celebration of joy, nature, and the captivating allure of McMenamins Edgefield. Witness their journey unfold, and let the magic of this engagement inspire your own romantic escapades in the Portland area. Find ideas for romantic getaways for couples in the Portland area on our website. Visit our website to learn more and see more love stories like this.

McMenamins Edgefield Engagement Photos

McMenamins Edgefield Concerts

Transitioning from the vibrant tunes of McMenamins Edgefield Concerts to the harmonious melodies of lifelong commitment, let’s delve into the enchanting world of weddings. Amidst the historic charm of Edgefield’s 830 acres, love takes center stage. From a former poor farm to a romantic haven, this locale now hosts weddings, adding another layer to its diverse events. Just as concert tickets fly off the shelves, securing your wedding date here is crucial. Plan ahead, say “I do” under the open sky, and let love resonate in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Mcmenamins Kalama Wedding

Let’s take a break from the poetic atmosphere of McMenamins Edgefield Concerts to celebrate a love tale at another magical McMenamins location: the Kalama Harbor Lodge. Nestled along the Columbia River, the Kalama Harbor Lodge sets the stage for a dreamy wedding. Exchange vows with the river as your witness, surrounded by rustic charm and natural beauty. Capture timeless moments against the scenic backdrop, making your McMenamins Kalama wedding a harmonious symphony of love and picturesque landscapes.

McMenamins Edgefield History

Shift from the hipster havens and McMenamins Edgefield‘s past to this 830-acre refuge and immerse your wedding in its tapestry. Originally known as the Multnomah County Poor Farm, it was founded in 1911 and changed over the years. It closed in 1964 but was reopened in the 1990s by the McMenamin brothers. Bathed in Oregon sun, The Lawn, a 7,000-person amphitheater, evokes memories of Woodstock. Intimacy is guaranteed in the vintage-inspired Crystal Ballroom. Edgefield entices with fine dining, handcrafted brews, and historic taverns in addition to concerts. This location is more than simply a location; it’s an atmosphere, a symphony of community and history. Imagine your nuptials as a lyrical dance between the present and the past, a chapter intricately interwoven with Edgefield’s extensive story.

Portland Wedding Photographers

Transitioning from the captivating tales spun at McMenamins Edgefield, let’s shine a spotlight on the magicians behind the lens – the Sound Originals team. In the bustling landscape of Portland weddings, they emerge as visual poets, crafting narratives through their skilled photography. The Sound Originals crew, a collective of adept photographers, freeze the essence of emotions in each frame, from stolen glances to candid smiles. Entrusting your precious moments to these experts ensures your love story resonates in every image. As they capture the essence of your Portland wedding, Sound Originals seamlessly complements the historic charm and contemporary allure of your chosen venue.


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