McMenamins Backstage Bar Engagement // Faith + Silvere


We’ll show you Faith and Silvere’s McMenamins Backstage Bar Engagement. The warm, welcoming ambiance of McMenamins Backstage Bar, tucked away in the center of Portland, is ideal for honoring love. This location creates a memorable atmosphere with its rustic d├ęcor and vintage charm. As Faith and Silvere explored the space, their laughter reverberated through the hallways. They exuded pure joy. Anticipation glistened in their eyes as they thought of their future together.

Every second of their engagement session, which was exquisitely recorded by Sound Originals, was full of love and affection. From sly looks to passionate hugs, their love story flowed naturally in front of the camera. Faith and Silvere’s love lit up the venue as the sun sank below the horizon, creating a lovely glow around them. They drew closer with every camera click, which is evidence of their unwavering bond.

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McMenamins Backstage Bar Engagement Photos

McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub

As we move from Faith and Silvere’s engagement to a brand-new, magical location, let’s explore the enthralling McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub. This old theater that has been converted into a pub is located in the center of Portland and provides a distinctive and lovely venue for weddings. The exquisite architecture and classic beauty of the Bagdad Theater make it the ideal location for a vow renewal and celebration of love. This space has character and elegance in every aspect, from the large stage to the comfortable seating sections. Saddle up and say “I do” in the heart of Bagdad Theater & Pub, where romance reigns supreme.

McMenamins Menu

Let’s continue exploring the delicious options on the McMenamins menu as we continue our adventure into the enchanted world of McMenamins. McMenamins provides couples with a gastronomic experience using creative flavors and locally sourced ingredients. Their dishes, from main courses to appetizers, are crafted with care and imagination. They deliver food with exquisite hospitality tailored to your preferences, enhancing your wedding celebration. Savor a feast that will delight the senses and provide treasured memories for years to come.

Laurelhurst Theater

Leaving the gastronomic treats at McMenamins behind, let’s explore another hidden gem in Portland wedding culture: the historic Laurelhurst Theater. This historic theater, tucked away in the quaint Laurelhurst area, provides a unique location for couples looking to have a wedding that will last a lifetime. The Laurelhurst Theater creates the perfect atmosphere for an amazing love celebration with its historic marquee and exquisite interior design. Under the mellow glow of the theater lights, surrounded by the enduring beauty of this well-loved icon, exchange vows. With your loved ones, create enduring memories in a setting that effortlessly blends classic elegance and contemporary refinement.

Portland Wedding Photographers

Transitioning from Portland’s enchanting venues, let’s shine a spotlight on the talented team Sound Originals. Known for their artistic vision and impeccable craftsmanship, Sound Originals captures the essence of each couple’s love story with passion and precision. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, they turn fleeting moments into timeless treasures. Trust your special day with the experienced professionals at Sound Originals and relive the magic for years to come. Book your wedding photography experience with confidence, as this esteemed team beautifully preserves every smile, glance, and emotion.


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