Lower Macleay Park Engagement // Rachael + Nicholas


We can’t wait to tell you about Rachael and Nicholas’ Lower Macleay Park Engagement! Nestled in the heart of Portland, Lower Macleay Park is a haven of natural beauty, offering a serene and romantic atmosphere that couples like Rachael and Nicholas find irresistible for their engagement photos.

Lower Macleay Park, part of the vast Forest Park, covers 250 acres with woodlands, hills, valleys, and streams. It’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, biking, running, picnicking, camping, and birdwatching. But for couples seeking an engagement session, it’s the park’s enchanting aura that steals the spotlight.

The highlight is Lower Macleay Trail, leading to the iconic Pittock Mansion. The historic mansion overlooks the city, providing a perfect backdrop for love. Rachael and Nicholas couldn’t resist the trail’s allure, with captivating scenery that complemented their love story.

They filled their engagement day with excitement as they prepared to embark on this special journey. Portland Wedding Photographers documented every moment, preserving details with finesse. They beautifully captured Rachael’s radiant smile and Nicholas’ loving gaze.

As Sound Originals, we are delighted to be a part of Rachael and Nicholas’ Lower Macleay Park engagement session. It’s always a privilege to witness and capture the love stories that unfold in the heart of nature’s beauty.

If you’re in search of the perfect location for your engagement or wedding photos, Lower Macleay Park in Portland is undoubtedly a top choice. Its natural charm, diverse landscapes, and proximity to the city make it an excellent setting for capturing the magic of your love story. Whether you’re planning an engagement or romantic elopement, we’re here to inspire your love story.

Lower Macleay Park Engagement Photos

Lower Macleay Trailhead

Nestled in the heart of Portland, the Lower Macleay Trailhead offers an urban escape into the serene Forest Park. Balch Creek welcomes hikers with its native cutthroat trout, and the trail winds 0.8 miles to the mysterious Witch’s Castle, an abandoned stone house. From there, choose to ascend the Wildwood Trail, a 2.5-mile journey to the Pittock Mansion’s city vistas, or explore a variety of loop options, including Holman, Aspen, Wild Cherry, Dogwood, Alder, and Firelane 1 trails. Portland’s Forest Park awaits, a lush wilderness amid the city’s hustle and bustle, where nature’s tranquility meets urban adventure.

Lower Macleay to Pittock Mansion

The scenic trail from Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon, is a nature lover’s dream. The trail, encompassing lush greenery and babbling streams, offers an enchanting escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Starting at Lower Macleay Park, the well-maintained trail spans approximately 5 miles roundtrip. As you ascend, the trail treats you to stunning panoramic views of Portland and the surrounding mountains. Pittock Mansion, a historic chateau at the summit, is a captivating backdrop for engagement photos or leisurely hikes. Couples often choose this trail for its romantic ambiance and the opportunity to capture their love amid nature’s beauty.

Lower Macleay Trail to Witches Castle

Lower Macleay Trail leading to the Witch’s Castle, nestled in Portland’s Forest Park, is an adventure waiting to be explored. The trailhead begins at Lower Macleay Park, winding alongside the glistening Balch Creek and through a lush, moss-covered forest. It’s a 2-mile roundtrip hike that leads to the remnants of a stone house known as the Witch’s Castle, adding an air of mystery to the journey. The castle’s history is a blend of folklore and reality, making it a captivating destination for hikers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts alike. The tranquil beauty of this trail and its intriguing destination create a memorable experience for all who venture here.

Lower Macleay Trail Map

The Lower Macleay trail map is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts exploring the beautiful natural surroundings of Portland, Oregon. This detailed map provides hikers, runners, and nature lovers with a comprehensive guide to the trail, highlighting key points of interest, elevation changes, and various route options. Whether you’re planning a leisurely stroll through the lush forest or a more challenging hike, this map ensures you stay on the right path and make the most of your Lower Macleay Trail experience. With its clear markings and helpful information, the map enhances your adventure in this scenic and captivating outdoor destination.

Is Lower Macleay Trail Open ?

Let’s dive right into the most pressing question: Is Lower Macleay Trail accessible for outdoor enthusiasts? The answer is a resounding yes! Despite a temporary closure from August to December 2021 for construction, the trail has reopened for nature lovers. The 1.8-mile Lower Macleay Trail leads from Lower Macleay Park to the historic Stone House, formerly a lookout post. Its paved path makes it a favored destination for hikers, cyclists, and families. For an enjoyable hike, wear suitable shoes, stay hydrated, and be mindful of occasional muddy patches. Here are some hiking tips: Start early, carry water and snacks, wear comfortable clothing, be wildlife-aware, and respect park rules. We trust you’ll relish your Lower Macleay Trail expedition!

Upper Macleay Trail

The Upper Macleay Trail, located in Portland, Oregon, is a scenic outdoor gem spanning approximately 3.4 miles. This picturesque trail is part of the larger Forest Park network, offering a blend of lush greenery, serene woodlands, and glimpses of the enchanting Balch Creek. Beginning at the trailhead near the iconic Pittock Mansion, hikers and nature enthusiasts are treated to a moderately challenging hike filled with breathtaking vistas, charming wooden footbridges, and the tranquility of nature. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing escape or an adventure through Portland’s natural beauty, the Upper Macleay Trail provides an ideal path to explore the Pacific Northwest’s wilderness.

Upper Macleay Trail to Pittock Mansion

The Upper Macleay Trail to Pittock Mansion, nestled within Portland’s Forest Park, is a beloved 2.5-mile hiking route commencing at Lower Macleay Park. This scenic trail meanders through lush woodlands, undulating hills, and picturesque valleys, gradually leading adventurers to the historic Pittock Mansion, which rewards with sweeping panoramic vistas of the city. Popular among both Portland locals and visitors, this trail offers a blend of natural allure and captivating urban views. To fully enjoy your hike, it’s advisable to wear comfortable footwear, carry an ample supply of water, and be prepared for some challenging, albeit rewarding, terrain along the way.

Portland Wedding Photographers

Portland Wedding Photographers is your go-to team for capturing cherished memories at stunning locations like Lower Macleay Park, Pittock Mansion, and throughout Oregon’s breathtaking landscapes. With our expertise, we transform your special moments into timeless keepsakes. Our skilled photographers meticulously capture every smile, loving gaze, and candid moment for beautiful preservation. Whether in Portland or Oregon’s scenic landscapes, we’re here to illuminate your love story. Contact us to turn your memories into art, and let us be part of your unforgettable journey.


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