Laurelhurst Park Engagement // Frances + Alex


We will share with you Frances and Alex’s Laurelhurst Park Engagement. Nestled in the heart of Portland, Laurelhurst Park set the stage for a love story written in whispers of rustling leaves and the soft embrace of nature. The serene lake mirrored the couple’s anticipation, creating a canvas for their joyful journey.

Frances and Alex radiated pure excitement, their laughter echoing through the lush surroundings. The park, with its charming bridges and blooming flora, became a poetic backdrop for their shared joy. Gentle sunlight embraced Frances and Alex, every glance a testament to their deep, magical love.

As the Sound Originals photographers skillfully captured these moments, every click of the camera echoed the heartbeat of this enchanting engagement. With their lens, the park became a timeless haven, revealing Frances and Alex’s love in vibrant hues and candid embraces. Sound Originals artfully etched this chapter of their love story.

Sound Originals, true magicians behind the lens, encapsulated the essence of Frances and Alex’s connection. Stolen glances, shared laughter—each frame captured their love’s unfiltered beauty under towering park trees.

Frances and Alex’s engagement: a photographic masterpiece and a love story etched in nature’s heart. As their story unfolds, join us in celebrating this beautiful couple and exploring the magic that awaits in the captivating landscapes of Portland, Oregon.

Laurelhurst Park Engagement Photos

Portland Wedding Photographers

Continuing our enchanting journey through love stories, let’s delve into the magic spun by Portland’s premier wedding photographers – Sound Originals. Following Frances and Alex’s captivating Laurelhurst Park Engagement, it’s only fitting to spotlight the brilliant team that transformed their love into visual poetry. Sound Originals, the architects of emotion, bring unparalleled artistry to every frame. With skillful precision, they curate wedding narratives, turning fleeting moments into timeless treasures. As we seamlessly transition from one love tale to another, allow Sound Originals to captivate you with their mastery, preserving the essence of each couple’s unique love story in Portland’s vibrant tapestry.


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