Discovery Park Engagement // Marie + Peter


We will share with you Marie and Peter’s Discovery Park Engagement. Nestled in Seattle, Discovery Park offers sweeping views of the Puget Sound and lush greenery. Its rugged cliffs and sandy beaches create the perfect backdrop for love to bloom. With over 500 acres of nature to explore, it’s a haven for couples seeking a romantic escape.

Marie and Peter’s joy was palpable as they wandered hand in hand through the park‘s winding trails. Their laughter echoed against the trees, mingling with the sound of waves crashing against the shore. The sun painted a golden hue over the landscape, mirroring the warmth in their hearts.

As Sound Originals captured each tender moment, Marie and Peter’s love story unfolded effortlessly. The photographers expertly framed their stolen glances and whispered promises, preserving these precious memories for eternity. Sound Originals, known for their artistry in capturing love stories, brought Marie and Peter’s vision to life. With their talent behind the lens, they transformed simple moments into timeless treasures, immortalizing every glance and touch.

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Discovery Park Engagement Photos

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Transitioning from the enchanting Discovery Park engagement of Marie and Peter, we now shift our focus to the talented team behind the lens: Sound Originals. As premier Seattle Wedding Photographers, Sound Originals infuse each image with the essence of love. With an unwavering commitment to storytelling, they craft visual narratives that resonate. Every laugh, every tender touch, and every stolen glance is captured with artistry and precision. The Sound Originals team, led by a passion for authenticity, ensures that each moment feels alive in their photographs. Through their lens, they paint a picture of your love story—one that unfolds with beauty and sincerity. Whether it’s the gentle whisper of vows or the joyous celebration of union, Sound Originals preserves these memories for a lifetime. Immerse yourself in their artistry, where each frame is a testament to the enduring magic of love.


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