Cathedral Park Engagement // Emily + Nick


Love filled the air at Carissa and Alex’s Cathedral Park engagement session. Cathedral Park, a venue in the heart of Portland, provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. Imagine towering gothic arches framing a serene landscape. Cathedral Park sits nestled beneath the majestic St. Johns Bridge, its historic beauty enhancing every moment.

Majestic trees stretch their arms in welcome, while the gentle breeze whispers secrets of love. Beneath these arches, love stories are woven into the very fabric of the park. Carissa and Alex couldn’t contain their excitement, their laughter echoing against the stone walls. As they explored the park hand in hand, their happiness was contagious. Sound Originals caught their happiness with every camera click. The skilled photographers captured this enchanted moment and seemed to stop time. Carissa and Alex had some alone time as the sun set and everything was covered in a warm glow. Their love glowed brilliantly, a beacon of happiness and optimism.

Sound Originals, with their artistic vision, turned each frame into a work of art. Every photo is a testament to the love shared between Carissa and Alex. The couple’s smiles were infectious, their love palpable in the air. Carissa’s eyes sparkled as Alex whispered sweet words in her ear, creating an intimate moment amidst the grandeur of Cathedral Park. For Carissa and Alex, this engagement session was just the beginning of their love story. And as they embark on this journey together, they know that Cathedral Park will always hold a special place in their hearts. Find more love stories and inspiration from Sound Originals on our website. Discover the magic of Cathedral Park and explore romantic getaways for couples. Visit our website and let love lead the way.

Cathedral Park Engagement Photos

Portland Wedding Photographers

Continuing the enchantment of Carissa and Alex’s engagement, let’s introduce Portland Wedding Photographers; Sound Originals. With a keen sensitivity to detail and a passion for capturing love stories, Sound Originals brings weddings to life. The team of photographers ensures every moment is preserved for eternity.

Under the leadership of Sound Originals, known for their creativity and dedication, they seamlessly blend into the background, capturing moments of pure joy. Their sensitivity to emotions and technical expertise create perfect harmony, crafting images that speak volumes and tell the unique story of each couple. From tender glances to joyful tears, Sound Originals immortalizes every emotion, believing in the power of photography to freeze time and preserve memories for generations.

With their artistic talents and professionalism, Sound Originals transforms weddings into timeless works of art. Couples in Portland trust them to capture the essence of their special day. For those seeking exceptional visual storytellers, Sound Originals is a reliable team. Allow them to transform your wedding into a masterpiece of love and memories.


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