Balboa Park Engagement // Vanessa + Sheldon


Vanessa and Sheldon celebrated their engagement, beautifully captured against the timeless backdrop of Balboa Park. With over a century of history, the park’s Spanish-style architecture transported the couple to an era of grandeur and romance.

As Sound Originals skillfully framed each moment, Vanessa’s engagement ring sparkled as the symbol of their commitment. The couple effortlessly exchanged beautiful moments around the park, their attire perfectly complementing the surroundings. Vanessa’s pop of pink hair added a bold and colorful contrast against the sandy-hued buildings and their all-white ensemble.

The magic of the shoot unfolded against the park’s stunning landmarks. From the historic Casa Del Rey Moro Garden to the graceful Bea Evenson Fountain, each frame captured the essence of their love story.

Amidst romantic close-ups and portraits, the photographers skillfully integrated the breathtaking Spanish-style architecture. The result is a photo collection that not only documented Vanessa and Sheldon’s love but also celebrated the rich San Franciscan heritage of Balboa Park.

The park’s charm proved to be a photography haven, offering a myriad of shots that reflected the couple’s unique connection. The trails, gardens, and iconic structures served as the perfect canvas for this engagement session.

As they prepare for the journey of marriage, we extend our heartfelt wishes to Vanessa and Sheldon. May their love continue to blossom, just like the vibrant blooms that grace the gardens of Balboa Park.

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Balboa Park Engagement Photos

Balboa Park Engagement Photos Permit

Unlike many other Southern California parks, Balboa Park welcomes couples and photographers without any additional cost. With free admittance to the park, you can frame your love story against the lush greenery and architectural wonders. Plus, there’s no need to worry about restrictions – as long as you’re considerate of other park-goers and stick to outdoor spaces, you’re free to capture your special moments. Just remember to check closing times for specific areas like the Japanese Friendship Garden. Seize the opportunity to make your engagement shoot a timeless affair in this picturesque haven!

Balboa Park Engagement Cost

Planning to pop the question in the enchanting Balboa Park? A surprise proposal or an intimate gathering of family and friends comes with no added costs as long as you don’t require to reserve a space. However, if you’re envisioning a bigger affair, securing a permit/renting for specific venues is the way to go.

Balboa Park offers a range of spaces for reservations, with costs starting at $300 and varying based on your chosen location. Whether you fancy a picturesque terrace, a lush garden backdrop, or an elegant ballroom, the options are versatile. For a detailed overview of available venues, capacities, and more, check out the official Balboa Park website.

Balboa Park Photo Spots

Step into a world of Spanish-inspired allure at Balboa Park, where nearly every corner is a photo opportunity. The architectural marvels, reminiscent of a bygone era, offer a grand and ornate backdrop for your engagement photoshoot. Capture the essence of romance amid the timeless charm of Casa Del Rey Moro Garden and the graceful Bea Evenson Fountain, as Vanessa and Sheldon did. You should also explore popular spots like the Botanical Building, the serene Desert Gardens, and the captivating Casa del Prado Theatre. Balboa Park unveils a treasure trove of photo spots, each exuding its unique charm and beauty.

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