Wisteria Gardens Wedding // Sarah + David


Sarah and David celebrated their love filled with rustic charm and natural elegance at their Wisteria Gardens wedding. The 5,000-square-foot event barn, was the perfect venue for their special day.

Sarah looked stunning in her off-shoulder wedding gown that featured delicate ruching at the top and a graceful flare A-line silhouette. Her soon-to-be husband David was floored when he saw his bride for the first time. Our Sound Originals photographers captured his emotional reaction.

The theme of the wedding embraced the venue’s natural beauty, with florals and ferns playing a central role in the décor. The ceremony took place against a rustic arch adorned with cascading Wisteria flowers, creating a picturesque setting for the exchange of vows.

Wisteria Gardens provided not only a stunning backdrop but also unique elements to entertain the littlest guests. Barnyard chickens and Scottish Highland cows added a touch of whimsy and charm to the celebration.

Sarah and David’s wedding at Wisteria Gardens was a true reflection of their love, blending rustic elegance with natural beauty. Their special day, expertly planned by Dawnet Davis, will be remembered as a heartfelt celebration filled with joy and cherished memories.

Wisteria Gardens Wedding Photos

Wisteria Gardens Wedding Venues

This venue offers a range of unique spaces that are sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. The centerpiece of Wisteria Gardens is its rustic yet elegant Event Barn. It is an impressive 5,000 square feet of space accommodating up to 150-200 guests. This venue allows you to unleash your creativity, offering ample room for personalization. What’s more, the fully heated barn ensures year-round comfort.

For a unique social gathering spot, Wisteria Gardens has its own Silo with high-top tables and a beverage bar service window. The Log Cabin is perfect for the groom and his entourage to get ready. Built with logs sourced from the property itself, this cozy and stylish cabin serves as a perfect retreat.

A true highlight of the property is the 50-foot Wisteria trellis. This creates a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, lending an air of romance to your vows.

Wisteria Gardens Wedding Venue Cost

With a set fee of $5,800 each for the reception and ceremony, Wisteria Gardens ensures that you know exactly what you’re paying for, eliminating any confusion or hidden charges. It’s important to note that during the winter months, some amenities may be limited, and the rates will be adjusted accordingly. However, this ensures that you still receive exceptional value for your investment.

Parking is available on-site. There is a dedicated team to handle all setup and breakdown tasks, including tables, chairs, garbage/recycling removal, and post-event clean-up. For the most up-to-date pricing and rates, we recommended reaching out to Wisteria Gardens directly. 

Wisteria Gardens Wedding Photos

The scenic beauty of Wisteria Gardens sets the stage for breathtaking wedding photos. It offers a variety of enchanting backdrops for your wedding portraits with its exquisite gardens, rustic event barn, charming log cabin, and unique silo. From vibrant blooms framing the grounds to the 50-foot wisteria trellis that adds a touch of romance, every corner of this venue is a photographer’s dream.

The natural beauty of the surroundings combined with the careful attention to detail in the venue’s design create a visually captivating ambiance. Whether you prefer timeless elegance or a touch of whimsy, Wisteria Gardens provides the perfect canvas for your love story to unfold.

Willow Tree Wedding Venue

The Willow in Pasco, WA is renowned for its grandiose willow tree and sprawling grassland. This sets a mezmerizing backdrop for wedding ceremonies. The main reception area is a 2,500 sq ft building, outfitted with overhead lighting, ceiling fans and wide-opening barn doors. There is also a 4,000 sq ft house available to rent. This includes a bridal suite, grooms area, extra bathrooms, and kitchen. 

The venue has ample parking and its own assortment of décor to opt from. The Willow also has an interesting horse trailer bar conversion with a built-in wine fridge and beer cooler. It has an additional three taps, ready-to-serve drinks and treats to your guests. If this sounds like the venue for you, click here to read more.

Beau Wedding Venue

Nestled amidst pristine gardens in Skagit Valley, Washington, The Beau Lodge is the perfect venue that boasts stunning outdoor gardens in every season. Exchange your vows in the charming stable-style gazebo, surrounded by onlookers on the grassy lawn. The ambiance created by colorful flowers, a serene pond, and scenic trails is truly romantic. After the ceremony, guests can enjoy cocktails on the spacious covered deck before moving into the banquet room. The rustic wood interior combined with the lush outdoors creates a breathtaking and comfortable atmosphere for all.

Washington Wedding Photographers

If you’re searching for the best wedding photographers in Seattle, look no further than Sound Originals. With a team of skilled photographers, we have captured countless beautiful moments. Our approach is all about creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our clients. We want them to truly be themselves in front of the camera. Whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, Sound Originals has the expertise and creativity to document your special day in a way that feels uniquely you. Trust us to tell your love story with stunning, timeless images.


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