Willows Lodge Wedding // Amanda + Bryan


We will share with you Amanda and Bryan’s Willows Lodge Wedding. Nestled in the heart of nature, Willows Lodge provided an enchanting backdrop for Amanda and Bryan’s special day. Surrounded by lush greenery, the venue exuded rustic elegance, offering an intimate setting for their celebration.

All day long, Amanda and Bryan’s love exuded joy and excitement, warming everyone in their path. A flutter of excitement filled the air as they exchanged vows, securing their union with sincere commitments. Hollywood Baked Goods created a delicious wedding cake in a picturesque setting, a confection that perfectly captured the happiness of the couple. Gorgeous floral arrangements from Oak Harbor Greenhouse changed the space and elevated the rustic appeal with a hint of romanticism.

Invitations, designed on Canva, set the tone for the day, while David’s Bridal contributed to Amanda’s timeless beauty with an exquisite gown. The atmosphere came alive with the beats from Magnolia Rhapsody DJ, creating a playlist that mirrored the couple’s journey. Sugar Pine Salon worked its magic, ensuring Amanda looked radiant. The day flowed seamlessly, a testament to the meticulous planning, with the on-site catering from Willows Lodge delighting taste buds.

With love all around them, Amanda and Bryan danced the night away as the sun fell, bathing the celebration in a warm glow. Their tale reads like a fairy tale and perfectly encapsulated the essence of a wedding at Willows Lodge: a harmonious union of celebration, love, and the natural world. Visit our website to read more love tales and to get ideas for romantic trips in Washington. To love and life-changing experiences!

Willows Lodge Wedding Photos

Willows Lodge Wedding Price

Nestled in Woodinville, Washington, Willows Lodge offers an enchanting setting for weddings, providing a variety of packages designed to suit a spectrum of budgets. The cost of a wedding at Willows Lodge varies based on event size, date, and chosen package. It starts at $4,608 for a ceremony and reception hosting 50 guests. Breaking down the essential wedding rental fees, the ceremony is $3,000, the reception is $3,000, and the bar service is $10 per person. Additionally, a food and beverage minimum is ranging from $4,000 to $15,000, depending on the selected package. Simplifying the planning process, Willows Lodge offers comprehensive packages covering venue rental, catering, photography, and entertainment for a seamless wedding experience.

Lodge Wedding Venues

Transitioning seamlessly from luxurious Willows Lodge, let’s explore the enchanting world of Lodge wedding venues. Nestled in nature’s embrace, Lodge venues offer a rustic charm that elevates your special day. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by towering trees and the soothing melody of nature. Lodge weddings provide an intimate escape, blending elegance with the tranquility of the great outdoors. Whether it’s the cozy ambiance or the scenic beauty, Lodge venues create an idyllic setting for your celebration. Elevate your wedding experience with the timeless allure of Lodge venues, where nature becomes the perfect backdrop for love.

Willows Lodge Reviews

Building on the allure of Lodge wedding venues, let’s delve into the firsthand experiences through Willows Lodge reviews. Couples rave about the unparalleled charm and seamless elegance, capturing the essence of their dream weddings. Each review is a testament to the enchanting atmosphere, impeccable service, and the magical moments created at Willows Lodge. These shared stories paint a vivid picture of love flourishing in this woodland oasis. Explore the heartfelt testimonials that echo the beauty and enchantment, ensuring your own wedding at Willows Lodge is nothing short of extraordinary.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Continuing our journey through the world of enchanting weddings, let’s spotlight the invaluable storytellers—Seattle Wedding Photographers. Among these, the Sound Originals team stands out for their artistry and passion. Capturing every moment with finesse, they turn emotions into timeless visual narratives. With an eye for detail and a commitment to authenticity, Sound Originals transforms your wedding day into a gallery of cherished memories. Elevate your love story through the lens of these skilled photographers, ensuring every nuance is etched in the beautiful tapestry of your special day.


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