University Unitarian Church Wedding // Laura + Jonathan


We will share with you Bijo Laura and Jonathan’s University Unitarian Church Wedding. The University Unitarian Church hides a peaceful atmosphere and stunning architecture. It tucks the church away in the center of Seattle. The elaborate stained glass windows and high ceilings of the venue offer a timeless beauty. This makes it the ideal location for Laura and Jonathan’s celebration of love.

Laura and Jonathan’s grins were beaming with excitement and sheer delight as they stood hand in hand at the altar. They exchanged passionate vows, securing their commitment to a lifetime of love and partnership. This happened in front of their closest friends and family. Old Ballard Catering Company delighted the palates of the attendees with exquisite food. The gorgeous floral arrangements gave the venue’s atmosphere a romantic touch.

The catering company presented a beautiful cake that served as the celebration’s focal point. They also offered an assortment of delicious treats to the guests. The exquisitely designed invitations guests to partake in Laura and Jonathan’s wonderful occasion, setting the tone for the day’s events. Talented photographers from Sound Originals caught each unique moment of the day. They created memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Laura and Jonathan’s wedding at the University Unitarian Church was a joyous day. Laura and Jonathan danced the night away, surrounded by the warmth and devotion of their closest and most loved ones. Consequently, it was obvious that their love story was just getting started. We kindly encourage you to browse our website to learn about other enthralling love tales, like Laura and Jonathan’s, and to get more wedding inspiration.

University Unitarian Church Wedding Photos

Unitarian Wedding Ceremony Script

Transitioning from traditional wedding ceremonies to more contemporary ones, let’s explore the Unitarian wedding ceremony script. In a Unitarian wedding ceremony, couples often embrace a personalized approach to exchanging vows. With a focus on love, commitment, and inclusivity, these ceremonies celebrate the uniqueness of each partnership. Officiants may incorporate elements from various traditions or allow couples to tailor the ceremony to reflect their beliefs and values. Whether it’s a simple exchange of vows or a blend of cultural rituals, Unitarian weddings emphasize the couple’s journey and their commitment to each other.

Unitarian Universalist Wedding Vows

Transitioning from the captured moments of Laura and Jonathan’s wedding, let’s delve into the heartfelt vows that bind couples together in love and commitment. Embarking on the journey of marriage, couples often seek Unitarian Universalist wedding vows—a celebration of love and commitment-free from rigid religious confines.

Personal and profound, these vows echo the couple’s unique beliefs and values. Traditional promises, such as “to have and to hold, from this day forward,” resonate deeply. Couples often add, “I vow to support your dreams, challenge you to grow, and celebrate with you.” For a personal touch, some may pledge to “laugh together in joy, hold close in sorrow, and face life’s adventures hand-in-hand.” “Together, we’ll nurture shared values and create a home filled with kindness and justice,” becomes a heartfelt commitment.

Craft your vows to reflect your journey together, weaving in shared experiences and dreams. Invite guests to pledge support, create a community vow, and conclude with a reading or poem that speaks to your love.

What is a Unitarian Universalist Church Service Like

Now that we’ve explored what a Unitarian Universalist church service entails, let’s delve into how these unique gatherings can create an inclusive and memorable wedding ceremony. A Unitarian Universalist wedding ceremony offers a truly inclusive and personal experience. Without rigid doctrines, it embraces all beliefs and backgrounds. Picture a ceremony filled with diverse readings, music from various traditions, and thoughtful reflections. Here, the focus shifts from dogma to love, growth, and social justice. Couples can customize their vows, weaving in personal stories and values. With laughter and joy alongside moments of reflection, these weddings celebrate not just the union of two individuals, but the diversity and unity of all.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

After experiencing the inclusive and personal touch of a Unitarian Universalist wedding ceremony, let’s now explore how the Sound Originals team in Seattle can beautifully capture these moments. Experience the magic with the Sound Originals team. Known for their artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail, they specialize in candid shots and breathtaking landscapes. Each photo tells a unique love story, capturing intimate moments and Seattle’s scenic beauty. From iconic skyline backdrops to tender newlywed embraces, Sound Originals crafts timeless images. For couples seeking authentic and stunning wedding photography, look no further than the Emerald City’s very own Sound Originals team.


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