The Packing House Wedding // Kassidi + Justin


Nestled in the heart of Tampa, Florida, The Packing House set the perfect scene for Kassidi and Justin’s gorgeous The Packing house wedding. This charming venue, known for its rustic elegance, provided a warm and inviting atmosphere. The exposed brick walls and wooden beams added a touch of historic charm. This created a stunning backdrop for the couple’s special day. With its spacious layout, The Packing House offered ample room for both the ceremony and reception. It ensured a seamless transition between events.

Kassidi and Justin’s celebration was made even more memorable by their exceptional vendors. Embellished Catering tantalized guests with a delectable array of dishes. Each bite showcased their culinary expertise. The wedding cake was a masterpiece of design and flavor. This dessert was not only a feast for the eyes but also delighted everyone’s taste buds.

The Knot’s invitations beautifully encapsulated the couple’s love story. They set the tone for the day from the moment guests received them. Floral arrangements added a burst of color and elegance. These enhanced the venue’s natural beauty and complemented the joyous occasion.

Kassidi and Justin chose Sound Originals as their photographers. They ensured that every precious moment was captured with precision and artistry. Their skillful eye for detail resulted in stunning photographs. These photos will be cherished by the couple for years to come.

Throughout the day, Kassidi and Justin’s love for each other was evident in every glance and smile. Their friends and family gathered to celebrate their union, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. The Packing House, with its unique charm and character, was the perfect venue to witness the beginning of Kassidi and Justin’s happily ever after. The combination of a beautiful location, talented vendors, and a loving couple made this wedding truly unforgettable.

The Packing House Wedding Photos

Far Reach Ranch Wedding

Following the charming Tavares wedding, we now highlight a beautiful celebration at Far Reach Ranch. This stunning venue, located in Lake County, offers expansive fields and rustic elegance. The picturesque scenery, with its rolling hills and lush landscapes, provides a perfect backdrop for weddings. The open spaces ensure a seamless flow from ceremony to reception. Far Reach Ranch’s historic barn adds a touch of vintage charm, creating an inviting atmosphere. Friends and family celebrated with joy and laughter. The stunning photos captured every precious moment. Far Reach Ranch made this special day truly unforgettable for the couple.

The Sterling Wedding Venue Cost

Continuing our exploration of wedding venues, let’s discuss the cost of The Sterling. This elegant venue offers luxury without breaking the bank. The starting price for a weekend wedding is $15,000. This includes access to the grand ballroom, outdoor garden, and bridal suite. Additional services like catering and decorations can be added for extra fees. Weekday weddings offer a discount, starting at $10,000. The Sterling provides flexible payment plans to ease the financial planning process. For a memorable wedding in a stunning location, The Sterling is a fantastic option.

Apopka Wedding Venue

Following our look at The Sterling, let’s explore Apopka wedding venues. Apopka offers a variety of picturesque settings for your big day. Prices typically start at $12,000 for a weekend event, covering the main hall, garden, and bridal suite. Extra services like catering and floral arrangements come at an additional cost. For those on a budget, weekday weddings start at $8,000. Apopka venues provide customizable packages to fit your needs. With its charming and versatile options, Apopka is an excellent choice for a memorable wedding.

Wedding Venue in Umatilla

Moving from Apopka, let’s explore wedding venues in Umatilla. This charming town offers rustic and serene locations for your special day. Prices for weekend rentals start at $10,000, which includes access to a barn, garden, and bridal suite. Additional services such as catering, photography, and decorations are available for extra fees. For budget-friendly options, weekday weddings start at $7,000. Umatilla venues provide flexible packages to suit your needs. With its tranquil and picturesque settings, Umatilla is an excellent choice for a memorable wedding.


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